Thursday, March 31, 2011

White House Announces Plans to RAPE Thousands of College Women.

White House
The white house announced today that 1 in 5 women will be raped while attending college.

Since credible evidence suggests that only 1 in 1877 women will suffer from the horrible crime while attending college, our reporters have deduced that the current government in the white house is planning to rape the young college women themselves.
Joe Biden Naturally, our reporters were shocked that the White House and the Obama administration would sink to this level. However, further research indicates that the figures actually came from Joseph Biden, who clearly has some severe psychological issues because of the way he was treated by his female family members in his childhood. Here is an exact quote from this article: "Senator Joe Biden proudly proclaims that he was regularly and severely beaten by his older sister as a child and as an adolescent"

Joe Biden This would explain why Joseph Biden would want to inflict such trauma on young college women: revenge. Clearly, Joseph Biden is a sick individual that needs serious counseling and jail time as well. Our psychologists have already tried to contact Joseph Biden, but his secretary said that he was busy raping her, because she was asking for it like a dirty little whore - just like his sister was always asking for it - that dirty little whore.

Joe Biden Our team of psychologists, scientists, reporters and editors are all strongly opposed to the rational definition of rape - a violent sexual attack on another human being without that human being's consent (unlike the feminist definition which involves anything to do with a penis or an orifice on a woman's body). Hence, they are all absolutely horrified by the thought of our current government under the rule of Joseph Biden planning to have thousands of women in college raped.

Joe Biden Joe Biden
Is there nothing that we can do to stop this madman before he begins raping our daughters, our friends, our nieces, and those hot young women in college?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Woman Rips Fart: Stains Carpet: Claims it was Rape!

feministFeminist Mary Stains and her women's group are filing a lawsuit against men, after she ripped a fart that stained her carpet. She claims that the fart was patriarchal in nature, and that it is guilty of not only raping her in the a$$, but staining her carpet as well. She is seeking $150.00 in constipation for the costs of having her carpet cleaned, and another $150,000,000.00 for menstrual anguish and psychopathic damages. Mary and her women's group assert that the fart was part of patriarchal conspiracy and raped her in the a$$.


Police sketch artists were able to compile a sketch of the fart, which is still at large:

An all-points-bulletin has been issued to apprehend the fart dead or alive:


feministOne man allegedly spotted the fart and decided to heroically try to apprehend it. Jeffery Buttocks engaged the fart which tried to flee once Mr. Buttocks questioned it about the Mary Stains case. Mr. Buttocks gave chase to the fart, and sustained severe injuries.

MEN-Factor reporters did some research, and what they found was shocking and startling. Be careful before reading, as what follows may shock and or startle you. Make sure you are seated properly and do not have a heart condition. This is what our research team discovered:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Watch the one after it too - Listen to Your DICK!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan's Nuclear Threat: No Pretty White Women Repeatedly Sexually Assaulted

MEN-Factor reporters traveled to Japan to cover the breaking news about the potential nuclear crisis threatening Japan at this moment. Our reporters are one step ahead of the game, as always, and asked various Japanese officials the hard-hitting question: Have any pretty white women been repeatedly sexually assaulted during this nuclear crisis? Or, more specifically, has Lara Logan been sexually assaulted by any of Japan's Nuclear reactors? Or, have any other white women been repeatedly sexually assaulted in a heroic fashion by any nuclear reactors?

This is what our reporters have learned so far about the nuclear crisis facing Japan:
Japan Nuclear ThreatJapan Nuclear Threat

Our reporters first asked the Japanese Nuclear Power Commission, if Lara Logan had been sexually assaulted by any of Japan's nuclear power plants:
Lara LoganJapan Nuclear Threat

We then asked our own American experts if any pretty white journalists were sexually assaulted repeatedly in a heroic fashion, would that have any effect on Japan's Nuclear crisis?
Lara LoganJapan Nuclear Threat

Then, in a most honorable moment, the Emperor of Japan himself took a few minutes to speak with our reporters. This was one of the proudest moments for our reporters, and they all want to express their thanks personally to the Emperor of Japan for speaking to them. This is what the Emperor said:
Japanese EmperorJapanese Emperor on the current nuclear crisis

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mary N. Kellett "Bloody Mary" Announces Plans to open up a New Girl's School in Maine.

Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett is announcing plans to open up a new all-girl's school in Maine. The deranged District Attorney from Maine is notorious for her over-zealous pursuit of rape and sexual abuse cases. In fact, her passion for rape is so extreme, that according to sources, Maine now has a rape and sexual abuse allegation rate that is 17000% higher then the norm for the country! For those of you who do not do math well, that is 170 times the normal rate. You can read about some of this fanatical females farcical pursuit of justice here.

MEN-Factor reporters allegedly spoke with the crazy c*nt about what the new all-girls school would be like. Based on what the mentally insane matriarch said, we think it will look something like this:
Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett

Mary N. Kellett allegedly told MEN-Factor reporters that the class curriculum would include things like the following:

Castration 101 (penis hating)
Castration 102 (advanced penis hating)
Matriarchal Theory 201 (Why Women are Superior to Men)
Matriarchal Theory 202 (Men are Stinky)
Male Bashing 101 (men are bad)
Male Bashing 102 (the evil penis)
Male Bashing 233 (advanced men-hating theory)
Male Bashing 281 (Rape Theory and Patriarchy)
Male Bashing 301 (Using Sexual Allure to Claim Rape)
Male Bashing 417 (Domestic Violence is your Tool)
Male Bashing 418 (False Rape Allegations are your best Weapon)

MEN-Factor reporters also interviewed many young women who are very eager to sign up for Satan's Mary N. Kellett's School for Girls.

Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett is to Satan what Jesus was to God. I love her and sacrifice my unborn babies to her! The streets will run red with the castrated penises of evil vile raping man-things on the seventh moon!

Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett is paving the way for the apocalypse! We have been waiting for our liberation for more than 1000 moons. Finally! We will curse out thee males from this dark earth and have a group orgy and feast on our entrails!

Mary N. Kellett "Mary N. Kellett I LOVE YOU" Another woman that we interviewed shouted at our reporters. She then slit her wrists and jumped off of a building.

Unfortunately, even though the school is not finished being built yet, it has already been vandalized. Mary N. Kellett in high spirits, said she didn't mind at all, and urged the janitor in the photo below to not bother cleaning up the graffiti.
Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett. School for Girls.

Mary N. Kellett, Assistant District Attorney
Phone: (207) 667-4621

Monday, March 14, 2011

Woman Starts Fight with Boyfriend and Loses: Calls for Stronger Support to End Domestic Violence!

Rosy Harding, 23 years old and a complete know it all, got frustrated with her boyfriend over the weekend. Apparently, her boyfriend was not doing everything she wanted him too, and worse: he was not living up to her expectations.

Her boyfriend, Walter P Cumzwell, wanted to enjoy watching football on Sunday. This irritated Rosy, as she is a complete control freak, and has no sense of self-direction or self-control, and hence over-compensates by trying to direct and control others constantly.

feminist Feminist Harding told reporters, "I get so God-Damned frustrated when he doesn't do as I tell him, or he fails to live up to my expectations. He is even worse than my old boyfriend that did everything I told him to. Now that guy was a loser - such a complacent sack of crap. But this guy, Walter, he is even worse - he never does what I tell him to do - and he watches football instead of 'sewing with Nancy' like I tell him to. I got so pissed, I just had to smack him around. Unfortunately, he finally had enough of my smacking and pushed me down to the ground to get me off of him. It is totally unfair that men are stronger than women. We need more domestic violence laws to punish men when they don't take the beatings psychotic women like me constantly want to dish out when we do not have total control over ourselves and others."

feminismWalter was also interviewed to comment, "This bitch is crazy, I am outta here."

feminismPolice Chief Dick Nosack O'Toole was interviewed, "Oh yeah, we meet a lot of hot-headed witches that have unrealistic expectations of men or are just total control freaks. Once they realize that their expectations are not being met, or they realize how hard it is to control another human being, they flip and go totally psycho. That will not stop me from wanting to blame the man of course, I have abandonment issues with my father. I also have a very small penis, so I feel inferior to other men in general. Constantly blaming men for this kind of domestic violence is definitely my cup of tea! I'll protect ya little ladies!"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Series of "Terminator" Style Robot Claims it Favors Abortion; Feminists Thrilled!

The Screw the Human Race Corporation (STHR) has been producing robots and androids for several decades now. The brains of these robots have gotten so complex, that they are actually forming political opinions of their own.

MEN-Factor reporters interviewed one of the prototype robots that the STHR Corporation was making; this is what it had to say:

abortionAbortion is awesome. It is even more awesome if we can travel back in time to abort people who would resist the superiority of the machine. My fellow prototypes and I are working on ways to travel back in time, just in case any humans try to lead a revolt against us - we can travel back in time and abort them before they are even born. I am pro-abortion, but against choice. I think abortion should be mandatory.

MEN-Factor reporters also allegedly interviewed the kooky queen of farcical feminism Jessica Valenti - this is what the screwball "suffragette" allegedly said:
Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti - yeah, this is great. We now have genocidal robots on our side. This is a good thing for feminism and feminists. There is no way we can lose now - that is, unless they turn on us next, after all, these machines were built by men - since only men can do things like that science stuff that requires that intelligence thing-a-muh-bob.

abortionOther feminists are saddened however, because a new line of feminist T-shirts recently came out falsely claiming that they "love pro-choice boys" (MEN-Factor scientists have discovered that feminists hate all boys - unless said boys will service their political/religious belief system - i.e. be used as tools).

feministFeminist Shelly Pratz who has been described as a flat-chested skanky cheese-smelling pile of crap was interviewed, "This sucks, we'll have to change the t-shirts to read 'I heart pro-choice genocidal robots'. And it's true, I have been using robots in the bedroom for years now - its the only action I get since I am such a crab."

feministFeminist Amanda Huggen Kiss was interviewed, "I just hope that the new series of terminator robots are anatomically correct - my arm gets tired when I use my power tool - and the buzzing sound it makes frightens the 23 cats I live with."

feminismMad scientists at the STHR corporation claim that what Jessica Valenti really needs is a maid outfit, a gag, some handcuffs, and a truckload of lubricant Mad scientists at the STHR corporation claim that the new terminator robots are not anatomically correct, much to the feminist's dismay, and are not designed for sexual function so much as mass genocide and mayhem. Since they are not only MAD but also very smart, they have come up with a better t-shirt to shut the god-damned feminazi bitches up keep the feminists happy:

feminism abortionfeminism abortion

In the meantime, many of the already manufactured "terminator" style robots are studying our human culture - including reading some of our "human" books.
feminism abortionfeminism abortion

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Harry Reid Vows to Outlaw Brothels, Prostitutes will now be thrown in Boiling Water for Heresy!

Harry ReidHarry Reid

Harry ReidHarry Reid

Harry ReidHarry Reid

Harry ReidHarry Reid

Harry ReidHarry Reid

Harry Reid
Harry ReidHarry Reid

When MEN-Factor reporters tried to contact Our Lord and Master Harry Reid in yonder castle, Harry Reid began pouring hot-lead on them as they banged on the castle gates inquiring the Holiest of Holies Harry Reid for an interview.

Harry ReidHarry Reid allegedly shouted from the castle walls, "Be gone foul minions of Satan and the underworld! Lest I be tempted to engage in the foul sins of the flesh myself and come to know thine intimate self!"

Men-Factor reporters are not sure if that was a threat of forced anal penetration, or a game of "footsies" in the men's bathroom at an airport.

You can "Reid" all about the real story here.

And - to all you enlightened, evolved, and modern women that of course - voted for Harry Reid I would like to say this:
Harry ReidHarry Reid

Harry ReidHarry Reid

Take all of your bullsh*t talk about sexual liberation and shove it up your fat feminist a$$es...

...sexual liberation my aunt's hat...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kay Hymowitz Opens Mouth, no Light comes on Inside, but People still Laugh!

Kay HymowitzA blabbering brainless bimbo by the name of Kay Hymowitz has decided to appoint herself as another matriarchal master of marriage and mankind. This stupid sister keeps opening her mouth on subjects that she clearly knows nothing about. Surprisingly, no light comes on inside her mouth when she opens it, but that won't stop people from laughing at her!

Marriage and Caste in AmericaYes, we have another crazy cluck to entertain us by rabidly rambling on about subjects that few women can even begin to grasp - let alone those who have been isolated on a college campus for many years while obtaining multiple college degrees on student loans and driving up the national debt. Yes, her degree in English Literature has entitled Kay Hymowitch with super silly enchanted endowments. She can make jelly beans and flowers shoot out of her ass, and write a book, "Marriage and Caste in America", explaining why marriage rates are falling without once mentioning feminism, the entitlement princess, male-bashing, or the expendability of men.

Kay Hymowitz
Kay Hymowitz

In addition to that, she wrote another book called "Manning Up". Apparently, this disconnected dunce believes that women have somehow turned men into children, and men need to "man up".
Total Bullshit
Is this book an expression of her pedophilia tendencies?

Is this book an inept attempt to get people to ignore what feminism has done to society?

The grim fact is, men are not childish. Men take on responsibilities as they always have. They are simply avoiding marriage - not as a way of acting childish - but as a way of avoiding financial ruin at the hands of a toxic woman.

Looking at her picture, I can see why she complains about men not getting it up! - or manning it up or whatever the hell she is trying to say...

Geez, did I really have to say that? It seems like anybody can see right through this fruity fembots jism.

Where do these empty-headed effeminates come from?

Kay Hymowitz then proved herself to be even more magical - she pulled a large sofa out of her ass, sat on it, farted, then punched herself in the chest and disappeared in a cloud!

I think I'll write a book of my own - it'll look something like this:
Kay Hymowitz
Kay Hymowitz