Thursday, April 18, 2019

Me, the Unholiest of Unholies...Misogynistic Special

What an evil misogynistic twit I am...check this out.

In my 49 years of life I have had:

Women tell me how ugly I am.
Women tell me what a bad person I am.
Women lie to me.
Women cheat on me.
Women take my money without earning it - something I believe is akin to stealing, although you'll NEVER hear any pastor, reverend, father, padre or minister in any GOD DAMNED church admit to EVER.

I also saw these things happening to my friends - a very diverse bunch of men from all walks of life.

The weird thing is, until about age 42 or so, I never lodged a complaint.  And yes, I was raised with the philosophy of being respectful towards women - a philosophy I agreed with, but also expanded on - be respectful to everybody.

No need to really say what happened when I did lodge a complaint...well screw it I will.

I got told what a bad person I am, and how I therefore hate all women, and all these things are actually my fault.

Now, some Kool aid sucking psycho bitch called Sue is telling me I'm going to hell.

Seriously, let all that sink in for a minute.


  1. It is sad that all men have to come to this. The good news is that shame and manipulation aren't working all that well for women anymore.

  2. She reminds me of those suffragist cunts from the Women's Christian Temperance Union of old.

  3. So after the Feminists have done their best to make life a hell on earth for men, they want us to go there in the afterlife too. And they say that WE'RE the haters...

    1. Satan is smiling somewhere saying "check and mate"

  4. When you continually bad mouth men with normal sexual desires, you pedestalize men with abnormal sexual desires...which is where we are today.

    Any normal man is considered criminal and a bigot by default. Abnormal men are applauded for thier non bigotry and courage.

    Ditzy women like sue are too retarded to recognize a societal moral crises, and how the people running the churches, the people with moral authority, were perverting the word.