Thursday, May 21, 2020

Everything Wrong with the Karen Meme

There isn't much wrong, that is certain.

I've known about Karen for a long time. However; I did not have a specific name for her. My friends all noticed her - but we never came up for a term to describe her - other than the tired and worn out slurs like bitch and cunt.

When I hear "Karen", a story comes to my mind - I'll share it with you after I blabber on about this for a while.

From what I gather, the modern slang 'Karen' refers to an entitled white women who feels obligated to berate, snitch on, or demean people who do not follow the 'rules'.  By rules I do not mean THE LAW.  No, by 'rules' I am referring to social grainery.  Anybody going against the social grain must be chastised, imprisoned, tattled-on etc... according to Karen.

Now that there are CDC guidelines, Karen is really rearing her ugly head.

This is because Karen now feels completely vindicated in her mentally ill whim of trying to control everybody else - overcompensating for her own obvious lack of self-control.  Think about it - violent mood swings, self destructive behavior, using sex as a weapon, claiming sexual liberation while celebrating male sexual mutilation (or again using sex as a weapon).  She has no self control and is overall violent and destructive.

The United States is actually calling on the national Department of Karens to solve the COVID-19 Crisis.

I have never lived by all the rules - since the rules are against men - specifically straight men.

There is no reason for me to sign half of my wealth over to a woman- when I get NOTHING in return.

It is amazing too - how many women are out there that expect you to blindly jump into that abyss.

How many women with a flat tire expect you to fix it for them?

How many women expect you to reach up and grab that jelly jar on the top shelf at the grocer?

Is there anything in helping these women for YOU?


They will ignore you, make babies with a thug - and your hard work will pay for it all via taxes. Then - they expect you to still slave to them in regular settings.

So what's wrong with the meme?

As I said not much.

One thing I noticed immediately, VOX is already using the Karen meme to fit their own agenda.

I would expect nothing less from FAKE NEWS.

Like anything else, they grab something, and twist it to fit their own agenda.

Problem 1: Fake news sites will use it to enforce political agendas - in the case of VOX - vaccinations. 

Of course, many "Karens" have already chimed in claiming that the term Karen is racist, sexist, misogynistic blah blah blah

White women are the main group I can think of that richly deserve an equivalent of the n-word (middle eastern women are next).

Just look how they act. Cheering and applauding male castration (it was a middle eastern woman who organized the castration marches at Duke University during the Crystal Magnum FAKE RAPE ALLEGATION), feeling entitled when it comes to social ranks etc... And just in general, looking down at anybody of the opposite sex - unless maybe they're gay (SGM).  Using sex as a weapon - mostly for politics - all while claiming they are sexually liberated.  As I said - they exhibit extremely destructive behavior - for themselves and anybody who comes into contact with them.

Looks like there is just one problem with the Karen meme - and it is more of a problem with fake news than anything else.

Anyway, on to my story from my college days:

I was in college, and I had an assignment that required me to check out some books from the engineering library.

I walked into the library, and asked the lady behind the counter where to find what I needed.

I'll call her Karen - and she looked even like Karen - believe it or not!

I gathered almost everything I needed and proceeded to the counter.

I had one more question for Karen - I asked it.

The lady began yelling at me and looked extremely angry - she was saying things like "YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT FROM WHAT I TOLD YOU WHEN YOU WALKED IN!!!!!"

I figured that if I worked somewhere, and somebody asked me the same question twice, I'd just answer twice instead of turning into a raving bitch. I had actually done that too - hearing aid battery customers were the worst where I worked.

Having dealt with nothing but complete c*nts in college - I was overwhelmed with curiosity at this point.

I asked, "I'm sorry - but - do I offend you or something? Did I do something to make you angry? If I did - please fill me in - I am really curious."

The lady behind the counter turned red faced with embarrassment, "Oh - was I yelling... I didn't mean to."

An Asian man my age behind the counter (also an employee) said, "Yes you did. It's all you've been talking about since he walked through the door."

Karen's face was now real red - and she looked down and proceeded to check out the items I had.

She did not make eye contact - she just kept looking down.

I had a puzzled look on my face. I just kept wondering what it was about me that offended women so god awfully that they felt the need to treat me like a piece of crap constantly.

Seems like all I had to do was exist.

All a straight man has to do is exist to anger the Karen.


  1. Feminists have to hate Karen. What has to be all the more irritating to them is that it is all too true. There is one more thing about Karen that should be considered. She has made a lot of enemies among women too. Maybe all you have to do is get in line ahead of her.
    Thanks for the reminder of Kate Gossellin. How can a woman have eight kids and then dump her husband?

    1. I read somewhere that Kate got fed up having so many kids. She looked at her husband and said,"can I speak with the manager"

      Het husband replied,"there is no manager, just us"

      That is when Kate lost it and filed for divorce.

  2. I just stumbled across this. It is a good example in that it is female on female, mother on mother, white on white. Karen needs to go to jail.

  3. Karen just appears to me as a polite way of saying Cunt. Karen is also the hindu goddess of chaos and death- Kali, made flesh. So your first impression that there was something demonic about Karen is right.

  4. The crazy eyes of the one in the second picture get to me every time I look at this post.

    1. I think that she looks like a H.R. rep...

    2. I don't think I want to work there. Yikes!

    3. That's another good point I didn't touch on. Why does every HR dept have 1 to many Karens in it?

    4. It's like a bad horror film. Karen is everywhere!
      I am so glad we gave Karen a name. Feminists can't stand shame from all corners. Everybody hates Karen.

  5. It's just so obvious. Why haven't I seen it and why hasn't anyone commented on it anywhere? Karen doesn't have sex.

    1. Like any modern woman, she'll have sex if she has to, but only to injure and or manipulate.

      Overall, you're 100% correct.