Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Women are Broken

I was going to write a movie review of Split after seeing it on Saturday (including my observations of human behavior in the theater etcetera), but I have come across some REALLY good reads lately.

First up, Dr. Rookh Kshatriya. This is an excellent article explaining why so many women fall into the category of PSYCHO-BITCH.

Next up, Boy Doesn't Meet Girl explaining why women are beyond all hope.

And the icing on the cake, Night Wind with an article about the APA (American Psychiatric Association), and how skewed that profession is right now in regard to ETHICS.

Dr. Rookh Kshatriya is spot on when he mentions that the more attractive a woman is, the more "mentally unstable" she will tend to be.  That fits my observations.  This is also contrary to many in the man-o-sphere who make limp wrist-ed  efforts to assign an "image" to feminism - i.e. "feminists are all fat land whales".

Side Note: Assigning an image to feminism cheapens what should be battled - male hatred.  Male-hatred exists in all forms.  I see women like Anita Parcheesian, Jessica Valenti etcetera - they are not fat land monsters - but they do hate men.  Why are so many people ignoring authentic male hatred and replacing it with an image?

Tie this in with Night Wind's post about how the modern psychiatric panel of loons is trying to claim that Donald Trump is mentally ill (many psychiatrists have been trying to claim that left-wing or right-wing is a mental illness for a while, but never to this extent).  It shows how screwed up modern psychiatry is.
They even have a list of psychiatrists against Donald Trump. These LOONS claim that Donald Trump, "Incites and excuses public violence by supporters". Strange, we have all been seeing the exact opposite. Yes, there are small isolated incidents here and there where Donald Trump supporters have committed acts of violence, but the majority of violence has been committed by anti-Trump protesters.

Combine this and you draw the same conclusion as Boy Doesn't Meet Girl - Modern Women are Beyond all Hope - in short...

Women are Broken

So, what can be done - well - nothing - Women are Beyond all Hope.  I have to say I disagree with Dr. Rookh's assessment about moving to a foreign country (especially an Asian one - as they are 30 to 40 times more prone to cutting off their men's penises - something listed on Wikipedia until I noticed that - it was quickly pulled down - weird...). I do agree with his assessment that since men created civilization, men can destroy it (a process that seems well in the works thanks to the violent anti-Trump crowd - which the psychiatric profession is ignoring????  WHY!?!?).

What needs to happen, is for the psychiatric field to admit their wrongs in how they have handled psychotic women and male-female relations in general.  This will NEVER happen as Dr. Rookh mentioned, it will cause way too many waves.  And, as Night Wind mentions, it appears that the psychiatric field is in a state of turmoil over its ethics.

Oh well huh?  Enjoy looking at a mentally ill cunt.
Remember - Nothing I say is valid - shrug your shoulders and say "sour grapes" when you read my stuff - then watch how mentally ill women act and enjoy the destruction of western civilization.


  1. I can confirm that all hot chicks I've ever met are bat shit crazy as described here. They think their shit doesn't stink. It doesn't help that legions of men worship them either and are more than willing to throw their fellow man under the bus for a chance at inhaling her farts.

    1. Thank you. I am so sick of people not recognizing this. The more attractive a woman is, the more she uses said appeal to injure and manipulate.

      The more she injures and manipulates, the more her conscious starts drilling into her skull, and the more head medications she has to take to drowned out her guilty conscious.

      Of course, many women these days seem to completely lack any form of guilt whatsoever.

    2. The way that you use "conscious", I presume that you mean "conscience".

      And I agree with you in that few attractive women seem to have a conscience at all. But this could also explain why so many of them seems to 'completely lose their mind' and need 'head meds' when their beauty fades and they are left with nothing but their ugly personality and complete lack of character.

    3. @Red Pill
      Damn! I always get those two mixed up.

      And - you're right. Once their beauty fades - they are left with NOTHING - no character - I'll go so far as to day as REPULSIVE character based entirely on their now GONE beauty. That's when the need for medication comes in.

      Excellent observation.

  2. Hey Mom!!!:

    This could be YOU!! With a little more virtue signalling, CBC viewing, and PC talk, the dream could be yours.


    Wake up: your silence is a moral abnegation of responsibility to the past and future.

    1. Some kind of pseudo-burka and a low cut blouse???