Monday, December 6, 2010

Julian Assange Fiasco

Julian AssangeJulian Assange

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Supposedly, Julian Assange has been accused by two women of sexual misconduct.
Sofia WilenSofia Wilen

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin

In America, people are supposed to be INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY.

This means that any true blooded American (male or female), must NOT BELIEVE the two women's stories, until they can be PROVEN TRUE.

At this point in time, it seems as though the duo have fabricated their story out of malice and spite (according to the following sources).

The Spearhead

Crime and Federalism

Washingtons Blog

The False Rape Society

There are many other sources that claim the sexual misconduct accusations are FALSE. Simply google, "Julian Assange false rape accusation".

If these women are FALSELY accusing the man of rape - they are human garbage.

What does my "gut-instinct" tell me about these two women? I offer these SPECULATIONS - and they are just that - speculations:

Sofia WilenSofia Wilen: This woman reminds me of those women - to whom - everything is a simple "chess game". Move and counter-move - guile and deceit. This type is what I like to call the "quiet" and "not so brainy" type. Smart when she was young perhaps, but upon hitting puberty, blamed her supposed "lack of attraction" on the fact that she was "no so brainy". This lead to a contempt of men. I can see that in her face. A certain bitter frustration that her encounters with men did not proceed according to the "tea parties" she used to imagine as a small child - is what I see written on her face.

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin: Ah yes. The look on this woman's face is painful for me. Why? Simple - she looks like many women I have met - who consider themselves to be excessively attractive. Since they believe they are so attractive, they use that "feature" to hurt men. This type of woman was basically the "parasite" I encountered many times in my youth - at clubs, in college, and various other places where young men and women are supposed to "hook-up". When being approached by a man, such women would usually respond with extreme callousness and uncalled for hostility and rudeness. Looking at her face, all I see is malice and hatred of men.

Again, the descriptions above are what my "gut instinct" tells me about those two women - could I be wrong?

Of course.



  2. I'm sure : Anna Ardin works for C.I.A.
    Italian press has obtained a lots of informations about Anna. Just a little example:
    "in addition to arranging the Stockholm event, she reportedly tried to arrange places for Assange to stay through her Twitter account (she has apparently since deleted the tweets and has locked her WordPress blog).
    The Swedish business news site Newzglobe today identified Ardin and quoted a Brotherhood official saying she was on sick leave from the organization. Ardin's name has also been tossed around in the Swedish blogosphere with increasing hostility: one writer wondered if the "radical feminist" was "the world's most hated woman right now." The backlash against the former university research assistant is fueled not only by the police backing down from the charges against Assange but also by a seven step guide Ardin published in January to "legal revenge" that involves, in one example, sabotaging a victim's sexual relationships.
    Then there was the quote from an unnamed accuser in the tabloid Aftonbladet, clearing Assange of forcing himself on anyone: "It is quite wrong that we were afraid of him. He is not violent and I do not feel threatened by him."


    Mike from Italy

  3. Thanks Mike.

    I too have gathered a plethora of information that shows what a shady character Ardin (Ardinn?) was/is.

  4. I know nothing about these people but 'the look on her face' is not evidence, I'm afraid.

  5. @Anon - GEE REALLY!!! Do you think maybe that is why I provided a slew of links pointing to evidence of the falsity of their claim?

  6. what a moronically offensive website. have you no manners?

  7. Yes, I do have manners. Thank you.