Friday, December 30, 2011

Richard Fartswell Strikes Again!

Well, A friend of mine pointed something out about that old "Dear Woman" video. I am recording a rant about it.

Anyway, I found this link and left a comment under the alias "Richard Fartswell". Check it out, and remind these clowns of how much you object to them validating 40-50 years of anti-male hate-speech and angry feminist verbal diarrhea.

And, check out my video I made called, "Dear Man" (in case you haven't already):

Friday, December 23, 2011

RIP-Factor News Brief: Mars Rover Curiousity

I am working on a utility - basically, to consolidate all the utilities I made - into 1 utility, then, I'll be able to crank these things out real fast...

Not that it takes me that long to crank out now... It's just kind of a pain in the arse - and, if I make a mistake, or decide I want to change something - I usually say, "NAH", because I have to do it all over again...

Also, I am going to try something different - Over the holidays I plan to do an Audio rant that I'll post onto YouTube - encouraging people to help men - whether they make mistakes in their life or NOT.

One thing that bothers me, that I have noticed lately, is the attitude towards men who make mistakes. Sure, men get married even these days, when it is a raw deal. But, I'd say that usually, that is done out of stupidity. As the addage goes, there is one born every minute - Instead of punishing these men, or wanting to see them hurt, financially ruined - I plan to do what I can to help these men.

My overall attitude is as follows: here is my advice, I suggest you NOT get married - take it or leave it. If you decide to leave it and things go bad - guess what


I am not going to go sadistic on you because you don't do exactly what I say...

Anyway - watch for the rant - coming soon.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Man Violently Attacks Woman’s Handgun Using His Face, then Attacks Her Knife with His Torso 27 Times!

Sorry for the disturbing news friends, but it appears that various women’s groups around the country were right. Misogyny is completely out of control these days. I just heard a story; a man has recently attacked a woman’s handgun using his face, and after doing this, he went on to attack a knife she was carrying 27 times.

The misogyny in our society knows no bounds. Fortunately, there is hope. I heard that Merlin the Magician is planning to resurrect Travis Alexander’s body, so he can stand trial for violently attacking this woman’s handgun and knife.

Here is the heinous criminal himself:
Travis AlexanderAs you can see, he is clearly a deranged sociopath, hell bent for leather, frat-boy rapist from hell, and self-purported “nice” guy.

Geez. Where is VAWA when you need it?

It is a good thing that this woman:
Psycho BitchWas not seriously injured during this violent attack. She is going to trial for "self-defense" now - yes, self-defense - I am NOT making this up.

Plus, I heard that she is really very very sorry, and hos promised to never do anything like this ever ever again. And, she has hot titties!

With tits like that, how could she possibly be guilty of anything! After all, women are more spiritually evolved and more nurturing than men are...

My guess is, she'll walk.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Woman Arrested for Raping Herself with a Dildo

Mary J. Longwood from Illinois was operating an electronic powered Dildo on Friday, December 9, 2011. However; the next morning, she changed her mind about using the dildo, and admitted that she had simply had too much to drink on Friday.

Modern WomanShe immediately phoned the police, and told authorities that she had been raped after drinking too much, and that she had taken advantage of herself and her sexually increased mood.

As we all know, alcohol increases sexual desire, but decreases sexual performance. That is why she did not fully enjoy the masturbating; she was too impaired to operate the dildo efficiently enough. Luckily, she did not chip any of her teeth while operating it drunk.

Police arriving on the scene were terribly confused, they did not know if they should arrest Mary J. Longwood, or the dildo. The officers on the scene had to call their supervisor to get advice. The supervisor said, grab them both, we'll use one as the primary suspect, and the other as evidence.

Currently, Mary J. Longwood is being held in the evidence locker, and the dildo is currently on trial in an Illinois court of law.

Feminist JudgeJudge Reginald Limpdick ordained, by royal decree, that the dildo be held for suspicion of debauchery and witchcraft - and sentenced to be boiled in hot water to remove any demonic presences. He was particularly harsh on this dildo, because it is tremendously bigger than his.

Some notable feminuts feminists were interviewed about this incident by RIP-Factor reporters:

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti had just got finished eating a custard pie; this is what she had to say, "It doesn't matter that she might have consented to using the dildo on herself the night before, the fact is, if ANYBODY takes advantage of a woman in a drunken state, then they are the perpetrator of a sexual assault. So clearly, this woman is a victim."

Hanna RosinHanna Rosin had also just got done eating a custard pie, here is what she said,"I am not surprised to find yet another woman being taken advantage of while in a drunken state. Women are always victims; especially when it comes to sexual intercourse, because boys are icky."

And now, in order to make ourselves look like a genuine news source, we present you, the reader with some bullsh*t carpet munching factoids, designed to demonize men, and angellify women like complete lame-stream media f*ck-wits (if this doesn't get women cheering at a man getting his penis cut off, then we'll just have to try harder!):
Rape Statistics

And remember everybody - violence against women must be stopped...

Violence against men - like a man being drugged, tortured, abused and sexually mutilated - gets good ratings.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Public Service Announcement - "Nice" Guys...

Well, it didn't come out as good as I thought it would - but I hope you enjoy it, or get a laugh out of it.

The skinny: Some bone-head with either a philosophy degree, or some fuzzy-soft science degree wrote an essay about nice guys not "really" being nice.

1. If they are not really nice, then a different adjective should be used to describe them - the fault lies in the person making the claim. It's as jack-assed as saying, "round balls aren't really round", or "green cars aren't really green".

2. The feminist point is - you, as a man, are not allowed to morally judge your own character. It is up to a woman to point out all of your flaws. How dare you not constantly put yourself down - or let others judge you (i.e. put women in a position of moral authority above yourself).

I am sure that other things can be added to this list, but, ultimately, this is one of the ways that feminism is trying to revamp the English language - so that fewer POSITIVE adjectives can be used to describe men and boys.

This has already infected our society - as if you say "nice guy", many women have a negative reaction to it...

Anyhoo - enjoy the old crusty film composed of bits and pieces of vintage public domain footage.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What's Wrong with this Picture?

MEN-Factor Scarecrow on Horse

  • Myself and the Horse are not in my basement
  • I do not have a basement
  • I appear to be happy, instead of bitter 'cause I'm not getting laid
  • I do not appear to be having issues with my mother
  • I am not beating the horse
  • I am not wearing my hockey mask, or carrying my axe
  • There is no drool on my mouth from head-meds
  • My girlfriend at the time took the photo - whom I ended up dumping and not vice-versa
  • There is some red-white ribbon crap in the tree to the left

A talk a Private Investigator had with me some 7-8 years ago...

One year, for no particular reason, on New Year's Eve, I made a New Year's resolution to "do things I would not normally do". The horseback riding picture you see above is one example.

At that time, I was in a relationship, where my GF was constantly accusing me of cheating on her. I thought her accusations were absurd. However; she didn't. In fact, she actually pulled a name from the company directory I worked for at the time, and decided that was the woman I was cheating with - I of course had never heard of the woman.

Anyway, occasionally, somebody would tell me that the reason she was always accusing me, is because she was cheating on me.

I have never trusted people who have all the answers - and their answers do not have any line of reasoning behind them.

Anyway, hiring a private investigator to "spy" on my GF was among things that I would not normally do - so I hired one...

She was cheating on me with not one, not two, but three different men.

The primary one, was older than me, older than her - he was shorter than me, and shorter than her. He also wore thick coke-bottle glasses, was bald, and had a pot belly - serious pot belly... I made more money than he did, and - well - not to boast, but I eat right and exercise everyday - plus, well - nevermind...

The P.I. asked me what I was going to do - I told him, "I'll just confront her with it".

When I did, she turned it all around, and claimed that it was my fault I was cheating on her - sufficient to say that I soon broke up with her - and got a new GF - the one that took the picture above.

I told the P.I. about her reaction to my confrontation. He gave me some advice that I'd like to share with you - especially young men out there - I list the dialog (this is not the exact dialog, but a rough estimate of what he said - it was 7-8 years ago - cut me some slack):

PI: Rich, how old were you when you first had sex?

ME: Why?

PI: Just answer the question.

ME: 23 - at a brothel.

PI: Did you actually try to pick up women before then?

ME: Yes.

PI: What kind of reaction did you get?

ME: Well, honestly, usually hostile.

PI: OK, I have seen this kind of crap happen to too many guys like you, and I am going to tell you something that you aren't going to like.

ME: Uh huh.

PI: Women hate you. I do not know why. It's not because you're a bad person, or because you're bad looking, it's just because. Any woman you meet will hate you. The only reason any woman is going to show an interest in you is because of your money.

ME: Well, I doubt that, there are millions of women...(I was also going to add that my last name is not Rockerfeller - I have extra money, but come on, I am not "wealthy" by any means)

PI Interrupted me: Look, I have seen way too many tech guys like you get screwed over by some bitch that is just stringing him along, and this is just friendly advice. Women do not like you, they never will. Any dreams you have about a marriage, or romance - ditch them. The only thing guys like you get is robbed of your money by some woman, like the one you have now - she is trading you for somebody that looks he should be hanging around elementary schools in a raincoat.

ME: (Thinking - I never took people's answers at face value - this time, I did - why - it was not something I would normally do - see the New Year's Resolution).

PI: I have no doubt that this woman you are with is badgering you to marry her.

ME: Actually, yeah, that is true, but there is no way I'll do it. And honestly, I do not have a lot of money - I am not rich.

PI: Do you have at least 10,000 dollars in the bank?

ME: Yeah - more than that.

PI: To her, she just has to put on an act for you, and have sex with the losers she is really into, and try to get you to marry her.

ME: (Staring with a look of curiosity on my face)

PI: Yeah, if you did marry her, she would file for a divorce within 6 months or so - it's like a job, where she suddenly gets 5,000 dollars, or even more - possibly 10 or 20 thousand? Dump her. And get rid of the idea of ever marrying any woman - you'll just get robbed. Look, hire prostitutes if you want sex. Go to strip clubs. I know this isn't something you want to hear, you strike me as being a square guy, but if you were actually trying to get laid, and in your generation you did not get laid by the age of 18, women hate you - the end. Do not get married. Do not let one move in with you, and do not move in with any of them. You will only lose your money.

The conversation continued for a bit, you get the gist of it.

I'd say this applies to all men - but, I do not know everything. This P.I. on the other had - he was 70 years old, and he had been a P.I. for almost 50 years as he claimed...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Man...

A message from the consciously divine feminine:

Watch it, before it gets banned as hate-speech!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rape Culture Caught on Video! (and my thoughts on Game)

My objections to game - inspired by the latest avoiceformen blog radio.

They did mention that game fails to point out the dangers of modern women (false rape accusations, paternity fraud, psycho-bitch showing up at your work, harassing calls at work, harassing calls at home or work, harassing behavior in general, false domestic violence accusations (you don't have to be married), and perhaps even venereal diseases). This is a good thing.

Once again, here is a list of head-meds - if you meet a woman taking any of these, GET AWAY FROM HER:


Back to crazy behavior; why are so many women like that? Why do they go into meltdown so easily?

There is a 300 pound gorilla in the room that is not often mentioned - feminism.

I ask - is it possible that feminism has f*cked women up?

Let us entertain this notion.

If it has, then wouldn't game not be the art of "being attractive to women", but rather, "being attractive to women f*cked up by feminism"?

I hear people in the "man-o-sphere" say that feminism has made women ignore their basic natural instincts. Yet, when it comes to the "game" arena, they are in fact going for their natural instincts - i.e. - going for ALPHA MALES.


When I went on my woman meeting spree, I met children who were - severely retarded, physically deformed, uncoordinated (to the point where they would severely injure themselves on various occasions).

The skinny - those children - these are not the type of children that ALPHA MALES produce. Those are the type of children that OMEGA MALES produce - retarded, deformed, and physically uncoordinated. There is a reference out there (sorry, I cannot find it, and I do not want to spend the time) - the number of mental defects and physical defects in children is increasing - and has been since 1970 or so. Of course, many people will say - it's the food, it's the radiation - no, it is women being f*cked up by feminism, and picking some severely defective men to breed with.

One re-occurring thing I kept hearing from the women I met, and I'll re-iterate

"I thought I could fix him".
"He seemed so lost without me."
"I felt like I had a lot to offer him."
"He seemed like he needed my help."

These statements do not describe ALPHA MALES, they describe men who are defective and lacking.

I would conclude that feminism has indeed screwed women up - emotionally, instinctively, and mentally. This is intuitively obvious - when you consider that it is now impossible to debate with most women. Also, look at how they vote, and who they vote for - look at the children of single mothers - retarded, deformed - this is increasing.

And, my conclusion about game - it is a placebo. It is a good luck charm. It is a confidence booster. It does not give anybody anything they do not already have. I have no objection to it - except when people charge money for it. When they charge money for it, they are exploiting men's natural desire to "pick up women" - just like a pimp.

Do I hate PUA's?

NOPE. There is enough hatred of men already floating around out there. I see no need to contribute to this.

Do I object to game? When it's free that is (see above)...

Well, I think it does fail to point out to men the types of women to avoid (for one's own safety). It also fails to point out that women are most likely f*cked up by a slew of wrong-headed lines of thinking that have been getting pounded into women's heads for the last 40-50 years - it simply brushes feminism under the rug, and labels women's sexual choices as "natural". That is about as jackassed as saying that "natural selection" caused the extinction of the DODO - after all, the human race "naturally selected" the DODO for extinction.

And, in case anybody is interested in the character I am. I have never "gone out of my way" or "put on an act" to get a woman. I noticed that women were f*cked up at an early age. I refuse to so much as lift a pinky to do anything to appease them. They should be the ones appeasing to me. After all, I have much to offer them (wit, humor, stability, travel, calm demeanor, big penis), they have little to offer me (just sex and that is all) - and the price tag that comes with them (PMS, psycho-entitlement behavior, headaches) just makes them NOT WORTH IT.

Stay tuned. I now have research proving that BIG BUSINESS has not profited at all from feminism.

I am starting to think that the whole "Big Business" profited - is a severe misconception (possibly a misdirection?).

Of course, my blog is read by few people - but, I do not care. Mine is a quest for the truth.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Prepare to be Sickened...

Should men be mandatorily castrated?

Should most men be castrated?

Male Castration?

Of course, that last link makes no mention of female sex offenders, and how to dispense justice to them in an "equal" (wink wink says the feminazi) manner.

Warning - visit this WikiPedia link at your own risk, images are graphic, and the stories are very disturbing.

Disclaimer: The racial "profiling" I list below is not to establish any superiority or inferiority of any race. It is to discredit the bullshit that I have heard my entire life - that Asian women are somehow "superior" to western women as far as relationships go - BULL F@CKING SH!T.

Here is the tally by ethnicity, women who have cut off men's penises.

Asain (misc)4
Arabic/Middle Eastern4

By race in general:

Eastern Europe3

I think it is fair to mention that not one single woman of African descent appeared on that list. The "Black Haters" can blow smoke in my ass forever.

Hmmm, now, why are all these people out there telling me to "hook up with an Asian babe"?

I could say that there is a feminist conspiracy to cover up how many wives sexually mutilate their husbands in this country (or GFs mutilate their BFs)...but I have never been one to believe in conspiracies. The WikiPedia article does in fact say, "selected cases". What exactly is meant by "selected"?

I point out too - I went into this hoping to find a list of how often women mutilate men's genitals - I had no idea that so many of them would belong to one race in particular.

Anyway, that is my research... Occasionally, I do that. I promise you - I have two funny videos I am working on coming up - and - Wednesday or so - I am going to give a humongous "HIP HIP HOORAY" to That Damned Old Man.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ugh, Another News Brief...

I wish it had come out funnier, because on Monday, I am going to post a WALLOP of a post. A preview - I will tell all the people who have ever told me that "Asian Women" are whom I should be pursuing - they can all go to hell.

My whole life I have been getting all kinds of crap advice about women - and yes, some of it is coming from the "man-o-sphere".

As I said, Monday - I expose the bullshit about "Asian Woman", and to a lesser extent "Filipino Women" and "Russian Women".

That is, if the research I found is valid and not biased - which I also point out in the post.

Brace yourselves - it may sicken you.

Then, Unfortunately, somebody sent me a cell-phone video that is very disturbing. I plan to post the video on YouTube. It will shock you.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Put a SMILE on My Face :)

I offer for your perusal, the YouTube video called, "This is What a Feminist Looks Like":

1,601 likes, 1,831 dislikes

This tells me that people are sick and fed up with feminism - and its self-proclaimed patented brand of "equality" that it has been shoveling into everybody's face for the last 50 years.

Feminism - your days are numbered.

I think the fact that the video has more thumbs down than up calls for a victory dance.

Since I am a member of the secret patriarchy, I plan to do a dance that does the following:
  • Objectifies women (pffffft)
  • Degrades Women
  • Demeans Women
  • Expresses Violence Towards Women
  • Demonstrates "Rape Culture"

WARNING: If you are a feminist, you may be shocked, offended and appalled by the following video, as in your warped mind, it depicts the degradation of women, the objectification of women, a demeaning portrayal of women, suggests acts of violence against women, and is indicative of "rape culture".

Viewer Discretion is STRONGLY Advised


Friday, October 21, 2011

Attack at McDonalds: CBBS News Exclusive!

If you haven't already done so, file a complaint with the FCC against CBS for its biased coverage of this story - CBS never once mentioned "self-defense" in its broadcast.

Friday, October 14, 2011

WTF = What The Friday???

First, another lame-arse News Brief:

And now, a total WTF!?!?

I have to admit, I laughed at it, but I still thumbed it down. Too many reason to go into why I disagreed with these guyses original message...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Woman

No way was I gonna upload this to YouTube, it'd get banned immediately...

Perhaps, I'll upload it to YouTube at the end of the week...

I am already considered an "offender" at YouTube...

All the video I make with music in them (that I either performed or programmed myself) immediately get flagged as violating copyright...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Protests and Pepper Spray: Its all Fun and Games until a Pretty White Woman gets Hurt!

Yes, prostitutes protests are always fun, rioting, pepper-spray, people getting mangled - it's more than enough to give any patriarch a boner; however, it's all fun and games until a pretty white woman is hurt.

That is exactly what happened in the video above.

We here at MEN-Factor news are unsure about how many pretty white women were hurt during the pepper spray incident, but one thing is clear - all of the pretty white women's feelings were hurt, and that is just downright unacceptable.

Oh yeah, and remember - in the old days - these women would not be allowed to protest at all - they'd all be shackled to a stove in their house - where their husbands would regularly rape and beat them 25.7 times a day (Only if her were a heterosexual that is). HONEST!!!

The evil villain behind this whole incident is - guess what - that's right - a MAN (queue psycho music) - probably one who in the old days would have beaten and raped his wife at least 47.3 times a day - more than the average man from days past - because he is even more eviler than most men!

Anthony BolognaAnthony Bologna is actually just his stage name. His real name is Albert Beoldroff. His stage name, Anthony Bologna (i.e. TONY BOLONY) is also the stage name he uses for his side job - making gay porn - as seen in the picture above.

Feminist ScholarFeminists scholars at Ding-Dong University have also examined the video, and are claiming that the man who pepper-sprayed the women had (queue psycho music) - AN ERECTION!!!!!

We are unsure at this time exactly how many pretty white women were hurt, or how much gay porn Anthony Bologna has made, but, perhaps since a few human beings with vagina's were injured, just maybe, people will start to wake up and realize how bad things have gotten.
Anthony BolognaIt is long overdue to put a stop to the people robbing from the federal treasury once pretty white women's feeling's start getting hurt. I mean, screwing over the American tax payer and future generations of Americans is fine and all, but hurting pretty white women - unacceptable - the people stealing from the treasury have now officially gone too far.

Did I mention that in days past, these women would not be allowed to protest at all - they'd all be shackled to stoves in their houses - getting raped and beaten by their husbands everyday (if they were heterosexual that is)???? HONEST!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

MEN-Factor News Brief

Oh, uhhh... I also made a naughty picture I am not sure I should show you...

SCREW IT - here it is...

EEEEEWWW - I am such a lecherous sort!

Friday, September 16, 2011

WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!!! As Soon as We get Done Raping and Beating Them!!!

Titanic lifeboat
Yes dear brethren! Tis the very nary truth that mine lips doest utter! We must molest the children, rape the women, then beat them both the women and the children before we load them onto the life boats!

Dear brethren, I say unto thee, be it known by royal decree, that I, as a member of the secret patriarchy, that we shalt not make it illegal to rape or beat one’s wife!

Be it also known by royal decree, it shall be proclaimed that no law shall be passed making it unlawful to urinate on an infant child before eating them with a spoon.

Hence, from this day forward, it shall be legal to beat one’s wife, rape her, pee on infants, and eat infants with spoons.

Thus sayest I, ScareCrow, secret member of the patriarchy!!!!

HERstory Moment: Did you know that the one man who got onto a lifeboat was actually ordered to get onto that lifeboat by the captain of the Titanic? Yes, this is true! J. Bruce Ismay was ordered to get onto the Titanic lifeboats, just in case there were any women on the lifeboats that had not been beaten or raped before getting onto them! It was in fact his patriarchal duty to beat and rape any women who got onto the lifeboats before getting beaten or raped first. Because, as we all know, no laws existed clearly stating that it was unlawful for a man to beat and rape his wife, or eat babies with a spoon.

WTF is my point?

Well, just because something was not specifically ILLEGAL in days, does not mean it was not a crime. If you do not believe me – look up old laws – you will not see one single law forbidding anybody from eating babies with a spoon.

There was no reason to distinguish between violence and domestic violence.

There was no reason to distinguish between rape and spousal rape or ancestral rape.

The FEMINAZI’s made these laws, in order to further their agenda.

They can now cleverly say, "gee, in the old days, it was legal for a man to beat and rape his wife!"

"Before V.A.W.A., violence against women was perfectly OK."

Both of these are wrong.

Assault (violence) has always been a crime – in the home or not. Old laws simply did not make the distinction. Just as old laws did not specifically forbid people from eating babies.

The same thing applies to rape. If a man raped his wife, he was a rapist – period.

The feminuts would have us believe that is days past, these things were legal.


The feminuts categorized violence and rape into a plethora of cateories, and can now claim – that such things used to be legal.

Clever. And, it appears it has infected quite a few people’s heads. Very disappointing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Man Sought for Raping a Woman's Nose with his A$$.

Feminism It was a pleasant sunny day, and Mary Jane Rottencrotch was enjoying herself in the park. Since she was a woman, and oh so much more in touch with nature than men, birds were singing, and chipmunks were buzzing around happily and gleefully - just like what you'd see in a Disney movie! However; her day was about to turn dark - a man showed up.

As the man was passing the very merry Mary sitting on her beautiful park bench in la-dee-dah land, the man, Mr. Fartswell tipped his hat and menacingly said, "hello".

Mary Jane Rottencrotch has a degree in Womyn's Studies and knew exactly what the man was up to. She knew this just as she knows what any man who says "hello" to a woman is up to...


FeminismMary Jane Rottencrotch observed that the man simply walked past her, without any form of sexual assault. This puzzled her briefly, until she noticed that it was sunny outside; clearly, the man did not rape her because there would be too many witnesses. This stranger was not a "real man", but a coward that only raped women at nighttime, when it was dark and nobody would see it - just like all the other men.

She turned to face the man - and caught a glimpse of his rear. As she did so, she heard a rather peculiar sound - that of perhaps an old sneaker being dragged across a freshly mopped tiled floor, or an old dog snoring.

Much to her shock, she realized that the man had passed gas. She immediately felt the odor of his rear end violently penetrate her nose without her consent. She sat still, too terrified to move.

She realized that the man had just raped her nose with his ass.

She fell flat on the ground, helpless and wounded. Of course, nobody helped her after this violent assault on her nose by the unnamed stranger's a$$. Eventually, she drudged up the courage and bravery to crawl home on her hands and knees, like a delicate dove - now wounded never to fly again - after this despicable and horrific assault committed against her olfactory lobes. She then took a hot shower, curled up in the corner, crying about this most heinous violation of her person. She realized that he had taken so much more from her than just the odors of the park. Neigh, she had taken her very soul and the essence of her being. She was now naught but a horse without legs, a bird without wings, a flower with no pedals... She used many different soaps and shampoos, but could not get the smell out of her mind.

Unfortunately, Mary Jane Rottencrotch is not alone. The Womyn's Studies Department at Ding-Dong University has compiled a list of crimes committed against women's nostrils by men's butts.
F.B.I. statistics
The following facts will shock you. We suggest that if you have young children, you send them to bed now, without any supper, and never let them view your computer screen EVER again.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Mitt Romney in Hot Water; Deep-Dish Gate Exposed!

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney, presidential hopeful, has been exposed as a fraud! In-depth investigation reveals that he does not like deep-dish pizza. In fact, Mitt Romney hates pizza period. He hates it so much, that he also hates the leaning tower of pizza, and the musical instrument called a pizzicato (which is a plucked violin if my research holds merit).

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney once heard that a Janitor at the White House's last name was "Piazzo", he went ballistic, and beat the man up then demanded that he be fired.

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney's past was investigated by MEN-Factor reporters; they found Romney's childhood psychologist, Dr. Mindbender.

Dr. Mindbender claimed that Mitt Romney was regularly bullied in school by pizza when he was a child. In addition to that, his first sexual experience as a teenager was actually with a pizza disguised as a human female.

These as well as dozens of other experiences have led Mitt Romney to have an irrational fear and excessively vengeful attitude towards anything related to pizza.

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney regularly buys mozzarella cheese, just so he can kick and punch it when nobody else is looking, while he shouts, "TAKE THAT YOU PIZZA LIKE BASTARD!"

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney often gets hysterical over pizza at the White House. In order to get him to calm down, white house staff members must bring out a violin and start playing pizzicato. This frightens Romney, and usually gets him to run back into the broom closet where he spends most of his time at the White House. Rumor has it, while in the broom closet, he plays with dolls and has miniature make-believe tea parties with an array of fruity characters!

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney - being tranquilized by playing the pizzicato.
OK, my lame-a$$ humor out of the way.

There is in fact a real DEEP-DISH-GATE.

It is the fact that the LAME-stream media is either so f@cking whacked that they ask bone-headed questions of the presidential candidates like "deep dish or thin crust? Coke or Pepsi?" in the middle of a huge economic recession.

Or, they are purposely trying to get Americans to look the other way while the country goes to Ellsworth Maine in a hand basket.

Either way; LAME-stream media, all I have to say to you is this:


I'd like to take some thin crust, deep dish, coke and pepsi and shove it down your f@ck-wit throats until you stop breathing and turn blue.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Heroine to "Where the F*ck did She go!?" in a few months!

Remember Jennifer Beeman? Yeah, neither did I. For 16 years, Beeman headed the UC Davis Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP).
Jennifer BeemanJennifer Beeman was a brave and heroic woman, frightening all the young college women into believing that the young college men were all monsters, by heroically posting rape motivation posters, as seen above. Honestly folks, it takes such courage and bravery to tackle the problem of rape on college campuses these days. Especially now more than ever! There are more women enrolled in college than men now (racking up huge student loans whilst getting worthless degrees in Women's Studies, Arts, or Fecology). That means that the men-monsters are busier than ever raping all those college women!!! We now know for a fact that somewhere between 1 in 4 and 1 in 1187 women are raped while attending college. That certainly narrows it down a pinch!

Jennifer BeemanJennifer Beeman, after heroically frightening young beautiful college women into being scared sh*tless of young men, she then allegedly heroically embezzled $503,400 dollars in funding to the Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP). Yes, Jennifer Beeman is in fact a true heroine to the cause of being a fascist men-hating lesbian ending rape.

She was originally charged with 9 femonies, errr uhm, felonies.

7 of the femonies, I mean felonies, were dropped. I wonder why... Why is it that you hear about public prosecutors going for the jugular of a man when a woman has a bruised arm, but not in cases where a vegan man-hating lesbian is clearly lying and embezzling funds? It must be a VAWA thing...

She will serve 2 years probation, and must pay $10,525 (petty cash to somebody who embezzled more than half a million)

She has since retired, and gets to live high and dry off of that school pension! Yes, according to what I read, she did not lose her school retirement pension from this whole affair.

Just another day in the life of a man-hating lesbo-bitch c*nt f*ck twat sh*t-faced rat.

Jennifer Beeman, I hope you die a slow painful agonizing death.

I wonder where she is now... Gee, maybe I'll do an investigation...
Next time, Friday hopefully, I am going to tell you all about "Hershey's". In addition to hiring ilk like Karin O'Connell, they also exploit young foreign exchange students. Probably for cheap labor...

And, I am currently working on several things: Three "Dear Woman" videos - yes, three, and a domestic violence PSA.

Monday, August 22, 2011

He who smelled it, Kellett.

Mary Kellett
Mary Kellett's perversions of justice:

Mary KellettMary Kellett has allegedly tampered with witnesses; namely, lying to Keovilaisack Sayasane's wife - claiming that he had murdered his previous wife, when he in fact did not.

Lying to a court judge, claiming that she got the above information from the Attorney General's office, when she in fact did not.

Mary KellettIn the Vladek Filler case, she coached Ligia Filler to cry during the trial because it "made it seem more real".

She also continued to pursue charges against Vladek Filler, even though the evidence of Ligia Filler's extremely violent nature is evident (YouTube video here - Ligia threatens to cut Vladek to pieces, and threatens to KILL a police officer)

Mary KellettThe final charges against Vladek Filler: Ligia's bruised arm - which Ligia Filler did not have at the time of the original incident, but acquired some time later.

MEN-Factor researchers have uncovered Mary Kellett's dating profile from a web-site as well:
Mary Kellett
Mary Kellett - her alleged dating profile from a dating web-site.

Mary KellettMary Kellett?! Enough of this evil woman!

Contact Maine’s State Attorney General

Contact Governor Paul LePage

Contact District Attorney Carletta Bossano

Write to the people above, tell them all about Mary Kellett's perversions of justice (listed at the top). Tell them you are sick of it, and demand she be suspended from practicing as a district attorney until a proper investigation into her misdeeds is conducted. The men in Maine need our help!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Harry Potter Arrested for turning several Feminists into Hats.

Harry PotterAfter fighting many evil wizards and being the object of desire of many female pedophiles, Harry Potter is now attending a normal College University. He is majoring in Physics and is expected to obtain his Bachelor's Degree in 2013. Several times, Harry Potter has been confronted by feminist groups engaged in political protests over things that do not exist; so he doesn't care about them. Although Harry is a Wizard, he is not an idiot.

On Wednesday, August 15, 2011 he snapped, pointed his magic wand at the women (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) and shouted, "Shutten Uppen Stoopid Cunten!".
Harry Potter
Harry Potter did not mean to cast a spell. However; the women (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) were all turned into hats.
Feminist Hats
Sherman PotterHarry Potter's Father, Sherman Potter from M.A.S.H. was interviewed about Harry's behavior. All he could say was, "Son of a gun, there all hat's now. I should have studied that sorcery bullsh*t instead of medicine. I could have turned that dipsh*t Margaret Hooligan or whatever the f*ck her name is into a Velcro zipper."

Harry Potter is expected to make bail very soon, as he makes quite a mint performing magic at the Harrah's in Tahoe. Harry Potter was interviewed about his plans for the future, specifically, whether he would go back to college and obtain his degree in physics.
Harry PotterHarry Potter announces his future plans.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rape is a Serious Crime. Now you can too!

Iwonder how long until YouTube pulls this one!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Planet Discovered Beyond Pluto

Peeping Toms Scientists with binoculars modern telescopes have discovered a new planet beyond Pluto. The planet, like the predecessors to Pluto, is a Gas Giant. What has MEN-Factor scientists and planetary observers confused however; is that unlike the other Gas Giants in our solar system, this planet has a huge crack in it.

Scientists looking out of their house window planetarium with binoculars high powered telescopes first spotted this remarkable new planet - and have decided to call it Heranus - dubbing it the sister planet of Uranus.

Scientists hope to launch a suppository probe into it sometime in the near future, in order to acquire more scientific data about this remarkable planet - and explore it thoroughly.

The launching of the probe is scheduled for sometime next week, as soon as they get her phone number create a satellite capable of collecting data from the new planet.

(Yeah, another lame one. It has been sitting on my thumb drive forever, and I thought I just post it...)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Puritanical, Medieval, Male-Hating B*tch Alert!

If you have some time, read this woman's articles.

Browse the comments, like the comments you read, post a comment of your own.

It seems like quite a few people are already doing this.

Seeing the comments that were liked really made me smile!

And of course, many comments from people in these circles were being flagged (no doubt falsely). Even though that is the feminazi's attempts to "shut us up", it made me smile.

It tells me that they don't want to hear what many people in these circles have to say!

Enjoy your Friday everybody - I know I won't! I have a lot of work to do...

I added a comment to the Merriam Webster definition of feminism:

Read it Here. Click on the LIKE button if you like it, or add a definition of your own!

Have fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Woman Vows to shout, "EEEE!" until Sexism Stops

feministFeminist leader Sally Rottencrotch decided that she was going to stand around on a street corner and shout, "EEEEEEEE" non-stop until sexism stops. She did this to make a political statement about a problem that doesn't actually exist in our society.

feministShe was immediately applauded for her efforts by other women who honestly wouldn't give a flying f*ck what she was protesting or why, as they're clueless bimbo's who'd back up any woman no matter what she did or how big of a fool she made of herself. Hell, you could have a woman protesting the epidemic mittens being raped by kittens, and other women would rush up and say some dipsh*t crap like, "Oh, that woman is so brave and heroic for taking a stand for herself and what she believes in".

feministAs the woman was shouting "EEEEEEEE", some men who lack any sense of self-respect also gathered, because they noticed that she had boobs and possibly a vagina. Since these men will say or do anything to get laid, or just acquire a small scrap of attention from a woman, they immediately applauded her efforts as well. They said various retarded things like, "We need to treat women better!", "Stop the violence, increase the peace!", and, "I totally agree with her - stop the mittens!".

feministAs news of the woman shouting, "EEEEEEE" spread, media vans pulled up to videotape the story. The media is clearly biased in these matters. They believe that by putting these women on T.V. (especially ones with hot titties) they are in fact battling sexism. The grim fact is; they are making it worse. By portraying women as being hostile and ignorant fools, they are lowering people's opinions of the general population of women.

feministAfter the media pointed its cameras at the demented dame shouting, "EEEEEEEE", other people (mostly women) who are complete attention whores decided to make themselves the center of attention. Most of them had no clue what Sally Rottencrotch was protesting or why; but that didn't stop them from getting in the middle of it all so that people could see them. A few of them were smart enough to read the sign about "ending sexism", but most just said nonsensical things like, "I AM ANGRY TODAY!", or "THIS WOMAN NEEDS OUR SUPPORT". Basically, they demonstrated how ignorant they were about what was going on by shouting loudly.

feministSome smart people noticed that Sally Rottencrotch had turned a dark purple color and passed out. Paramedics were rushed to the scene. Doctors were interviewed as to why Sally passed out, specifically, to find out if sexism was somehow involved. A leading medical expert claims that because she was shouting "EEEEEEEE" and not breathing regularly, her brain eventually got deprived of oxygen and stopped functioning (more than normal anyway). Unfortunately, she is expected to recover.

Our team of feminist scholars from Ding-Dong University did research on how many women are injured or killed by shouting "EEEEEEEE" each year:

feminist factsfeminist facts