Thursday, November 16, 2017

Young Men - This is why Women HATE you...

When I was about 16 or so, there was a news story - a herd of women were accusing a dentist of molesting them while under anesthetic.  I thought, "yeah, the dentist is a perv whose touching titties while his hot patients are under".  I thought wrong.

It turns out, that the dentist took a polygraph and PASSED.  His alleged victims (the ones who took polygraphs) all FAILED.  The dentist did the right thing and actively pursued defamation of character suits against the false accusers.  This caused a stir.

People were outraged that those poor helpless women (who FAILED polygraphs) were being further victimized (even though they FAILED polygraphs) by an evil groping man (who PASSED a polygraph).

When I saw this (somewhere around 1985 or so), that is when I realized that the world had gone INSANE with a HATRED OF MEN AND MALE SEXUALITY.

The dentist passed polygraphs, the news had of course grilled him in the public eye, and his accusers - all the ones that took polygraphs - ALL FAILED.  Anybody in their right mind would want JUSTICE against false accusers, but no - instead, the dentist was being further grilled by the media for suing his false accusers.

Now, some 30 years later, we have Harvey Weinstein.  Yes, things have changed.  They have gotten worse.  One cunt who accused him has already been arrested on drug charges.  I read through the list of women, and, well, to be blunt - I smelled bullshit.

Can anybody tell me - how the f**k do you FORCE somebody to perform oral sex on you?  How the f**k do you FORCE oral sex on somebody (more so if they are menstruating???


In 2017, the Harvey Weinstein affair will be used to further hatred of men and hatred of male sexuality.

It has already started, a male journalist made some real faggy claims that all men are like that already.

So... WHY are you as a man HATED so much?

They NEED to hate you.  If they were to pull their heads out of their asses for 1 second, they'd realize that the fear, mistrust and hatred of men is COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED.  Their mindless vindictiveness narrative would collapse.

They'd realize what utter pieces of shit they are as women.  A main pillar of our phoney society based on something akin to, "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids" would crumble, they'd realize that they have been f**king not just MEN over, but the whole human race over for countless decades.

Women are too stupid and too rooted in a herd mentality to do something mature like accept responsibility for their actions as individuals.

Women are too selfish, childish and morally retarded to give a flying f**k about the fact that they are depriving themselves and men of fulfilling lives by clinging so dearly to baseless hatred.

I wish I could give young men sound advice on how to deal with the SICKENINGLY THICK PREJUDICE they will encounter in their lives, but I cannot.  I have never found a good solution to it, other than to pass knowledge onto others.

As a young man you will be hated for nothing more than being born with a penis.  NOTHING MORE PERIOD.  Cowtow to this hatred, and you will get nowhere, trying to douse this hatred with rational argument will make you hated more PERIOD (you can get fired for this as we've seen at google).

Women consume the hatred of men like rats consume candy.  They feed and thrive on negative portrayals of men.  When in crowds they cheer and applaud male sexual mutilation.  ALL OF THEM DO THIS.  You will never see a woman leaving a crowd of men hating women who have crossed a line of decency.  NEVER PERIOD.

Of couse, if you have the guts to point any of this hatred and.prejudice out....  you're a misogynist.  Welcome to the hateful world of women.

I used to think that things would change.  I don't anymore.  Women are a lost cause.  They deny themselves the pleasure of men and grow more angry.  By the time they are 30, they are vile, hateful Prozac filled cunts that serve no purpose other than to bitch about how evil men are, and spread their hatred onto future generations of women.

Harvey Weinstein and others in the news should serve as an example of how hateful and stereotyping of men in women has become.  Yes, this is prejudice in the 21st century.  Imagine if a black man had been caught stealing and somebody said, "this is how black people act".

It would correctly be identified as prejudice.

Why is it that the faggot journalist who said, "this is how men are" isn't being thrashed for such blatant bigotry??

Our society hates men PERIOD.

Male sexuality is labeled as "disrespectful of women".

The flames of male hatred must never be doused, as the cunts would be forced to look at themselves and realize what vile heaps of shit they ARE.

Welcome to 21st century America.  SMILE!  Some cunt is eyeballing you and thinking how funny it would be if you got your dick cut off.  Don't you argue with any of them either you misogynistic piece of hateful shit!

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Message to Women getting Plastic Surgery.

It's not making you look beautiful.






I'm not surprised!

All this plastic surgery shows us something.  Women today are not just vain beyond belief, they are also insane, and waste money to make themselves look f**king bat sh*t f**king insane.

Totally f**king retarded!!!

I fail to comprehend how any spiritually and mentally healthy woman would want to make herself look like that.

Oh yeah, I forgot, there are no mentally healthy women these days.  They consume 2/3rds of all psycho - bitch medication today.  The rest - well, my guess is they all smoke pot or take illegal drugs.  Dumb cunts.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Why are Filipino Women Superior?

I find myself perplexed by one myth being propagated by faggot MRAs.  The bold faced lie that Filipino women are somehow superior to Anglo women.

The FAGS claim that they are prettier, give better head, spread their legs for more appropriate guys (sic nerds) blah blah blah...

Filipino women are every pinch as disgusting, heartless, cruel and unempathetic as AngloCunts.  I cannot go into specifics, as it will reveal my secret identity (that was meant as humor Mr. Fucktrelle).  I can tell you stories of several men I know who got mixed up with women from that shit hole country, the Phillipines.

As always, I encourage my readers to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, by suggesting they google PHILLIPINES, and see all the shit flinging that arises.

Needless to say, the men I know: all are unhappy with women (and their finances), and one is DEAD.  Apparently, a hit ordered by his Filipino wife who was cheating on him with a Filipino police officer.

To be forward, Filipino women are shit.

So, why are they superior?

Simple...they are better at acting then AngloCunts.
If you ponder this, it makes perfect sense.

The narcissistic sexual despots (the cunts) in this cuntry  (America) have not had to act like decent human beings for decades.  They come out, guns blazing!  Cheering at male sexual mutilation, applauding bitchy violent hateful women like Kathy Gifford, Madonna, or Rosie O'Donnell.  They pedestalize con artists and insincere rip offs who steal money like Jessica Valenti, Anita Sarkisian etc...

Women in America have not had to act like decent human beings for decades.  That is such a long time, they have forgotten how!

To summarize:

Filipino women ARE superior to AngloCunts, because they are better at acting like decent human beings...something that the cunts in this cuntry have forgotten how...they have had no reason to act nice...the vile cunts have had men by the balls, and are now looking to spread their hatred of men to other countries (like south America where women are still "pretty").

And yes...yes...yes...I know what some of you are thinking...WHAT ABOUT THE GOLD DIGGERS!!!

You're right - there are still a few women left in America capable of ACTING like decent human beings... But those women save their pretentiousess to steal money from millionaire dipshits.  So I will give a pinch of credit to the cunts.

Anyway, looks like the faggot MRAS are right.  Filipino women ARE SUPERIOR.