Friday, January 4, 2019

The Conners

The other night, I watched ,"The Conners".  I figured I might as well check out what fat man hating cow created, and what it has become since she got fired for not being a racist.

I was disgusted.

A man and a woman were plotting PHYSICAL VIOLENCE and even MURDER to a man..
And for what?  The most heinous crime of looking at, or rather wanting to look at a woman's butt.

Yes.  Physical violence and murder are now a lesser crime than a straight man looking at a woman's butt.

The show airs on the ABC network.  The same "moral authority" that decided Roseanne Barr Arnold whatever her names is, is a racist.


The show features a lesbian couple, a drunk woman getting pregnant and blaming a man who is not the father, a gender queer son...what unites them all?

Hatred of straight white well to do men wanting to look at women's butts.

Roseanne...if you are reading this.  This show is not what happens when you get fired.  It us merely a continuation of the hatred you passed off as comedy in the 90s.


  1. Same network that gave us 'The Real O'Neills' and is a subsidiary of Disney Corporation. No surprises there...

    1. The Real O'Neils was a flop and they blamed homophobia instead of bad writing.

      All this is coming from people who consider themselves a moral authority...

    2. If I remember right, 'The Real O'Neils' had such low ratings after about six episodes, that ABC had to start subsidizing it to keep it on the air. It would have been cancelled then and there if ABC and Disney weren't so politically invested in it.