Friday, June 29, 2018

Looking Around...

I like reading other blogs.  In case you didn't notice, I am NOT an intellectual power house.  A lot of my thoughts are obtained from fellow bloggers.

Lately, I am having a hard time finding new blogs of interest.

Many so called pro male blogs ultimately do a full 360 and start spouting feminist tripe.

If anybody out there can recommend blogs I should check out, I'd appreciate it.


    doesn't post often but very pro male
    also doesn't post often, not specifically about anti feminism
    doesn't proof read his posts, lots of technical posts that become gibberish
    hasn't posted much lately but it's pretty good
    very militant anti feminist and anti PUA
    doesn't post much lately either, I guess check the archives
    basically a news aggregate of female murderers and criminals
    not specifically anti feminist

  2. I like to read and comment at this place fairly often:

  3. and this guy has some good topics when he isn't posting porn;

  4. blog about whores written by a whore;

  5. and this one is good for some schadenfreude lolz;

  6. I have been reading blogs for a few years and it seems that you are one of the older ones. I am reliant on Keoni Galt's aggregator at Hawaiian Libertarian. That is how I found you. It seems that as a few leave, there are as many to take it up, but not in the last year

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