Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Too Far, Too Few, Too Little, Too Late

   I'm going to be altering this blog (again).  I've been reading an awful lot of "man-o-sphere" blog posts lately (since I have so much spare time).  All of them are quite depressing.  It was quite a while ago that I decided to obliterate most of the blogs I link to (I found them offensive).  I started finding better blogs to follow and read - and yes, many of the original blogs I followed I still do - and still will.  Of course, some of the blogs I follow I still find offensive - I follow them just to see what they are writing...

Men's Right Movement as defined on WikiPedia.  Reading this, I agree with a couple of things here - like social security/insurance, female privilege, perhaps partially what it says about divorce - but that's about all.

Anti-Feminism as defined on WikiPedia. I agree with quite a bit of this - particularly, I think it was a mistake to give women the right to vote.  YUP - I JUST WENT THERE. This political election, I noticed that many women were voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman (something that feminists claim men do). Yes, it seems to me that women vote emotionally and not logically.  Of course - NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT - truer words were never spoken!  But when 99.99999% of them are, saying such a thing becomes meaningless and honestly embarrassing - a desperate argument made by a buffoon.  Wanna hear a kicker!  While I believe it was a mistake giving women the right to vote - I believe that women should be allowed to run for political office - that should piss a couple of readers off!  You might just realize that if women couldn't vote but could hold office - it would be a different ball field...   Think about it........

   One re-occurring theme is the "man-o-sphere" is the female MRA or female anti-feminist.  Most people in the man-o-sphere blare about how women are put on pedestals.  Well, visiting female YouTubers and female bloggers in these circles - I can say - truer words were never spoken - the men in the "man-o-sphere" really need to stop putting women on pedestals :).

The core issue that is not addressed often - is HATRED OF MEN.

Get ready for a long-ass rant.  One that you've heard before if you read my blog.

   When I was in college, my friends and I had the typical attitude, "Don't hit a women, Scold any scum man that hits his wife/girlfriend" etc...(sound philosophy to be sure - one I still uphold today - I will not hit a woman unless my life depended on it).  Then, Lorena Bobbitt happened.  We all noticed how radically different women thought than men - they all had a "You Go Girl!" attitude towards the incident.  This stumped all of us.  We despised any man who engaged in physical violence against a woman.  Women were applauding a woman who sexually mutilated her husband - and knew NOTHING about the situation...  That is when we started realizing how deep this hatred ran. 
   We were all beaten (metaphorically) over the head with "be nice to girls" talk growing up - which we were nice to girls.  When we were in our twenties we were all scratching our heads wondering why women were so malicious, callous, and sadistic towards men, while men were the opposite towards women.  Quite a wake up call.  Once divorces started happening, the hatred of men (insane rage, relentless baseless vindictiveness, and sadism) became more apparent.  More of my friends got divorced, and more of my friends got into drugs and liquor to sedate themselves from the insanely hate-filled women in their lives (and to think - for a while - I felt left out!!!).  Of course, this happened all over again with the Katherine Kieu Becker incident - a "superior" Asian women who doesn't hate sexually mutilated her husband.
  You can change divorce laws all you want.  You can bias them in favor of women - it takes evil sadistic women to exercise those laws.  The problem is not any laws on the books.  The problem is the sadistic women who enjoy the privilege of those laws (99.999999%).  Women who have the doors held open for them - Women who have 30-40 guys pining for them - Women who can get sex anytime they want for free - Women who can treat a lot of men like crap and get away with it - Women who get gifts and money showered on them in some misguided attempt to get laid - Women who are in fact privileged and pedestalized.  NOT NOT NOT women who are abused (verbally or physically), raped, tortured, insulted every 5 minutes, cussed at etc...  No - those things are reserved for men.

   The MRM is a complete miss.  It is geared to changing laws (futile).  Anti-Feminism is less of a miss, but still a miss (the WikiPedia definition).  MGTOW is embarassing, MHRM is a bunch of faggots.

   Various "man-o-sphere" blogs talk about sex and whatnot - yawn.  Some have a whore/virgin attitude - old argument - yawn.  Some force feminism into a body shape - fat - yawn.  Some force feminism into "right-wing Christian women" - i.e. they are trying to separate feminism from the left wing - yawn - fail - fuck off.  Some re-enforce the fact that feminism was a "left-wing anti-Christian" movement - yawn - fail - fuck off.  Few of them address the issue of HATE - specifically - how thick and mindlessly vindictive the hatred of men is in women today - not just one political party - and certainly not just fat women.
    Another issue that I've only seen brought up once - the fact that most problems in out society can be traced DIRECTLY to the bad choices women make when it comes mates.  Whether they pick thugs or pick regular guys then bash them to pieces - women's bad choices when it comes to mating is the root cause of the majority of problems in our society today.  What causes them to make such bad choices - HATE.  What sane rational people see as a good choice for a mate - let's say college men at Duke Lacrosse - our society paints as rapists, smug frat boys, villains, racist, homophobic etc...  Women soak up this garbage like a fly on shit - not because they are tired of being beaten, abused, insulted, mocked and whatnot - quite the opposite is how they live.

   What can be done to combat the hate - well - nothing.  Myself, I fail to care for women (except immediate family).  I do not need to care about a murdered woman who made a bad mating choice and ended up dead for it.  I do not need to care when a woman gets arrested for hitting a police officer because she is used to hitting men and suffering no consequences.  I do not need to feel any compassion for these people - they are a cancer in society.  They make bad mating choices and end up dead, single whatever - Why should I care - I don't.  Do I mock them - ABSOLUTELY!  Is it because they are "having sex with everybody but me"?  NOPE!  Their bad choices in mating leads their predicament - a predicament I have to pay higher taxes for - be it for abortions - insurance - higher taxes - welfare for single moms etc...  I end up paying for their careless behavior all while I am the enemy to them (a white heterosexual male). 

Nobody - and I mean NOBODY should have to pay for others mistakes all while being considered the "enemy".

It's like asking blacks to fund the KKK, or asking Jews to fund the Nazi party.

It's fucked up - and so few address it.

Side note - there are some who address it - like A Voice For Men - but - most places that do are simply looking for a "consumer base" or to popularize themselves on social media for advertising or to recruit members they can pound into their own agenda - i.e. they are looking for tools just as modern women do.

No hot cunt pic.  This might actually be my last post.  I have been unemployed for over a year now, and it looks like nobody wants to hire a 47 year old software engineer these days (yes, I have been to too many interviews to even count - many of them went very well, and I really connected with the interviewers - then - I never get a straight answer from them - after several weeks of constantly asking too).  I guess that is my white male privilege in action!  I remember when I first graduated from college - I had 738 resumes and applications out - and was not getting hired anywhere (more white male privilege!).  I think the phrase is "over-experienced and under-qualified".  I've already started applying for jobs as a security guard.  Fuck it.

It is depressing enough not being able to do what I enjoy for a living.  It is even more depressing witnessing men in the "man-o-sphere" pedestalizing women, bad-mouthing men, bad-mouthing normal male-female sexual relations, typecasting feminism as a body image while ignoring hate, talking about men getting raped by women, calling women they hate "cock-suckers", failing at convincing people that feminists are all right-wing Christians, damn.

It's just plain goofy to be honest.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The King is Okay

I watched an old movie the other day called, The Princess Bride.  It stars Cary Elwes, and has some seriously cool sword fighting scenes (a bit comical yes, but still cool).

I saw this movie for the first time in 2003 when it was 16 years old (nope, I ain't HIP!).  One thing I paid more attention to this time - the King is White and a Villain.  I recalled SHREK the animated tale - and in that too, the King is White and a Villain (voice over by John Lithgow)...

I began thinking of how many movies where the King is White and a Villain...

Then I tried to think of movies where the King is NOT WHITE or NOT A VILLAIN (movies that had a king in them anyway...)

NADA!  Except maybe The Ten Commandments - Prince Moses and Prince Ramses are competing for the throne of Egypt - Prince Moses is portrayed as fair and just while Prince Ramses is a douchebag (but in theory neither are White)...

Is this by design - some matriarchal conspiracy to portray men in authority as villains?  Or was it done for irony's sake (i.e. so ironic that the White guy in charge is the villain - bum bum bum baaaah)?

Does it even matter?

Constantly portraying White Male's in authority as villains has certainly left its skid mark on our society.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the intense hatred so many people have of Donald Trump.  I watched ABC News last night, and I noticed that the first 12 minutes of their program was spent trying to bad-mouth Trump.  The other stories they had lined up seemed far more interesting (the Volcano erupting, the woman escaping a kidnapper from her own car trunk, and other stories that they spent maybe a minute on each.  Yes, the bulk of time was spent trying to bad-mouth Trump and looking like fools and fake news in the process.

I can understand being disappointed when your candidate doesn't win, but this goes far beyond that - this is an insane rage against Donald Trump - to the point where professional journalists end up looking like complete fools - even to the common folk (see Rachel Maddow).

I cannot wrap my head around it, so I am devising theories as to why all the insane rage against Trump.

My latest; constant portrayal of Kings as White, Male and Villainous has effected much of the public's opinion about Straight White Men in authority.

As more cultures make themselves known as Americans, they are instantly drilled with such negative portrayals of Straight White Men and the result is the Zarna Joshi's and Manju Rajendran's that seem so prevalent today.

Seems to make sense to me.  If anybody has any other theories to add, I would very much like to hear them.

No cunt pic this post.  Instead, a HAIL TO THE KING!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Media is NOT the Enemy of the America People

The Mainstream Media is the enemy of sanity itself.  Enjoy a video I made which exploits Monty Python's Flying Circus's classic sketch, "Spot the Loony!"

If you have the same thumbnail as I, then you gotta love that expression on Raving Maddow's face.

Another teacher was caught performing oral sex on one of HER students. One thing that always struck me about these stories is how many women in my generation are getting caught doing this.  I know that many "hard-core-red-pillers" will scorn me for writing what I am about to write, but I gotta do it.  Why?  Because despite feminazi science, men and women are different.  That means that there are different motivations for women pursuing young men than men pursuing young women.

I believe that a woman pursuing young men is an act of extreme desperation.  Young men are horny nearly always - they can get sexually aroused by mediocre women (or even ugly women).  Older men on the other hand are picky - a woman must meet a set of criteria to become sexually aroused. 

Ponder that.  Can you argue with it?  If so, please leave a comment...

If there are any young men reading this, and a teacher is being flirty or offering you sex - take it if you want, then sue the school system for being traumatized by it (wink wink).  Get a blowjob, then get money for it.

Is this a hatred of women you hear telling you this.


You see, somebody or something convinced the women of my generation that they should deny themselves the company of men.  As these women get older, they get desperate, and the best they can do is the "I'm Horny 24 hours a day, I jack off 10 times a day, I can fuck anything with a hole in it".

It puts a smile on my face that so many young men are getting to fuck these women, then blackmail them, or sue the school system for being "traumatized" (wink wink).


I hope it continues.  These cunts deserve it.  Is this sex negative?  Well, it is "female-sex-negative".  Young men getting laid, getting blown then getting paid for it - puts male sexuality up on a pedestal that the same cunts victimized by it helped to create.


Anyway, enjoy looking at a picture of a cunt
What's not to like???