Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Last Time I Asked You...

What all these YouTube narrators in videos about gaslighting had in common:

Woozoo nailed it.

They are all wimmin and they all look bat sh*t f*cking INSANE.  The third factor that they ALMOST had in common - they are ALMOST all Anglo-C*nts.

I do not know if this will surprise regulars to pro-male blogs, but - psychology has been infected with seriously demented women who project their own yucks onto the men unfortunate enough to be victimized by relationshits with them.

This is something I noticed over and over again from women I have met.  Whatever they are guilty of in their last relationship - is EXACTLY what they will accuse their EX of.

For example, a woman claiming her ex beat her - was most likely beating her ex...and he ended up leaving because he got fed up with the temper tantrums and physical violence.

Christine Blasey Ford is the FALSE ACCUSER and POLITICAL TOOL for the Democratic party. She FALSELY ACCUSED Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct 36 years AFTER IT DIDN'T happen.


Try to digest this for a moment.

Any sane rational person who is considered an "expert" on human behavior would not completely embarrass herself by making half-cocked and FALSE accusations using wording like "maybe" and "not sure".

There is no way that Christine Blasey Ford is sane enough to be an "expert" on what is and is not "normal" behavior.

She is a sick demented bitch who uses sex as a weapon.  And what's worse - in her warped deranged mind - anything she does is OK - since she is not only a woman, but an "expert" in human behavior.

I am sure that the same goes for the eight narrators in the YouTube videos I watched about gaslighting.


The animals have changed places with us in the cages.

Women who are seriously f**ked in the head are now considered "experts" in normalcy.

I really do not see any hope at all for the west anymore.

Next time, I'll talk about a conversation I overheard at work - three men talking about how marriage is full of "compromises".


  1. I watch a lot of Youtube and all the women pictured are strangers. That must be a good thing.

    I hope that what we are witnessing is that, as feminism loses moderate women, the ones who remain will look all the more crazy by comparison.
    Also, I am going to guess that these women are sexually inactive and have minimal social contact with men. It's not healthy, especially for women.

    1. My observations on women: they are either sexually inactive, or are using sex against some poor fool. Either way, sex to them is not the sex they should be getting.

      American women are frigid. They either don't have sex, or the sex they do have is destructive for them and the men in their lives, because it is a manipulation tool.

  2. "- three men talking about how marriage is full of "compromises". "

    That is exactly why I'm not married or in a relationshit. I don't compromise with any woman. It's my way or the highway.

  3. If the gal is single, then - whether or not she realizes it - her being sexually "inactive" is a wise move on her part. Sometimes the Lord puts a hedge around people who really, really want to commit gross sin. And anyway, she may be obnoxious and deceitful, but her sexual "inactivity" is none of your business.

    1. When women are allowed to FALSELY accuse good men of sexual misconduct - with complete impunity - and no fear of retribution for FALSE accusations...And women use their sexuality of lack of it as a weapon against GOOD men - it IS my business.

      You sir - can go to hell.

      Your god is not my GOD.

  4. The best way to avoid the drama is to simply steer clear of women. One problem: no sexual contact with them.

    1. Oh! No wonder prostitution is illegal. Well, that and some other reasons

  5. The problem with legal prostitution is, even if the girls receive frequent medical checkups from competent doctors, VD can and does shimmy out the window into communities, and ratchets up everybody's health insurance premiums.

    1. Yup. I'm sure that's exactly what the people who first illegalized prostitution thought....higher medical insurance.

      Especially back in the 1800s...higher medical insurance...