Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christine O'Donnell's Surprise Appearance on Kid's Hit Christmas Special was Cancelled and Quickly Covered up in Government Conspiracy!

Christine O'DonnellChristine O'Donnell - many people may remember that cockeyed candidate from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell. However; what many people do not know about the potty politician, is that animators and computer technicians actually had made footage of the loony lady singing in a popular children's Christmas special, "The Year Without a Santa Clause".

For those of you who have never seen it, or do not remember it, this was the popular clay-mation that featured the freeze-miser and the heat-miser who were fighting over whether to have a green or white Christmas.
Heat Miser
Freeze Miser

Wacky woman O'Donnell was scheduled to do a song of her own fitting the format of the Freeze-Miser and the Heat-Miser. Unfortunately, network censors decided to pull the song from the batty bimbo at the last moment.

The song featured crazy Christine, the round the bend republican as Misses Blue-Balls.

Secret MEN-Factor AgentSecret agents working for the MEN-Factor actually obtained the footage, but have been captured by the government. However; just before being captured, they radioed to our headquarters some of the lyrics from the song the demented dame allegedly sung.

Christine O'Donnell

Secret MEN-Factor AgentWe can only hope that our secret agents are able to escape from whatever government institution they are being held in, and bring us the actual footage of the fruity female's farce of the Children's Christmas Classic.

Christine O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dirty Skanky Whore with no Brains Who "Puts Out" for Physically Abusive Men is Missing and Probably Dead.

Deborah Flores NarvaezDeborah Flores-Narvaez has been missing since December 14, 2010. She has lately been in an allegedly abusive relationship with Jason Omar Griffith.Deborah Flores Narvaez

Jason Omar Briffith
Jason Omar Griffith - good golly! What a STUD-MUFFIN! They don't get any better looking than this do they ladies!!!!

The fact that she is now missing, and there were allegations of abuse by Jason Griffith have most American women all thinking the same thing:

Deborah Flores Narvaez


Deborah Flores Narvaez

Most American woman are now happy that another psychotic man has once again joined the singles scene and could make them a potential mate and possibly as an extra bonus - a murderer too!

Deborah Flores NarvaezDeborah Flores-Narvaez background was investigated by MEN-Factor reporters. She is a burlesque dancer in Las Vegas at the Luxor hotel and casino. At the Luxor, she performed as a Las Vegas Strip dancer. Previously, she lived in Maryland where she serves as an ambassador for the Washington Redskins football team. She held a non-performing position. She is 5'5" and weighs 120 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes, a mega hot ass, and nice very firm breasts.

Deborah Flores NarvaezDeborah Flores-Narvaez, Oh yeah, she's HOT! Reminds me of this time I saw a guy, who definitely wasn't me, get brutally rejected when he approached this woman. Dang - that woman really made a scene too!.

Deborah Flores NarvaezDeborah Flores-Narvaez! She is totally HOT! She reminds me of those women who would brutally reject men, who definitely weren't me, when being approached. You know - the woman who makes a total scene and makes heads turn - but not at me of course.

Deborah Flores NarvaezDeborah Flores-Narvaez? I have never heard of her, but she sounds like the type of woman who is totally hot and brutally rejects men, who definitely aren't me, when being approached by them. Did I mention she also sounds like she might be totally hot, although, I have never seen her?

A moment of seriousness:

I ran this past two of my friends - they said this was going too far - maybe it is.

To start, I was raised to have respect for all life. I have stuck to my upbringing for the larger part of my life. Perhaps I am turning into a sour old fart - but - I have seen crap like this way too often in my life - and it has actually bled over into my life on a few occasions (see the links at the bottom).

I have met too many women like this - and - yes - been treated with hostility by them (or seen them treat other men like me with hostility) when no hostility was called for. Later of course - I hear stories about them getting beaten or killed by some psychotic dick-weed.

Do I still care?
Deborah Flores Narvaez
Deborah Flores Narvaez

Here is why:

I was yelled at in a grocery store by a stripper, later to be accused of her murder.

I was asked by a co-worker if I killed Brianna Denison.

Two Nazi skin-heads used my scrap metal truck to commit crimes - their mega-hot GF's stood by their sides.

When I was young - they were nothing but trouble - and I did not even reap the "benefits" of such women (i.e. sex).

When you were young and your heart was an open book
You used to say live and let live
you know you did
you know you did
you know you did
But in this ever changing world in which we live in
Makes you give in and cry

Say live and let SKANKS die

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heidi Jones at it Again; Sources Allege she now claims to have been Raped by Captain Crunch and Big Bird

Heidi JonesHeidi Jones, the allegedly infamous lying sack of garbage is allegedly at it again. Last time, she fabricated an accusation of rape aimed at a fictional Hispanic male. This time, according to sources, she is allegedly claiming to have been raped by Captain Crunch and Big Bird.

MEN-Factor reporters have spoken to alleged witness to the new affair, and the team of MEN-Factor artists were able to compile these dramatic images of what might have allegedly happened to Heidi Jones

Heidi Jones
Heidi Jones - reports indicate that she claims to have been raped by Captain Crunch and Big Bird.

Heidi Jones
Heidi Jones - one of her alleged attackers was Captain Crunch.

Heidi Jones
Heidi Jones - allegedly threatened in a sexual manner by Big Bird.

Although sources indicate that Heidi Jones has been thoroughly traumatized by this latest incident, reports indicate that she is being a very brave woman, proceeding with her life as though the incident mysteriously never allegedly happened - GET OPRAH ON THE PHONE!

Heidi Jones
Heidi Jones - what she might be doing after this latest alleged incident.

Heidi Jones
Heidi Jones

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Man Violently attacks Several Women's Feet with his Face on Bus; Feminists Press for V.A.W.F.A. to be Passed

The incident in the video above has feminists and dickless clowns like Joe Biden and Obama Sin Laden pressing for new legislation that is a spin-off of V.A.W.A. (The Violence Against Women Act).

feminist leaders
Feminist leaders are pressing for the new V.A.W.F.A (The Violence Against Women's Feet Act) to be passed, after this man violently attacked some women's feet with his face on a public bus.

Under VAWFA, any woman who feels that her feet are being threatened by a man's face, or feels that her feet could be in danger of being attacked by a man's face, would be allowed to phone police and tell them that she feels that her feet are in danger of being attacked by a man's face. Upon the police arriving, the man would be arrested for being a pig, that is, if he is not first shot and killed for being black or beaten for being a white heterosexual republican.

MEN-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed Joe Biden, this is what he allegedly said.

Joe BidenJoe Biden, "I fully support VAWA, because I have no testicles. This new VAWFA is even better - men who attack women's feet with their faces are scum. Think of all the men we can throw in jail - all the lawyer fees - and how much it will stimulate the economy! If VAWFA gets passed, think of all the sexually bigoted laws we can pass after it, and how much I can play women like flutes to get their votes during election time! Man, those stupid broads will fall for anything."

MEN-Factor reporters also allegedly interviewed Hillary Clinton, this is what she allegedly said:

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton, "I was shocked to see that man violently attacking those women's feet with his face. Incidents like this prove that women are better than men, and that men should just get arrested all the time, unless they are spineless twits like that dickless moron Joe Biden or Al Gore. They are not a real men - so I can handle them."

Now, like any main-stream media outlet, we are going to present you with a slew of bogus statistics that are in no way credible, but they should frighten, shock and horrify you into either donating money to sh*t causes, or helping pass sh*t legislation:

  • According to the FBI, every 8 seconds, a woman's feet are violently attacked by some man's face.

  • During their college years, 95% of women will have their feet violently attacked by some man's face (usually somebody they know!)

  • There are over 100 varieties of the "feet-beat" drug in existence today. They effectively allow men to spike women's drinks, so that the woman will have no idea that her feet have been violently beaten by some man's face.

  • Over 150,000 women die each year from having their feet violently beaten by some man's face.

  • Brutal feet-beatings by men's faces are the leading cause of death to women aged 18-24.

  • Women having their feet savagely beaten by a man's face is the leading cause of birth defects in America.

  • For every 100 women who have their feet violently beaten by a man's face, only one of those women report the incident to police (UGH - this is actually TRUE!)

  • In older times, it was legal for a man to brutally beat his wife's feet with his face.

  • Women rarely or NEVER fabricate stories of having their feet brutalized by a man's face.

  • Women having their feet violently beaten by men's faces is most common on SuperBowl Sunday.

  • The phrase, "Have a Nice Day" originated from 16th century wife-feet-beating laws.


The above facts are whorifying horrifying indeed.

Please make a donation to the "Save Women's Feet from Men's Faces Foundation" today!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Julian Assange Recap: The Accusers

It appears that Julian Assange has posted a bond.

In case anybody is wondering, Julian Assange has been accused of rape by Sofia Wilen, and Anna Ardin.

The first dirty, filthy, skanky, rat-faced little whore that is accusing Julian Assange is Sofia Wilen. It has been speculated that Sofia Wilen likes to pretend that she is Bugs Bunny, and play "spaceman" with her own fecal matter:

Sofia WilenSofia Wilen

Sofia WilenSofia Wilen

The second smelly, distasteful, rat-faced, whoring, waste of human skin to accuse Julian Assange is called Anna Ardin. There have been several speculations of Anna Ardin; She actually charges money to accuse men of rape; she frequently has "accidents" in her pants; she smells bad in her vaginal region:

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin

This has been a re-cap of the Julian Assange case. Thank you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Skanky Man-Hating Witch Delivers Speech; Ignorant Morons and other F*cktards Confused and Frightened; Normal People go about Their Daily Lives.

Hanna RosinHanna Rosin recently produced a video on "The End of Men". While the video has many a f*cktard frightened and confused, normal people are simply shrugging their shoulders and saying, "Hanna Rosin - who cares what she says - she is a skanky self-deluded man-hating c*nt."

Reporters at "The Atlantic" clearly take what Hanna Rosin says seriously - which is particularly disturbing considering the fact that all the people who run "The Atlantic" are in theory full-grown adults.

The Atlantic Cover
The Atlantic Cover

As you can see from the cover above, Hanna Rosin's video is portrayed as being very scary and frightful. However, when MEN-Factor reporters examined another cover:

The Atlantic CoverThe Atlantic Cover

They noticed that "The Atlantic" was trying to blame the housing crisis on Christianity. Yes, you heard that right - unlike many people who blame the housing crisis on Negros, Jews, Hispanics, or whatever group of people they tend to be prejudiced against, "The Atlantic" decided to try a different angle; and blame an entire religion. After all, it's not like the banks giving out exploding interest loans like candy had anything to do with it - nope it was all those nasty Christian's fault. MEN-Factor reporters did not have the time or patience to bother reading the above garbage, but they wondered if the proposed solution to those nasty filthy Christians was to throw them to the lions...

The cover above is an excellent indicator that "The Atlantic" is yet another western publication that is run by f*cktards and morons - just like "The Washington Post".

The Atlantic Cover
The Atlantic Cover

Hanna RosinHanna Rosin video was allegedly viewed by some guy. MEN-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed that guy about Hanna Rosin's video. This is what he allegedly said, "Hanna Rosin said something? Who cares. I'd pay attention to a talking pile of dog feces before I paid attention to Hanna Rosin. It's too bad that the morons and f*cktards at 'The Atlantic' take a woman like that seriously - the editors need to go home and tell their parents that brothers and sisters aren't supposed to make babies."

Despite all the hype, we at the MEN-Factor have a very simple message for Hanna Rosin:

Hanna Rosin
Hanna Rosin

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Washington Post Prints Article by Jessica Valenti: Reinforces the Science Patrol's Theories that the Washing Post is run by F*cktards and Morons!

Jessica Valenti
Jessica Valenti
On Friday, December 10, 2010, The Washington Post printed an article by Jessica Valenti entitled, "What the Assange case reveals about rape in America".

The Washington Post
The Washington Post Newspaper

Of course, any nit-wit with half a brain knows the truth about rape in America: It is blown out of proportion by zealots, greed, and male-hate-mongers who have created an atmosphere of hysteria so thick you can cut it with a knife. The Assange case really does not reveal anything new about the sickening male-hating attitudes in America. What the article DOES reveal, or at least enforce, is the alleged theory by the Science Patrol - that the Washington Post is run by morons and f*cktards.

The Washington Post Editors - alleged f*cktards and morons.

The Washington PostThe Washington Post printed the article by Jessica Valenti, and the Science Patrol was immediately notified. They responded by calling the Japanese Military to prepare for a standby alert, in case the venomous male-hating article made its way to Japan.

The Washington Post"The Washington Post printed an article? Who cares. I only use that paper for my birdcage." said veteran Science Patrol member Arashi - who is often referred to as "the fat one".

The Washington Post"The Washington Post printed an article by Jessica Valenti", stated Hyata (who is secretly UltraMan), "If this article gets spread in Japan, the results will be disastrous! Jessica Valenti MUST be stopped!"

The Washington Post "The Washington Post printed an article by Jessica Valenti? Who gives a rats-*ss. The Washington Post isn't good for anything. Hell, I wouldn't even wipe my enemy's ass with it. That is just too cruel, even for somebody as brutal as me!" said Ito.

The Washington Post "The Washington Post just printed more male-hating poison by Jessica Valenti? No wonder American men find average women like me so attractive. American woman are constantly having their minds poisoned by trash like this! Lucky for me!" said long-time Science Patrol member Fuji.

The Science Patrol is already taking militant actions to stop the spread of feminist lies in Japan - but they may already be too late:

The Washington Post
The Washington Post article by Jessica Valenti is allegedly counter-attacked by the Science Patrol.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Smelly, Skanky, Bougar-Eating, Rat-Faced, Dirty Little Whore Accuses some Guy of Rape.

Anna Ardin (Ardinn?) has accused Julian Assange of rape (or sexual misconduct if you are unlucky enough to live in Sweden).

It has been alleged that Anna Ardin is a skanky, two-faced, bougar-eating, rat-faced smelly little git of a woman.

MEN-Factor reporters decided to delve deeper into the subject that is Anna Ardin.

If the alleged allegations are allegedly correct, here are some artists conceptions of things that Anna Ardinn might be saying to our reporters, if they allegedly interviewed her:

Anna Ardin: It is possible, that she actually charges money to go around accusing men of raping her. In fact, according to our calculations, such a women could in fact gross more than 8 million dollars a year if she charged roughly 100 dollars per accusation, and reported being raped at least 80,000 times each year!

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin: If she had severe bowel problems, she might frequently have "accidents" in her pants. This would make her frequently smelly. MEN-Factor scientists and proctologists are somewhat weary of this theory however, as this would make sexual intercourse with her extremely distasteful; hence, Julian Assange most likely would not have even looked twice at her.

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin: another hypothesis about Anna, is that her vaginal area is extremely stinky. If she were fed a constant diet of chili-cheese burritos and Ding-Dong candy treats, her pubic sweat and vaginal fluids would have very distinct and repulsive odors. This speculation has also been discredited, as most people in a 10 foot radius of here would be "dropping like flies" according to our sources.