Sunday, January 13, 2019

It has Begun

Good read from The AntiFeminist

Of course, some would say it started a long time ago...and I would not argue.  I guess that's a philosophical point.

Now, I never cared for PUAs.  Putting on an act for a hate filled modern woman in order to get laid is akin to being a dancing monkey.  I like to think I'm above that.

I STRONGLY OBJECT to police arresting PUAs.  The fact this is really happening is PROOF that women (feminists) do not care about justice.  Their only goal is to hurt heterosexual men - AND NOTHING ELSE.

Trust me, no gay PUAs will ever be arrested.  Arresting fags is not politically correct...which brings up a good point about gay bashing.

There never was least...there was never more of a persecution of faggots than there was straight people.  Yeah
..Google it...the majority of persecutions for sex has always been STRAIGHT MEN...Not faggots - adultery, prostitution, fornication, oral sex, masturbation - all laws aimed at straight men, not faggots.

The arresting of PUAS in the UK MUST STOP RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

I live in America, not the UK.  If anybody knows of a place where I can voice my objection, let me know...

Go fund me?

I hate PUAs.  That said, they do NOT belong in jail.

I'm looking into what I can do now...suggestions are welcome.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I would not have known if you hadn't posted. Yes, they don't deserve to go to jail for applying techniques that salesmen use to sell vacuum cleaners.

    1. No kidding. By the mentality they ate getting arrested for, car salesmen, real estate salesmen, cable phone callers etc... all belong in jail.

      We all know none of those people will ever get arrested. .. no vaginas involved.

  2. “This type of predatory behaviour is shameful and unacceptable and will undoubtedly cause significant fear and alarm. No-one should be subjected to this."

    it's an open declaration of war on normal healthy sane male sexuality. being attracted to women at all as a man is now "predatory."

    best of all is the guy is of middle eastern descent. unless you want to rape a thousand kids, you are considered to be a sick pervert for being attracted to females. this is who they choose to arrest.

    also love that women are supposed to be afraid. what are they, a pack of cowards? oh right, they're women, not my equal.

  3. The UK has been conquered