Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Harvey Weinstein - Final Thoughts (I Promise)

I told myself that the next time a "sex-scandal" unfolded, I would pay close attention.  I messed up when the Bill Cosby happened, I blew it.  Not so much with Harvey Weinstein.

Let's get the obvious out of the way.

Women (and the media), are using  (exploiting) this incident to further and/or reenforce the existing hatred of men.  That is a fact.  Without oddities like Harvey Weinstein being blasted over the T.V. every hour, 17 times a day, for three months straight, Anglo Cunts would look like the vile tripe they are.  No media outlet is going to allow that!!!

I found myself nauseated by the mindless droves of cunts on twitter claiming #MeToo.  I labeled that as wishful thinking.  All the "facts" became too dizzying for me and my simple mind, so I stepped out of the box.

I wondered one thing that no media outlet had an answer for...


Seriously... WHY NOW?!?!

I mean, according to the fake news, Harvey has been dipping his spoon into the pudding for a long time.  There have even been police reports filed.

So, I ask again, WHY NOW?

I have no answer for that, and it baffles me.

Other questions:

Were these women on the pill?

Did Harvey always wear a condom?

How many alleged victims had to get abortions?  After all, I have not heard any women wanting to get child support...  that means either Harvey always wore a condom, all the alleged victims were on the pill, or they got abortions - right!?!?  RIGHT!?!?

The whole incident raises questions that I cannot find answers to by watching or reading the fake news.  So fuck it.

If anybody reading has an answer, any and all speculations, insights, news links are welcome...


  1. It's a diversion from how fake the Vegas terror event was.

    1. A few people told me that. I am willing to ponder that. More so since they are back on the russia hacking bullshit.

      I'm not one for conspiracies... if anything the news flashed to Harvey to cover up their gross miscovering of the Vegas shooting.

  2. It's not "feminazism"; it's regoular feminism.
    Aka hatred on men.

  3. I know, the picture came already edited. I wish it Saif feminism. Although, I do like the term feminazism.