Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kay Hymowitz Opens Mouth, no Light comes on Inside, but People still Laugh!

Kay HymowitzA blabbering brainless bimbo by the name of Kay Hymowitz has decided to appoint herself as another matriarchal master of marriage and mankind. This stupid sister keeps opening her mouth on subjects that she clearly knows nothing about. Surprisingly, no light comes on inside her mouth when she opens it, but that won't stop people from laughing at her!

Marriage and Caste in AmericaYes, we have another crazy cluck to entertain us by rabidly rambling on about subjects that few women can even begin to grasp - let alone those who have been isolated on a college campus for many years while obtaining multiple college degrees on student loans and driving up the national debt. Yes, her degree in English Literature has entitled Kay Hymowitch with super silly enchanted endowments. She can make jelly beans and flowers shoot out of her ass, and write a book, "Marriage and Caste in America", explaining why marriage rates are falling without once mentioning feminism, the entitlement princess, male-bashing, or the expendability of men.

Kay Hymowitz
Kay Hymowitz

In addition to that, she wrote another book called "Manning Up". Apparently, this disconnected dunce believes that women have somehow turned men into children, and men need to "man up".
Total Bullshit
Is this book an expression of her pedophilia tendencies?

Is this book an inept attempt to get people to ignore what feminism has done to society?

The grim fact is, men are not childish. Men take on responsibilities as they always have. They are simply avoiding marriage - not as a way of acting childish - but as a way of avoiding financial ruin at the hands of a toxic woman.

Looking at her picture, I can see why she complains about men not getting it up! - or manning it up or whatever the hell she is trying to say...

Geez, did I really have to say that? It seems like anybody can see right through this fruity fembots jism.

Where do these empty-headed effeminates come from?

Kay Hymowitz then proved herself to be even more magical - she pulled a large sofa out of her ass, sat on it, farted, then punched herself in the chest and disappeared in a cloud!

I think I'll write a book of my own - it'll look something like this:
Kay Hymowitz
Kay Hymowitz


  1. If women empowered by feminism have made men childish is that not proof of the emasculating power of women empowered by feminism?

    If women empowered by the emasculating power of feminism have made men childish is that not because they wished to?

    If women empowered by the emasculating power of feminism think their emasculated men unmanly is that not proof that feminism cannot but disappoint women, and also support for the ideas of those male chauvinist pigs who think that women haven't the intellect to know what they want and only want what they do not have?

    Or is the feminist imprecation to 'man up' no more than an overly confident throw of dice that men have decided should no longer be weighted in favour of women?

    Man up? Only for someone younger, prettier, shapelier, and more agreeable than you sweetie.

  2. Snoop and Dr Dre were correct when they proclaimed the following:

    "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
    Lick on these nuts and suck the dick"

    I second that emotion.

  3. @William Gruff:

    Honestly, I'd say that men are men. They are simply avoiding marriage because women have become toxic, and the courts are now disgustingly biased against men.

    I'd label this as "shaming language":

    You don't want to get married - then you are childish...

    You don't want to buy a woman who hates you a house? GROW UP!

    @Captain No Marriage:


  4. Scare Crow: You don't find the prospect of paying for one or more females and umpteen children, for the rest of your life, and afterwards, appealing?

    You must be queer. You wouldn't want to disappoint mummy, would you?

  5. @Gruff: LOL.

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind - its the whole "men are pigs" attitude prevalent in women that bothers me the most.

    That in combination with the horror (whore) stories of women getting bored with their husbands and robbing them blind in divorce court.

    Children - if they were mine - I'd pay for them - as long as I got to raise them THE WHOLE TIME and not only on weekends...

    Ultimately, it does seem like marriage today is nothing more than a man buying a woman a house who will end up hating him, or just being bored with him...

    Hookers are cheaper - at least - some of the ones out here are!

  6. We've just posted two articles covering Misandry in Jewish Culture on our forum,


    Hymowitz - it figures!

  7. LOL @ 'Hookers are cheaper'. Yes indeed and you don't have to pretend to take them seriously, not that I've ever tried one.

  8. Hey Scarecrow, you live in Nevada right? What do you think of good old Senator Hairy Retard following his orders from gynocrat command center and threatening to close brothels?

    Was there no one better than Sharron Angle to nominate in 2010? I think even a silverback gorilla or perhaps a shiny rock would have been a better GOP nominee than her.

  9. @Anon - my brother just told me about that.

    It was a 28% 70% split - 70% did not want the brothels closed.

    So, to answer your question - Harry Reid is clearly NOT representing or speaking for nevadans. He is speaking for close-minded anti-penis people who have no respect for DICK!

    I voted for the independant candidate. I might have actually voted for Angle, except for her telling Harry Reid to "man up".

    I actually wrote her a very nasty letter when she said that!!!

    My brother told me this news tonight - I plan to write a comedy story about it tonight - perhaps post it tonight or tomorrow...

  10. It's kind of ironic that women who have been empowered by feminism have made themselves childish. What I mean is that based on my observations, feminism has allowed Americunts to forget about being feminine and try to be more like men while at the same time stripping men down to no more than children then expecting them to grow up and/or take it like a man during tough times.

    One of the results is women in their 30's, 40's and 50's acting like teenage girls. They have become so empowered by feminism that they get the feeling that they can do anything whether it's at work or somewhere else.

    Even more ironic is these same women who don't act their age are also jabba the sluts and whales who let themselves go a long time ago and complain of their bodies breaking down. So if you're like me and have to hear this in the building where you work then it's like a daycare center combined with a retirement home.

    Doesn't Harry Reid have anything better on his agenda?

  11. @Andy - nope. Harry Reid, our Lord and Most Gracious Host in this, the Holy State of Nevada has decreed that we serfs in NV object to prostitution.

    How can our most Holy of Holies be incorrect and misrepresent the people for whomst thou speakest.

  12. So, women are all selfish skanks?
    Hmmm, me thinks thou dost project too much.

    If you perceive women as treating YOU in a particular way, is that because of how "women are", or because of how "YOU are"?

    Yeah, Kay Hymowitz is an agenda-driven hack, but your attitudes about women in general show far more "woman hatred" than Kay's drivel shows "man hatred".

    Spewing bitter resentments does not an argument make.

  13. @Anon - you make an excellent point, but I am a little confused...

    What does sitting on a couch and watching Oprah and Dr. Phil all day have to do with this?

  14. @Anon -

    P.s. Its:

    "Spewing bitter resentments doesn't make an argument."


    "Spewing bitter resentments does not an argument make."

    Remember - avoiding using the passive voice is what we should be doing when we are writing.

    Take the gerbils out of your pants before you try typing next time.

  15. 'Hookers are cheaper'.

    I've heard it said that men rent hookers NOT for the sex, but SO THAT SHE WILL LEAVE AFTERWARDS.

    I'm not speaking from experience, and I'm certainly not encouraging prostitution; the STDs and STIs that women are infested with nowadays scare me half to death.
    I sometimes am truly glad that when I was young, women treated me either like I was dirt, or I was invisible, or they just wanted to "be friends" -- I contracted gonorrhea my first time with a girl, and I "got religion" about women.
    I've remained celibate for over twenty years and I 'missed out' (ha-ha) when herpes and AIDS made their appearance.
    I feel truly sorry for the young men these days -- for having to share their lifetimes with the hideous females that infest society, and the threat of the even more hideous diseases said females undoubtedly carry (I call modern slut women "Petri dishes with legs").

  16. Kay Hymowitz iz a nasty Jewish libertarian. People like her try to take advantage of conservative language but in really they are nothing more than liberals in conservative drag. A lot of corporations and business women are like this. In my fair opinion both men and women today are foolish since the "good ones" are sluts and thugs or bad boys and good men and good women are "freaks". I agree marriage, especially the liberal state kind, is suicidal. I'm a Christian virgin getting married to another Christian virgin but both of us are only getting married in a church (not Protestant though because we have become dissillusioned with the health wealth prosperity gospel of Evangelicals and their heresies).

  17. @Michael.

    Good luck with that marriage.

    You'll be single again in about 5-10 years.

    And you'll have less than half of your stuff.