Saturday, September 8, 2018

Why They Hate White People

When I was in college, there was a middle eastern woman who regularly wrote articles in the school newspaper about how straight white men majoring in hard sciences were "terrible people".  I always wondered why that woman was such a racist cunt supported equality so much.  She was from India if I recall right.  Yes, India - a country filled with "brown" people - no diversity there!

Observing people lately, I have come up with an answer.  It might sound silly.

They hate white people, because they are racist.

No, that statement is not what you are thinking.

They hate white people, because of all the races on earth, white people have done the most to end racism. 

At this point, morons are saying, "WHAT ABOUT HITLER!!!!"

Yeah, Hitler ordered the execution of many people... WHITE PEOPLE YOU DOPE.

In America, we have the most diverse population above any other country.  We have done away with treating other races as second class citizens, we have done away with bigotry and prejudice.


When these people hate whites, it is not a simple hatred of skin color.  It is a hatred of the fact that we have done the most to stop racism - and they cannot stand that.  My ancestors played "nigger records" and allowed black people in their restaurants - often at the risk of their own lives.

That is what these people cannot stand.

Now, if you are not white and reading this - relax.  I know that the people spreading this "white hatred" are not "un white".  They are in fact the "intellectual elite" white people.  The non white people that agree with or support their philosophies are simply the modern day "Uncle Toms"...

You know - the Colin Caperdouche's of the world - the Zarna Joshi's - they are the modern day "Uncle Toms" - as they are simply useful tools to spark the flame of racism and bigotry once again.

Of course, there are some intellectual power houses that are not white who fuel this regime as well - but they are a minority that you must pity - because ultimately - they too are tools for ignorance and hated.

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  1. Racism (definition): a Leftist term of envy for the variety of “freedom” or “independence” that has non-neurotic people exclusively favoring living among people like them, not just by race but by ethnicity, caste, religion and general direction

    Stop using it, and stop worrying about it.