Monday, December 13, 2010

Smelly, Skanky, Bougar-Eating, Rat-Faced, Dirty Little Whore Accuses some Guy of Rape.

Anna Ardin (Ardinn?) has accused Julian Assange of rape (or sexual misconduct if you are unlucky enough to live in Sweden).

It has been alleged that Anna Ardin is a skanky, two-faced, bougar-eating, rat-faced smelly little git of a woman.

MEN-Factor reporters decided to delve deeper into the subject that is Anna Ardin.

If the alleged allegations are allegedly correct, here are some artists conceptions of things that Anna Ardinn might be saying to our reporters, if they allegedly interviewed her:

Anna Ardin: It is possible, that she actually charges money to go around accusing men of raping her. In fact, according to our calculations, such a women could in fact gross more than 8 million dollars a year if she charged roughly 100 dollars per accusation, and reported being raped at least 80,000 times each year!

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin: If she had severe bowel problems, she might frequently have "accidents" in her pants. This would make her frequently smelly. MEN-Factor scientists and proctologists are somewhat weary of this theory however, as this would make sexual intercourse with her extremely distasteful; hence, Julian Assange most likely would not have even looked twice at her.

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin: another hypothesis about Anna, is that her vaginal area is extremely stinky. If she were fed a constant diet of chili-cheese burritos and Ding-Dong candy treats, her pubic sweat and vaginal fluids would have very distinct and repulsive odors. This speculation has also been discredited, as most people in a 10 foot radius of here would be "dropping like flies" according to our sources.


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