Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Media is NOT the Enemy of the America People

The Mainstream Media is the enemy of sanity itself.  Enjoy a video I made which exploits Monty Python's Flying Circus's classic sketch, "Spot the Loony!"

If you have the same thumbnail as I, then you gotta love that expression on Raving Maddow's face.

Another teacher was caught performing oral sex on one of HER students. One thing that always struck me about these stories is how many women in my generation are getting caught doing this.  I know that many "hard-core-red-pillers" will scorn me for writing what I am about to write, but I gotta do it.  Why?  Because despite feminazi science, men and women are different.  That means that there are different motivations for women pursuing young men than men pursuing young women.

I believe that a woman pursuing young men is an act of extreme desperation.  Young men are horny nearly always - they can get sexually aroused by mediocre women (or even ugly women).  Older men on the other hand are picky - a woman must meet a set of criteria to become sexually aroused. 

Ponder that.  Can you argue with it?  If so, please leave a comment...

If there are any young men reading this, and a teacher is being flirty or offering you sex - take it if you want, then sue the school system for being traumatized by it (wink wink).  Get a blowjob, then get money for it.

Is this a hatred of women you hear telling you this.


You see, somebody or something convinced the women of my generation that they should deny themselves the company of men.  As these women get older, they get desperate, and the best they can do is the "I'm Horny 24 hours a day, I jack off 10 times a day, I can fuck anything with a hole in it".

It puts a smile on my face that so many young men are getting to fuck these women, then blackmail them, or sue the school system for being "traumatized" (wink wink).


I hope it continues.  These cunts deserve it.  Is this sex negative?  Well, it is "female-sex-negative".  Young men getting laid, getting blown then getting paid for it - puts male sexuality up on a pedestal that the same cunts victimized by it helped to create.


Anyway, enjoy looking at a picture of a cunt
What's not to like???


  1. Yeah, Maddow is making her cock gobbling face. I don't know why, but I get the impression that women like Maddow, Sarkeesian, and Green are hardcore BDSM masochists.

    1. I doubt it. If any of these women were satisfied with their sex life they would not hate men so much.

      I would wager a guess that if any of them experimented with BDSM they'd never go back.

      The women I have met who like gobbling cock, being tied up spanked and what not are usually the least male-hating ones around.

      That tells me that Rachel Maddow has probably never gobbled a cock once in her life.

    2. Take The Red PillMarch 10, 2017 at 9:32 AM

      Agree with you about Rachel Maddow -- the first time that I saw her, my thoughts were that she's likely a man-hating dyke that enjoys humiliating men, especially the men who rank beneath her socially.

  2. Good point. Maddow is way too butch to be straight.