Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Man Violently attacks Several Women's Feet with his Face on Bus; Feminists Press for V.A.W.F.A. to be Passed

The incident in the video above has feminists and dickless clowns like Joe Biden and Obama Sin Laden pressing for new legislation that is a spin-off of V.A.W.A. (The Violence Against Women Act).

feminist leaders
Feminist leaders are pressing for the new V.A.W.F.A (The Violence Against Women's Feet Act) to be passed, after this man violently attacked some women's feet with his face on a public bus.

Under VAWFA, any woman who feels that her feet are being threatened by a man's face, or feels that her feet could be in danger of being attacked by a man's face, would be allowed to phone police and tell them that she feels that her feet are in danger of being attacked by a man's face. Upon the police arriving, the man would be arrested for being a pig, that is, if he is not first shot and killed for being black or beaten for being a white heterosexual republican.

MEN-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed Joe Biden, this is what he allegedly said.

Joe BidenJoe Biden, "I fully support VAWA, because I have no testicles. This new VAWFA is even better - men who attack women's feet with their faces are scum. Think of all the men we can throw in jail - all the lawyer fees - and how much it will stimulate the economy! If VAWFA gets passed, think of all the sexually bigoted laws we can pass after it, and how much I can play women like flutes to get their votes during election time! Man, those stupid broads will fall for anything."

MEN-Factor reporters also allegedly interviewed Hillary Clinton, this is what she allegedly said:

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton, "I was shocked to see that man violently attacking those women's feet with his face. Incidents like this prove that women are better than men, and that men should just get arrested all the time, unless they are spineless twits like that dickless moron Joe Biden or Al Gore. They are not a real men - so I can handle them."

Now, like any main-stream media outlet, we are going to present you with a slew of bogus statistics that are in no way credible, but they should frighten, shock and horrify you into either donating money to sh*t causes, or helping pass sh*t legislation:

  • According to the FBI, every 8 seconds, a woman's feet are violently attacked by some man's face.

  • During their college years, 95% of women will have their feet violently attacked by some man's face (usually somebody they know!)

  • There are over 100 varieties of the "feet-beat" drug in existence today. They effectively allow men to spike women's drinks, so that the woman will have no idea that her feet have been violently beaten by some man's face.

  • Over 150,000 women die each year from having their feet violently beaten by some man's face.

  • Brutal feet-beatings by men's faces are the leading cause of death to women aged 18-24.

  • Women having their feet savagely beaten by a man's face is the leading cause of birth defects in America.

  • For every 100 women who have their feet violently beaten by a man's face, only one of those women report the incident to police (UGH - this is actually TRUE!)

  • In older times, it was legal for a man to brutally beat his wife's feet with his face.

  • Women rarely or NEVER fabricate stories of having their feet brutalized by a man's face.

  • Women having their feet violently beaten by men's faces is most common on SuperBowl Sunday.

  • The phrase, "Have a Nice Day" originated from 16th century wife-feet-beating laws.


The above facts are whorifying horrifying indeed.

Please make a donation to the "Save Women's Feet from Men's Faces Foundation" today!


  1. Dude, I'm reposting this on my blog, it's priceless.

  2. Thanks WooZoo.

    I appreciate the compliment.

    Tomorrow - I am doing a story on Heidi Jones - the weather girl who falsely reported being raped.

    Sources indicate she has been raped again.

  3. As usual, freaking brilliant...

    Thanks for the LoLZ

  4. Thanks Fidel...

    I am going to post the new story on Heidi Jones - right now!

  5. This is just hilarious. Great work.


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