Monday, November 29, 2010

Woman Purposely does Crossword Wrong; Hailed as Big Step for Women's Rights!

Smart FeministA brave woman, Ella V. Aidder pulled out the Sunday crossword from the paper. As always, she was frustrated by finding it to be challenging, and realized that the reason she did not find it "easy as pie" was because a man wrote it. In a stroke of genius; Instead of applying her skills, and making an effort, she did something very brave and courageous; she filled in the boxes with whatever letters, numbers and symbols she wanted to.
Feminist Crossword
Feminist LeaderFeminist leader Natalie P. Kuntz said that this is an excellent demonstration of how women can now set their own boundaries, and no longer have to follow any rules at all. "Why challenge yourself, or bother to improve yourself? You're a woman, its time us women started setting our own rules, and making our own goals. We do not need to be bothered with silly puzzles from the patriarchy when there are still plenty of rights we need to obtain, like bank entitlement options, visual rape compensation, vaginal discharge leaves of absence, PMS murder rights, and many others. This brave woman took a stand and said: No, I can't do it, and guess what - I'm not going to even try, and I don't have to either. Now that is what I call GRRL Power!"
Feminist PsychiatristDoctor of Psychiatry P. Ness Gawn said, "This is a great step in women's rights. This woman has demonstrated to the world that women really shouldn't live with any boundaries at all - no rules, no restraints, and no responsibilities. I hope that by saying this, my wife will put out tonight, I haven't had any in years."
Corporate TycoonCorporate tycoon J. Oakes Ondik had this to say: "This is excellent! You go Girl! By getting women to be even more reckless and stupid, it guarantees that they'll be more prone to be stupid and reckless with their spending. That means big bucks for me. It also means they'll be more prone to be stupid and reckless in their relationships. Hence, more divorces - and more wink wink - alimony money in their pockets - that they'll no doubt spend on the crap my corporations manufacture.
PoliticianPolitician Greg B. Snatch said, "This is great, yeah, I'll have to remember to play this card during my next erection, er uhm, election, so I can play on the stupidity of women, and get the 'women vote'. The pay gap thing works most of the time, women are stupid enough to swallow that sh*t, but new material to play on women's hatred and stupidity is always nice."

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