Thursday, December 16, 2010

Washington Post Prints Article by Jessica Valenti: Reinforces the Science Patrol's Theories that the Washing Post is run by F*cktards and Morons!

Jessica Valenti
Jessica Valenti
On Friday, December 10, 2010, The Washington Post printed an article by Jessica Valenti entitled, "What the Assange case reveals about rape in America".

The Washington Post
The Washington Post Newspaper

Of course, any nit-wit with half a brain knows the truth about rape in America: It is blown out of proportion by zealots, greed, and male-hate-mongers who have created an atmosphere of hysteria so thick you can cut it with a knife. The Assange case really does not reveal anything new about the sickening male-hating attitudes in America. What the article DOES reveal, or at least enforce, is the alleged theory by the Science Patrol - that the Washington Post is run by morons and f*cktards.

The Washington Post Editors - alleged f*cktards and morons.

The Washington PostThe Washington Post printed the article by Jessica Valenti, and the Science Patrol was immediately notified. They responded by calling the Japanese Military to prepare for a standby alert, in case the venomous male-hating article made its way to Japan.

The Washington Post"The Washington Post printed an article? Who cares. I only use that paper for my birdcage." said veteran Science Patrol member Arashi - who is often referred to as "the fat one".

The Washington Post"The Washington Post printed an article by Jessica Valenti", stated Hyata (who is secretly UltraMan), "If this article gets spread in Japan, the results will be disastrous! Jessica Valenti MUST be stopped!"

The Washington Post "The Washington Post printed an article by Jessica Valenti? Who gives a rats-*ss. The Washington Post isn't good for anything. Hell, I wouldn't even wipe my enemy's ass with it. That is just too cruel, even for somebody as brutal as me!" said Ito.

The Washington Post "The Washington Post just printed more male-hating poison by Jessica Valenti? No wonder American men find average women like me so attractive. American woman are constantly having their minds poisoned by trash like this! Lucky for me!" said long-time Science Patrol member Fuji.

The Science Patrol is already taking militant actions to stop the spread of feminist lies in Japan - but they may already be too late:

The Washington Post
The Washington Post article by Jessica Valenti is allegedly counter-attacked by the Science Patrol.


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