Thursday, December 9, 2010

Naomi Wolf's Assange Statements Arouse People: They Quickly Lose Interest as They Realize Naomi is Still a Total Fruitcake!

Naomi WolfNaomi Wolf recently wrote up an article on the Julian Assange Fiasco that has briefly stirred up controversy: Julian Assange Captured by World's Dating Police.
Why has the controversy already ended regarding her article? People who were originally controversified by the article now no longer care, as they have already realized that Naomi Wolf is still a total fruitcake.

MEN-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed several alleged people.

Earnest KeeglesEarnest Keegles: "Everywhere I go, people are telling me about the new article that Naomi Wolf wrote up. I tell them, Naomi Wolf said something? Who cares, she is a total fruitcake."

Asian DoctorDoctor Hung Lo before he could respond to our reporters passed severe gas then commented while laughing, "You said Naomi Wolf, and my bowels just let loose. (laughing) That woman is a total fruitcake."

Some GuyGeorge P. Tuff: "Naomi who? Naomi Wolf? Who is that? I have never heard of her, but she sounds like a total fruitcake."

A re-cap on the Assange Case: Julian Assange is being accused of rape by two smelly and distasteful women:

Anna ArdinnAnna Ardinn - it had been speculated that this woman is smelly and likes to eat her own bougars.

Zooming in on her hair with MEN-Factor technology revealed something startling:

Anna ArdinnAnna Ardinn

Anna Ardinn - Many Bugs in her Hair.

Sofia WilenSofia Wilen - allegedly, this woman likes to pretend that she is Bugs Bunny, and play "spaceman" with her own fecal matter.

Here are two artists' conceptions of what she "might" be doing right now, if those alleged sources are allegedly correct:

Sofia Wilen
Sofia Wilen playing Bugs Bunny

Sofia Wilen
Sofia Wilen playing "spaceman" with her own feces.


  1. @Snark:
    glad to hear it.

    I still wish you'd put the articles from your blog back up...

    They were awesome!

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