Friday, May 31, 2019

Sexual Harassment is a LIE.

Many of the "crimes" that feminists screech and hiss about are complete fabrications.
They are merely hypothetical situations that do not happen.
Things like rape, pedophilia, and today - sexual harassment!

I always ask myself - would I do that? No.
Do I know anybody that would do that? No.
Have I ever met anybody that would do that? No.
Where are all these men that sexually harass women?

I'm fucking 49, and I have never met one man that would do this.

I've met engineers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, bums, drunks, heroin addicts, homeless, millionaires, nerds, shut-ins, crazies etc... HUNDREDS of people - not one would "sexually harass" - period.

When I ponder this, I wonder if sexual harassment happens at all.

Let me share these links I found:
4 in 10 Aussies think it is a lie.
When Sexual Harassment Accusers Lie.
Teen Girls LIE about Sexual Harassment because they didn't "like" a certain boy.

When women start getting caught LYING about it:

All the sudden polygraphs aren't "reliable".

Yeah right. I got a bridge to sell you.

But - better safe than sorry...

Perhaps it'd be better to pass laws so that sexual harassment accusers will NEVER take a lie detector test in the first place!

What a joke.  It's like we all know they are what do they do - they scream, "LIE DETECTORS AREN'T ACCURATE!!!".  When it is proven that they are accurate they scream, "WOMEN ACCUSING MEN OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT SHOULDN'T HAVE TO TAKE LIE DETECTOR TESTS!!!".  When it is blatantly obvious that the women are lying they scream, "WOMEN SHOULD BE BELIEVED NO MATTER WHAT!!!"

Kindly go to hell bitches.

REAL sexual offenses do happen.

They happen when men haters LIE about rape, pedophilia and sexual harassment.
Here's a good article on the subject.

The real sexual offenders need to be registered.

Petition for false accusers to register as sex offenders

I personally cannot think of anything more sexually offensive than femmies lying about imaginary sex crimes.  They are the real polluters of sex.  Sex is not evil - women are - PERIOD.

My theory on why they do it (lie about sex crimes)?

Simple: Money, power and control.
Gotta love that characacture of Anita Sarkeesian

Friday, May 17, 2019

Male Sexualists...

So, Eivind Berg has recenly posted some mind stimulating posts about this subject.  I would expect nothing less from a man of that intellect.

However; the Anti-Feminist posted a bit of a rebuttal that I agreed with.

Now, I am not sure about the Anti-Feminist's age, but I assume he is near my age.  In my generation, obtaining porn consisted of MAYBE a neighbor throwing away a magazine with naked lady pictures in it.  Not much in the way of "fapping material", or "stuff to jack off to" as my generation would say.  Today is is everywhere and easily available to everybody regardless if age.  Any teenage male can get on a computer and watch complete sex acts ..Not just look at tits.

The result?  Obviously a wave of massive fapping compared to my generation.  As I said, we were lucky to get a hold of a magazine showing just boobs.  Today's porn is everywhere, and accessible to all.

All that said, it is always distressing to me when a pro-male site does a full 360 and starts embracing feminist ideals (albeit for different reasons).

The Anti-Feminist is right though.

Step 1 should be undoing the damage feminism has done.  This consists largely of getting the word out to men that they are being fooled, used, mocked, berated, and sometimes jailed for "lame-ass" reasons.  At the same time, the "value" of women is being horrifically blown WAY out of proportion.

Eivind Berg MAY also be right, but if he is, it's at the wrong time.  By embracing no-fap ideals, and anti-porn ideals, he is opening the doors for more men to be ass raped in prison if anybody should pass actual legislation supporting those ideals...RIGHT NOW.

My two cents on porn: it should not be popular...that is, there should be ample opportunities for men and women to experience fulfilling sex, that porn would seem silly.  With the rabid cunts and pimps that flood this world, that will not happen though.  I hold the same attitude towards hookers and, hookers and strippers would be something akin to going to a place to enjoy sitting in a regular everyday chair...

Priorities should be to remove the damage feminism has done.  This includes a respect and acknowledgement of male sexuality existing.  It does NOT exist now.  Women applaud and cheer when a man gets his penis cut off.  This is a total disrespect and complete contempt for male sexuality.  Until that mentality is destroyed, the talk about no fap and no porn should stop - all that talk will do is throw more fuel onto the male hating fire.
Until men are educated how baselessly hateful most modern women are, and laws are changed to respect the male sex drive instead of a blatant hatred of it...

Well, that should be all that matters at this point in time.

I'm used to all kinds of fighting existing in these circles.  This post was meant to attempt to unify others.  I won't be a bit surprised if it has the opposite effect.

Happy Friday #:(LifeSucks

Friday, May 10, 2019

Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is NOT Beautiful

I watch some right winger videos on YouTube on occassion.  I recently saw one where some talking man with the head of a bull stated that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a beautiful woman.  I don't get that.  When I look at her, I see a very ugly woman.
Seriously?  What the f**k are these people looking at?  She is really ugly.
In addition to being a man-hater, she is prejudiced against whites.
Gums like a horse, head like a vacuous pit, attitude like a VD infected college flunkee.
For real...can somebody tell me what these clowns looking at her see?

All I see is a really physically ugly evil white-man hating witch.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Quick Word about "Sexual Offenses"...

I have two excellent posts lined up, but I've been bummed out, so I've procrasturbated posting them.  First, My dog is limping, and from what the vets say, it's permanent.  Second, it seems a lot of people dodged the premises of my last post, "The friend zone is a lie because it implies that women are capable of friendship".
If you were one who misunderstood that, and that pic upsets you - GOOD!

I did realize something though.  Fag r assholes often bitch about double standards.  Double standards only apply to like people, and men and women are different.

Before I encountered the man-o-sphere, I held a belief that women who falsely make claims of sexual harassment should have to register as sex offenders.  I've allowed myself to be polluted by many of the junk attitudes of the man-o-sphere.

I forgot I even thought that, until I dug up some really old files last night on a thumb drive.

If a law was proposed that WOMEN  who LIE about RAPE, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, etc... had to register as sex offenders, it would fail miserably to be put in place.

Politicians need rape and sexual harassment to vilify their opponents.  Women need rape and sexual harassment to vilify and demonize men they dont like.

No.  Such a law would never pass.  But, perhaps the fiasco it being proposed would produce would open enough men's and women's eyes to make them see the kinds of sick f**ks that enjoy "Sexual legislation".

Sexual harassment has always been a lie...that is the title of one of my upcoming posts.  It always will be a lie too.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Friend Zone is a Lie

Many blogs in the fag-o-sphere often talk about the friend zone.  The Friend Zone is a fictitious place that men get put in, when they seek romantic relations from a woman who does not reciprocate.  The term is complete and utter bullshit - people using are are what I call fempologists.  They try to sugar coat the evil deeds of women berating men.

It should be crystal clear to any modern man who has been around that modern women are incapable of having friends.  Women use people for their own nefarious ends.  Like their own children, human life does not matter to them, and other people's dreams and ambitions, feelings matter even less.  I take that back.  Other's feelings do matter very is by feelings that modern women enjoy inflicting so much pain and hardship on others, especially straight white men - just like the mainstream media instructs them to.

Of course, if confronted with this behavior, your modern woman will go off the high dive into a shallow pool of denial and lies.
Any man with an IQ of 5 will see right through it.

Many Fag-R-As will say , "it's the PUAS that swear by that friend zone nonsense."  This might he true to some extent, but it is the fempologists in the mra/fag-o-sphere that keep it going without killing it.
PUAS always have and always will look like complete and utter fools to me.

The term FRIEND ZONE must die.  It is a fempology.  DICKLESS TOOL ZONE is much more accurate to what the woman is really doing.

If you've been put in the DICKLESS TOOL ZONE, your reaction should be something like this
No modern woman deserves any man, much less any male friends.  If they aren't giving you sex, they see you as a fool and a tool.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

God Bless the Whores

Sorry for the shock title, but I've always speculated that the word "whore" means something radically different in modern day jargon then what it's original intention was.

I think a whore is a woman who uses sex instead of having sex.

I think a whore is a nasty sadistic hag that dedpises sex and men.

I think a whore is a woman who openly discourages men from bring straight.

I think a whore is a woman who charges money for sex (see the first point).

All the times I've heard the word whore in the modern tongue, it's context had been otherwise.

A whore is a woman that has and enjoys sex WITH MEN.

A whore is a woman that has sex WITH MEN for free - no financial contracts involved (see also marriage).

A whore is a woman who dresses sexy, and openly welcomes STRAIGHT men to look.

A whore is a woman who sticks with her man and his opinions rather than joining in on a male bashing hen party.

If that's what a whore is, then I'll say it again...
God Bless the Whores.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Me, the Unholiest of Unholies...Misogynistic Special

What an evil misogynistic twit I am...check this out.

In my 49 years of life I have had:

Women tell me how ugly I am.
Women tell me what a bad person I am.
Women lie to me.
Women cheat on me.
Women take my money without earning it - something I believe is akin to stealing, although you'll NEVER hear any pastor, reverend, father, padre or minister in any GOD DAMNED church admit to EVER.

I also saw these things happening to my friends - a very diverse bunch of men from all walks of life.

The weird thing is, until about age 42 or so, I never lodged a complaint.  And yes, I was raised with the philosophy of being respectful towards women - a philosophy I agreed with, but also expanded on - be respectful to everybody.

No need to really say what happened when I did lodge a complaint...well screw it I will.

I got told what a bad person I am, and how I therefore hate all women, and all these things are actually my fault.

Now, some Kool aid sucking psycho bitch called Sue is telling me I'm going to hell.

Seriously, let all that sink in for a minute.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

I Can't Believe I Was DUMB Enough to Listen to this Guy...

So, my curiosity got the better of me, and I watched Paul Joseph Watson's latest youtube video, "The End of Western Civilization".

As usual, he made sense.  He talked about the destruction of families, drugs, deterioration of religion...

It all sounded so nice.

But then I mention of feminism or the intrinsic hatred of men.

That's right.  He does not mention feminism at all.

You'd think that it'd be mandatory for any video talking about the end of any civilization to mention women, their intrinsic hatred of civilization, their seething hatred of men, their greed, their stupidity and their sense of entitlement...

But no.  Not one mention.

I can't believe I was DUMB enough to actually listen to this guy at one point.

Live and learn.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Drink Responsibly.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Nick Sandmann to Sue Washington Post for a BUHJILLION JILLION DOLLARS!!

Seriously.  What a joke.

I guarantee you that Nick Sandmann will not see one god damned penny.

Stop and think.

We all heard about the white males violently surrounding a harmless and peace loving native American and taunting him with chants about building a wall.

Then we hear it's a bunch of bullsh*t.

Then we hear that Nick Sandmann is going to get a buhjillion jillion dollars.

More bullshit.  He isn't going to get a f**king thing.

Nick Sandmann is a white heterosexual male - the lowest form of life in America today.

Death threats, close the schools because of bomb and death threats - who f*cking cares.

The media certainly does not.  The media cannot even admit when they are wrong.  More cover ups.

When they can't cover it up - and the world sees how wrong they are...

Nick Sandmann gets a buhjillion jillion dollars!

More cover up, more bullsh*t to make the millions of people who witnessed the truth feel like there is justice - and there isn't.

The lawsuit will NOT go through.

If it does, some obscure court somewhere will overturn it.

Yes, the lawsuit is more fake news.  It is fake news designed to make people feel like the media gets held accountable for the truck loads of cow sh*t they shovel into the American public's face every day.

The media is not held accountable for anything they say.  There is nothing anybody can do about it either.  The most powerful man in the world - the President - is powerless to do anything about it.

Given that - what can any of us do about it?

So - let's recap.

As a white heterosexual male, you now have the ability to destroy all life and light by smiling.  This means that as a white heterosexual male, you should not smile - EVER!
Also, do not be happy - if you are happy - it might make you smile - so knock it off.

Why all the white hatred? Read this

If you think I am skeptical, try a google search for lawsuits against various media outlets - none of them go through.

Here's a small sample of the lawsuits that Sarah Palin filed.

None of them go through.  The media hated Sarah Palin because she really does think for herself and is not a butt ugly man hater like feminists want - the same reason the fag-o-sphere/MRAs/MGTOWs hated her too.

Sorry for being so negative lately.  I will be returning to my humorous posts soon.  As I get more and more into the career I have chosen (gaming) - I realize that it is run by a slew of incompetent f**k ups.  It is dominated by people with no creativity, no common sense, no vision and sh*t for brains.  They somehow rise through the ranks by feeding off the creativity of others - yes - at the last place I worked, I had all my game ideas appropriated by phony "big wigs" who later claimed it was their idea.  Even in casinos - I see the suggestions I made put in play in many modern games - of course I received no credit for anything.  The ideas that I came up with in the games are awesome - even though the games themselves typically suck ass.  The whole thing is very depressing.  I'll get over it though.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Next Dog I Get...

I'm not going to feed it, I'm just going to show it food, but not give it any.

Also, with treats, I'll show the dog the treats, but not let it eat any.

You might be asking yourself, "What kind of a sick &*#$ would do that?"

Well, ponder that the next time you're thinking of going to a strip club.

I like looking at women as much as the next guy, but there is a tragic difference between having a need or desire fulfilled, and being a sucker.  Don't  be a sucker.

There are a lot of people who recognize a man's natural GOD PROVIDED desires and exploit them.  Those people are: politicians, women, and various pimps.

People you will rarely hear bashed on most fag-o-sphere blogs...they should be bashed.

That said, Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember, feminists hate valentine's day.  If you object to feminism, you should celebrate valentine's day, not bash it.

Rule 1.  Seek female companionship.
Rule 2. If any female wants money for that, show her the door.

The feminists object to male female relations.  The politicians and pimps demand you pay money for female companionship.

Defy these people.

I have one last thing to say...

Marriage allows women to legally steal money from men PERIOD.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

It has Begun

Good read from The AntiFeminist

Of course, some would say it started a long time ago...and I would not argue.  I guess that's a philosophical point.

Now, I never cared for PUAs.  Putting on an act for a hate filled modern woman in order to get laid is akin to being a dancing monkey.  I like to think I'm above that.

I STRONGLY OBJECT to police arresting PUAs.  The fact this is really happening is PROOF that women (feminists) do not care about justice.  Their only goal is to hurt heterosexual men - AND NOTHING ELSE.

Trust me, no gay PUAs will ever be arrested.  Arresting fags is not politically correct...which brings up a good point about gay bashing.

There never was least...there was never more of a persecution of faggots than there was straight people.  Yeah
..Google it...the majority of persecutions for sex has always been STRAIGHT MEN...Not faggots - adultery, prostitution, fornication, oral sex, masturbation - all laws aimed at straight men, not faggots.

The arresting of PUAS in the UK MUST STOP RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

I live in America, not the UK.  If anybody knows of a place where I can voice my objection, let me know...

Go fund me?

I hate PUAs.  That said, they do NOT belong in jail.

I'm looking into what I can do now...suggestions are welcome.

Friday, January 4, 2019

The Conners

The other night, I watched ,"The Conners".  I figured I might as well check out what fat man hating cow created, and what it has become since she got fired for not being a racist.

I was disgusted.

A man and a woman were plotting PHYSICAL VIOLENCE and even MURDER to a man..
And for what?  The most heinous crime of looking at, or rather wanting to look at a woman's butt.

Yes.  Physical violence and murder are now a lesser crime than a straight man looking at a woman's butt.

The show airs on the ABC network.  The same "moral authority" that decided Roseanne Barr Arnold whatever her names is, is a racist.


The show features a lesbian couple, a drunk woman getting pregnant and blaming a man who is not the father, a gender queer son...what unites them all?

Hatred of straight white well to do men wanting to look at women's butts.

Roseanne...if you are reading this.  This show is not what happens when you get fired.  It us merely a continuation of the hatred you passed off as comedy in the 90s.