Monday, November 1, 2010

Mentally Handicapped Man Playing with Box of Crayons Demonstrates the Potential of the Mentally Challenged!

A very special boy named "Gabby" demonstrated the potential of mentally handicapped people have while playing with a box of crayons on Friday October 29, 2010.

His parents, relatives, and his alleged creepy 7th grade English teacher that was always having him play games with his tongue; all allegedly applauded the very special Gabby for doodling the following comic:
gabbys playhouse special sexism
After wiping most of the drool off of the scribbling, the comic was allegedly applauded by professionals in the mental health industry.
Feminist Psychology
Feminist PsychologistPsychologist Fred Fartworthy allegedly stated, "If we can get more mentally handicapped people to draw cartoons like this, we might finally bring an end to this society, AND I WILL RULE THE WORLD!"
Feminist PsychologistPsychiatrist Seymour Butts allegedly said, "Not only is this an excellent demonstration of the potential of the mentally handicapped, but also, and excellent argument for legalizing marijuana, LSD, cocaine and even heroine too! Man, that would be so f**king awesome!"
Feminist PsychologistMental Health Senior advisor, Dr. Ghattno Dick allegedly said, "His random bouts of pussy brain discharge are the best, I've known this crazy bastard for years, jerky. I'm silly, I love it. I'd like to give him a good shoe in the a$$ and two smacks across the mouth because I love that crazy bastard!"


  1. Addendum: Gabby squealed with delight and began loudly masturbating as dozens of women praised his cartoon as follows: "Gabby properly captures my plight as an oppressed, strong, victimized, empowered woman trying to get ahead in a man's world, or at least marry Tom Brady. See, I don't need no man in my life. Stop oppressing me, I'm a victim! Grrl Power!"

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