Friday, September 18, 2020


 A common ploy for conquerors is to create a slew of turmoil within while attacking from the outside.  I think communism is a force that does this.  There is so much infighting that the outer forces are weakened.

I believe that something similar is happening right now.  The riots are providing a distraction.  They are engineered to create a large amount of distrust for your fellow citizens.  Yes, there are people dumb enough to believe that yelling at people "YOU'RE RACIST" will magically make actual racism go away (a problem that is minor in the grand scheme of the USA).

While people have thier opinions and argue with each other, or yell and throw things at each other, I get the feeling that something more nefarious is occurring.

I've been browsing news sites (back door news sites as main stream is a waste of time).  I haven't found out what it is.


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