Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Let's Talk Wage Gap...

For the last 40 to 50 years, politicians have all been promising the women equal pay.  They say that women make 66 or 71 or 73 cents for each dollar a man earns.

I wouldn't waste my time telling any modern woman to think about this.  I am fully aware that modern women are incapable of thinking.

For my enlightened readers, and any men reading...

This means that ALL the politicians promising to END the wage gap have been INEFFECTIVE.

What's weirder...no lawsuits.  No women have sued (successfully) the evil companies they work for - for discrimination.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that all this leads to the conclusion - there is no wage gap.

It DOES take an ignorant, hate filled, mindlessly vindictive ignorant c*nt to perpetually believe this crap.  It take a bigoted c*nt who celebrates male sexual mutilation to keep swallowing it for 4 to 5 decades with NEVER questioning, "How come this isn't fixed yet?  All the limp wristed politicians I help get elected keep promising..."

The politicians who promise this are simply playing on 40 to 50 years of mindless hate and falsely installed victim status to get elected.

To be blunt, they know it's a lie, yet they keep telling it to get the "woman vote".

The more they play on hate to get votes, the more hate they spread.

They really care about the well being of the "peasants" don't they?


  1. Not true. The female law professors at Denver university just won a lawsuit for equal pay


    2. The lawsuit never went through.

      But - you keep voting for the usual morons and their false promises.

      To be blunt - keep being a spiteful moron.

  2. Check the web. They didn't win; Denver University settled with the EEOC.

    No trial. But what do you expect, a converged institution would not defend themselves against a converged action.

    1. Thanks. I just google it. Of course a lawsuit was filed. I can sue the crickets in my front yard for sexual harassment right now.

      Once a judge gets a hold of it, it'll get thrown out.

      You always hear about lawsuits filed in the news. You NEVER hear if they are successful.

  3. President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law in 1963. What feminists want is equal paychecks. I have news for them. Overtime pays a fifty percent premium, but you have to complete forty hours in a week.

    1. They want paychecks equal to the men doing the actual work, while they gossip about them at the coffee pot and celebrate male sexual mutilation with other female wastes of space.