Thursday, December 14, 2017

Remember Michael Jackson?

He was accused of molesting children, just like Kevin Spacey.

Difference - Michael Jackson went on making songs, whereas a big budget production with Kevin Spacey is being revamped.

WHY?  and WHY NOT?

Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer have in common a deep rooted hatred of Donald Trump.

The more I look at the sexual harassment BS going on and comparing it to pre-Trump sexual harassment stories, the more I am convinced it is completely fake.

How about Bill Clinton?  Ignore the Monika Lewinsky thing...  He was accused of rape...  The media didn't seem to care did they?

All the sexual harassment you are hearing about right now is fake.

It is part of a coup from the media and the vagina mofia.

If somebody asks you about it, say this,"I don't buy that crap for one second".
I realize now, that sexual harassment is utter BS.  The only case I have experienced is a lesbian at my last employer threatening me with it because I pissed her off by existing.

Politicians invented sexual harassment to blackmail each other.  In using such a thing, they condemn future generations of men with their lies.
They are a credit to the sociopathic nature of their species.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why Now, ANSWERED...I Think...

It's a coup. Maybe the first journalistic coup in the history of the human race.  I hate doing research, but I did.  It all started when I did a Google image search for mean bitch. I expected a million images of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and other female politicians. Nope. Just some random images... Not even an image of a feminist...  Weird huh?
Could censorship be at play here?

I kept asking why the sexual harassment thing had become such a fiasco NOW.  According to fake news sources, Harvey Weinstein has been getting accused for decades, police reports have even been filed.  It wasn't a big news story then, why is it front page today?

I had no answer.  I kept trying to find something that recently changed.  Nada.

In today's news however, 3 women are standing by their accusations against Donald Trump.

I started reading stories about sexual harassment (stories on Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein et al).  They all had the same conclusion.  It was something like, "if Matt Lauer got fired, then so should Trump".  Al Franken is quoted as saying, "I, of all people, am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office."

The themes were all the same.  ALL the stories about Al, Matt, Harvey and others dated whenever ALL went out of their way to mention decades old ALLEGATIONS against our current Commander In Chief.
The image above appropriately show a woman bitching...

Then, I did a search to see what the punishment for sexual harassment was: google search.

No real penalties.  It seems like the company where the sexual harassment took place gets fined.  They will in turn MAYBE terminate offending employee.


Where are the lawsuits against NBC for Matt Lauer?  Against Miramax for Harvey?  Against the US Senate for Al Franken?

One article I read claimed that the police had enough to issue an arrest warrant for Harvey Weinstein.  When was he arrested?  Was he arrested?


No lawsuits against any companies or institutions, no arrests, nada, zip, zilch.

MEN have gotten fired.  That's it.  No trials, no jury of their peers, just sacked based on an ACCUSATION.  No solid proof, just hearsay and innuendo.

I think that the mainstream media, in league with the vagina mofia have organized a coup against the president.  If I am right, I wonder if this will be the first coup organized by the media.

Makes sense.  The media hates Donald Trump.  Who or what else would sacrifice some of their own to accomplish this?  And haven't they all been in full blown 3 year old tantrum meltdown mode since he was elected?
I think we are in an age where people are lied to regularly about the true nature of women.  Hateful, spiteful, baselessly vindictive, childish, and completely incapable of facing the truth.  This poison has infected our society to such an extent, that ANY form of criticism is met with EXTREME hostility - false accusations, being fired, name calling, and tantrums that know no bounds.

Whether or not Trump is innocent is irrelevant, all that matters is the tantrums the narcissistic sexual despots are throwing right now, AND there will always be more poo flung at Trump.  A brat use to getting their way will not cease screaming and kicking until they get their way.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Why Women Hate You

I asked myself this question a lot in my teens and twenties, "I'm f**k ugly, creepy looking, combination of the two..."

The one and true answer is feminism et al...  There is a cancer in our society that has infected the brain of EVERY woman alive today.  It has made them hate filled vile cunts that cheer and applaud male sexual mutilation (see Katherine Kieu Becker or Lorena Bobbitt).

Women deny themselves the pleasure of sex.  Yes, many women do have sex, but it is to hurt men they hate more than usual.

 Madonna offers blow jobs to people who vote for Hillary Clinton 

Yes, we've all heard that Madonna likes sex, as do many liberated and empowered women.  Bullshit.  She uses it against a man she hates PERIOD.

A pictures worth a million words, so here.
Yes, women like Madonna and other vile cunts didn't vote for Donald Trump because he is degrading to women.  LOL
It's ok for Billy boy above to have sex, because he is democrat!
Sean Penn ALLEGEDLY beat up Madonna, where is all the outrage?  Oh yeah, silly me...  It's ok for him to do that - he loves fags and he is a flaming liberal...

I feel sorry for young men today.  I know what it is like to be young, horn and healthry, and surrounded by hate filled manipulative cunts.

Anyway, say Heil to queen Madonna herself:

The fact that an old skank like Madonna thinks she can still use sex to hurt men she doesn't like shows how much women have depraved society of sex.

The legacy of women and all their crusades of "equal rights" is not one of justice.  It is one of hatred and depravity.

Welcome to modern America.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I'm Getting Hacked Again

Somewhere in Pennsylvania, using a Mac device too.  I wonder who it is, and what they hope to accomplish?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

No, Seriously - WHY NOW?

I'll ask again, WHY NOW?

Everybody has heard that Matt Lauer was fired from NBC for allegedly sexually harassing people.  We have all heard of other cases too.  But why is all this such a big story NOW?

I have heard, "it's all a cover up to get attention away from the Vegas shooting".

I have also heard, "We are nearing an election, so politicians are attacking political opponents and media figures hostile to them".

Honestly, neither of those make any sense to me.  I think an evil witch has cast a terrible and dark spell upon this land and the air has become sinister.

Ok, I got nothing.


WHY NOW?????

Please do not be bashful, post your ideas below.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The REAL Double Standard of Sexual Harassment

As our limp wristed politicians use the concept of "Sexual Harassment" to eliminate their competition, they pave a road to HELL for future generations of men.

Cowards, egomaniacs and sociopaths to the fullest.

Let's get to the point.  All legislation passed in regards to SEXUAL HARASSMENT has been AGAINST MEN PERIOD.

MRAs and other faggots try to push the notion that men get sexually harassed too.

They redefine the term LAME-ASS nearly everyday!

To make the concept of SEXUAL HARASSMENT apply to women, the law should FORBID sexual advances towards a man solely for the purpose of ADVANCING ONE'S CAREER (possibly other things too?? Leave a comment if you think of any)

Ponder it.

Yes, many men would not ever turn a woman in for such things.  That is true.  Men are not petty vindictive sh*ts like modern women are.  They are not frightened or intimidated by sex or sexuality.


Some of you might be rolling your eyes and saying, "Great!  More he said she said squabbles".

As it stands, there is no he said she said bullshit.

There is just SHE SAID bullshit.  This is a FACT.

Now, no such law would ever come forward, but if it did, who do you think would OPPOSE it the most?  Yes, that is a dumb question.
If I had one wish, it would NOT be to see legislation passed that punishes sexual women.  It would be to see laws passed that punish women for USING sex as a weapon AGAINST MEN.

This will never happen though.  No women alive today would support it, and a significant portion of men would also contest it - after all...How else can they get laid?


The true double standard of sexual harassment is:

It is just fine for women to use sex to get what they want. even when it's in an "inappropriate" setting.

It is wrong for men to show any signs of HETEROSEXUALITY PERIOD.

If any cunts are reading this and saying "that's not true" - f**k you.  Men are supposed to be the initiators.  If they are, eventually, they will encounter a woman that is not interested.  That does not make them F**KING CRIMINALS.

Yeah, I know, why waste my time.  I won't.

If anybody reading has any ideas on how to make sexual harassment apply to women, PLEASE leave a comment.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Roy Moore and Al Franken

What's wrong with this picture? NOTHING!

Ok.  We all know what's going on.  What we don't agree with is which one should be thrown to the feminazis.  The Faggot MRA's want both - or Moore - or Franken - but which one do we toss?


Here's why.

If we are to support the heterosexual male sex drive, our support MUST apply to ALL men.  If we start picking and choosing which ones should be fed to the dogs, then we become feminists, using sex as a weapon to hurt men that we find offensive.  That is wrong, that is feminist, that is woman.  I do not care what politics these men support.  I do not care which one is more feminist.  I do not care which one is more "femiservative".  To condemn either one's behavior is to condemn ALL men.

For this reason, I am going to waste time writing Al Franken a letter, and TRY to appeal to his sense of sanity.

Dear Senator Franken.

I am disgusted that you and other politicians are trying to make healthy straight male sexual behavior akin to criminal activities.

I understand that you need votes, and more than half of those votes come from women, but appealing to the hateful side of women is a downward spiral of futility.

You have an opportunity to spare future generations of men from being criminalized simply for being STRAIGHT, and exhibiting a healthy male sex drive.

If you do not, you will be one rock thrown at every young man who finds women attractive and is not terrified to show it.

In short, if you do not stand up for yourself, you WILL be condemning ALL future generations of men who are healthy and straight to lifetimes of shame, ridicule and possible criminality.

If you cannot find the nerve to stand up for yourself, SENATOR MOORE and ALL men, then you should step down.  Not just from American politics, but from humanity too.

Here is the link to E-mail Senator Franken.

Yeah, I submitted that message above to the link above at 7:07pm pacific time.  So F**K you.

Here is what I think of the WOMEN who wait until a political election to accuse men of acting straight - or just accuse men of acting straight period:
Leeann Tweeden

I have re-opened comments to this blog.  Anybody blabbering on, trolling, calling me a feminist - those comments will be deleted - as will SPAM and other crap.  If you post an opinion and I delete it - F**K YOU.

A question for "red-pills", "manospherians", and other faggots:

How many other blogs are requesting you to contact a senator - to STOP criminalizing male sexuality?





Now, how many want you to throw one or the other of these men under the feminist bus?

That's what I thought...


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Young Men - This is why Women HATE you...

When I was about 16 or so, there was a news story - a herd of women were accusing a dentist of molesting them while under anesthetic.  I thought, "yeah, the dentist is a perv whose touching titties while his hot patients are under".  I thought wrong.

It turns out, that the dentist took a polygraph and PASSED.  His alleged victims (the ones who took polygraphs) all FAILED.  The dentist did the right thing and actively pursued defamation of character suits against the false accusers.  This caused a stir.

People were outraged that those poor helpless women (who FAILED polygraphs) were being further victimized (even though they FAILED polygraphs) by an evil groping man (who PASSED a polygraph).

When I saw this (somewhere around 1985 or so), that is when I realized that the world had gone INSANE with a HATRED OF MEN AND MALE SEXUALITY.

The dentist passed polygraphs, the news had of course grilled him in the public eye, and his accusers - all the ones that took polygraphs - ALL FAILED.  Anybody in their right mind would want JUSTICE against false accusers, but no - instead, the dentist was being further grilled by the media for suing his false accusers.

Now, some 30 years later, we have Harvey Weinstein.  Yes, things have changed.  They have gotten worse.  One cunt who accused him has already been arrested on drug charges.  I read through the list of women, and, well, to be blunt - I smelled bullshit.

Can anybody tell me - how the f**k do you FORCE somebody to perform oral sex on you?  How the f**k do you FORCE oral sex on somebody (more so if they are menstruating???


In 2017, the Harvey Weinstein affair will be used to further hatred of men and hatred of male sexuality.

It has already started, a male journalist made some real faggy claims that all men are like that already.

So... WHY are you as a man HATED so much?

They NEED to hate you.  If they were to pull their heads out of their asses for 1 second, they'd realize that the fear, mistrust and hatred of men is COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED.  Their mindless vindictiveness narrative would collapse.

They'd realize what utter pieces of shit they are as women.  A main pillar of our phoney society based on something akin to, "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids" would crumble, they'd realize that they have been f**king not just MEN over, but the whole human race over for countless decades.

Women are too stupid and too rooted in a herd mentality to do something mature like accept responsibility for their actions as individuals.

Women are too selfish, childish and morally retarded to give a flying f**k about the fact that they are depriving themselves and men of fulfilling lives by clinging so dearly to baseless hatred.

I wish I could give young men sound advice on how to deal with the SICKENINGLY THICK PREJUDICE they will encounter in their lives, but I cannot.  I have never found a good solution to it, other than to pass knowledge onto others.

As a young man you will be hated for nothing more than being born with a penis.  NOTHING MORE PERIOD.  Cowtow to this hatred, and you will get nowhere, trying to douse this hatred with rational argument will make you hated more PERIOD (you can get fired for this as we've seen at google).

Women consume the hatred of men like rats consume candy.  They feed and thrive on negative portrayals of men.  When in crowds they cheer and applaud male sexual mutilation.  ALL OF THEM DO THIS.  You will never see a woman leaving a crowd of men hating women who have crossed a line of decency.  NEVER PERIOD.

Of couse, if you have the guts to point any of this hatred and.prejudice out....  you're a misogynist.  Welcome to the hateful world of women.

I used to think that things would change.  I don't anymore.  Women are a lost cause.  They deny themselves the pleasure of men and grow more angry.  By the time they are 30, they are vile, hateful Prozac filled cunts that serve no purpose other than to bitch about how evil men are, and spread their hatred onto future generations of women.

Harvey Weinstein and others in the news should serve as an example of how hateful and stereotyping of men in women has become.  Yes, this is prejudice in the 21st century.  Imagine if a black man had been caught stealing and somebody said, "this is how black people act".

It would correctly be identified as prejudice.

Why is it that the faggot journalist who said, "this is how men are" isn't being thrashed for such blatant bigotry??

Our society hates men PERIOD.

Male sexuality is labeled as "disrespectful of women".

The flames of male hatred must never be doused, as the cunts would be forced to look at themselves and realize what vile heaps of shit they ARE.

Welcome to 21st century America.  SMILE!  Some cunt is eyeballing you and thinking how funny it would be if you got your dick cut off.  Don't you argue with any of them either you misogynistic piece of hateful shit!

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Message to Women getting Plastic Surgery.

It's not making you look beautiful.






I'm not surprised!

All this plastic surgery shows us something.  Women today are not just vain beyond belief, they are also insane, and waste money to make themselves look f**king bat sh*t f**king insane.

Totally f**king retarded!!!

I fail to comprehend how any spiritually and mentally healthy woman would want to make herself look like that.

Oh yeah, I forgot, there are no mentally healthy women these days.  They consume 2/3rds of all psycho - bitch medication today.  The rest - well, my guess is they all smoke pot or take illegal drugs.  Dumb cunts.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Why are Filipino Women Superior?

I find myself perplexed by one myth being propagated by faggot MRAs.  The bold faced lie that Filipino women are somehow superior to Anglo women.

The FAGS claim that they are prettier, give better head, spread their legs for more appropriate guys (sic nerds) blah blah blah...

Filipino women are every pinch as disgusting, heartless, cruel and unempathetic as AngloCunts.  I cannot go into specifics, as it will reveal my secret identity (that was meant as humor Mr. Fucktrelle).  I can tell you stories of several men I know who got mixed up with women from that shit hole country, the Phillipines.

As always, I encourage my readers to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, by suggesting they google PHILLIPINES, and see all the shit flinging that arises.

Needless to say, the men I know: all are unhappy with women (and their finances), and one is DEAD.  Apparently, a hit ordered by his Filipino wife who was cheating on him with a Filipino police officer.

To be forward, Filipino women are shit.

So, why are they superior?

Simple...they are better at acting then AngloCunts.
If you ponder this, it makes perfect sense.

The narcissistic sexual despots (the cunts) in this cuntry  (America) have not had to act like decent human beings for decades.  They come out, guns blazing!  Cheering at male sexual mutilation, applauding bitchy violent hateful women like Kathy Gifford, Madonna, or Rosie O'Donnell.  They pedestalize con artists and insincere rip offs who steal money like Jessica Valenti, Anita Sarkisian etc...

Women in America have not had to act like decent human beings for decades.  That is such a long time, they have forgotten how!

To summarize:

Filipino women ARE superior to AngloCunts, because they are better at acting like decent human beings...something that the cunts in this cuntry have forgotten how...they have had no reason to act nice...the vile cunts have had men by the balls, and are now looking to spread their hatred of men to other countries (like south America where women are still "pretty").

And yes...yes...yes...I know what some of you are thinking...WHAT ABOUT THE GOLD DIGGERS!!!

You're right - there are still a few women left in America capable of ACTING like decent human beings... But those women save their pretentiousess to steal money from millionaire dipshits.  So I will give a pinch of credit to the cunts.

Anyway, looks like the faggot MRAS are right.  Filipino women ARE SUPERIOR.



Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Harvey Weinstein - Final Thoughts (I Promise)

I told myself that the next time a "sex-scandal" unfolded, I would pay close attention.  I messed up when the Bill Cosby happened, I blew it.  Not so much with Harvey Weinstein.

Let's get the obvious out of the way.

Women (and the media), are using  (exploiting) this incident to further and/or reenforce the existing hatred of men.  That is a fact.  Without oddities like Harvey Weinstein being blasted over the T.V. every hour, 17 times a day, for three months straight, Anglo Cunts would look like the vile tripe they are.  No media outlet is going to allow that!!!

I found myself nauseated by the mindless droves of cunts on twitter claiming #MeToo.  I labeled that as wishful thinking.  All the "facts" became too dizzying for me and my simple mind, so I stepped out of the box.

I wondered one thing that no media outlet had an answer for...


Seriously... WHY NOW?!?!

I mean, according to the fake news, Harvey has been dipping his spoon into the pudding for a long time.  There have even been police reports filed.

So, I ask again, WHY NOW?

I have no answer for that, and it baffles me.

Other questions:

Were these women on the pill?

Did Harvey always wear a condom?

How many alleged victims had to get abortions?  After all, I have not heard any women wanting to get child support...  that means either Harvey always wore a condom, all the alleged victims were on the pill, or they got abortions - right!?!?  RIGHT!?!?

The whole incident raises questions that I cannot find answers to by watching or reading the fake news.  So fuck it.

If anybody reading has an answer, any and all speculations, insights, news links are welcome...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Amy Schumer is MUD

Yet another vile cunt in Hollyweird.  I doubt that anybody who regularly reads my blog needs to hear this, but I feel compelled to write it, so it's on record somewhere.

Amy Schumer is MUD.

She is a narcissistic cunt that exploits the male sex drive in order to enforce a political agenda.  Sure, I just described 99.99999% of women in existance.  True.  What makes Amy Schumer more vile is that SHE KNOWS FULL WELL AND GOOD THE SEXUAL DISENFRANCHISEMENT OF MEN IN AMERICA.  Specifically, she knows exactly what group of men are the MOST alienated.  The ones she looks down on the most, the ones she would call NERDS and hates with a passion.
If she were to admit that she was nothing more than fapping material to these nerds she hates, I would not have such an issue with her.  But she doesn't.  She shamelessly exploits the sex drives of the dreamers, the inventors, the doers, the thinkers, the pillars of our society - all in the hopes of procuring political bias from them.
What a vile cunt she is.

The sooner men realize how disgusting women like her are, the better off they'll be.

If you are among the men who thinks she actually likes Star Wars nerds, I feel sorry for you.  She hates men like that, and she would not give any of them the time of day.  Worse, she is the typical cunt who rejoices at male sexual mutilation.

Grow up.

Wake up.

Amy Schumer is mud.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Liberal Lie

I find myself thinking about the Harvey Weinstein thing lately.  Let me clarify: I still don't give a shit about any of the victims.  Their ilk will exploit this situation to berate ALL men to the point where no men will be having sex, except with each other, with some whippy cunt, or - well, raping or groping them.

Yes, once again we see that women are their own worst enemy!

The latest LIE that the media is trying to spread, is that Harvey Weinstein's age is to blame.  Yes, age.  When the liberal fuck wits can no longer blame conservatism or republicans, they simply move on to another group...age this time.


Nobody in Hollyweird will have the balls to stand up to this hen party either.  Nobody in Hollyweird will say what needs to be said about this incident.

If Harvey Weinstein commuted any crime, it was being straight in Hollyweird.

Next time, I'll talk about why MRAs, MGTOWS and other faggots think that Philippine women are "superior'.  I have been observing younger women, and Philippine women a lot lately, and I'd like to share my observations.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

An Apology for my Views on Harvey Weinstein

It has been brought to my attention that some people are upset with my last post.  Specifically, my attitude towards Harvey Weinstein's alleged victims.

Well, fuck off.

I will clarify now.

I do not give a shit what happens to any narcissistic sexual despots.

To be clear, if any of them were to catch on fire, I would laugh.

If they were drawn and quartered, I'd laugh.

These are the same vile cunts who askew me because I voted for a white man.

These people like the Vegas shooter, because he killed people they think are undesirable.

Now, I understand that there are fates worse than having sex with Harvey Weinstein - like saying something nice to a self-purported nice guy, or knowing that some man within 50 feet of you is a white Christian Heterosexual male and voted for Trump, but that is neither there or here.

What matters is, I don't give a fuck what happens to some narcissistic sexual despots.

I just regret I don't get to watch them suffer on a regular basis.

Sorry if I did not make that clear enough.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Harvey Weinstein...

Time for some seriousness here.

I am shocked...

Beyond words can describe...

That a man in Hollywood...

With the social status of Harvey Weinstein...


The end.

Monday, October 9, 2017

We'll NEVER Know...

What motivated the shooter in Las Vegas.

Tragedy strikes and many people ask WHY?


Even if it did, this is the day and age of CYA - Cover Your Ass.

What matters most to authorities, is to make sure that any mistakes made by the police are covered up.

What matters most to journalists, is pushing an anti - Trump agenda... to a less extent, pushing gun control.  To still a less extent, pushing the race card.  Lesser still - the imaginary opoid "epidemic" (several media outlets are prying into the shooters prescriptions)

All under the guise of giving a flying fuck about some WHITE middle class pee ons who died.


Outraged that a white heterosexual man is president.




Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Invisible Enemy

I've been thinking about the skewed collection of terms in these circles.  Feminist, bitch, cunt, etc...

How about entitlement shrew?

They all work.

I think it'd be wise to scratch all those terms and use the most simple - women.

Let's try it.

Post-feminist women still feel entitled to a man's assets in the event of a divorce

WOMEN feel entitled to a man's assets in the event of a divorce.

Feminists try to achieve equality by demonizing male sexuality.

WOMEN try to achieve equality by demonizing male sexuality.

I think it works.

Yeah.  I know what all the faggots are thinking right now, "YOU'RE A MISOGYNIST!"

No, I am not a misogynist - they're just retards.

One thing that makes me sick, is women being blameless.  As Rookh Kshatriya said, "the words Anglo women and consequences don't belong in the same sentence".

The enemy must first be established.  Make WOMEN visible.  Make them responsible.  Make them the enemy.

They are the enemy.

There are no women capable, or at least compassionate enough towards ANY MAN to give a flying fuck about the quality of life for ANY MAN.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Good Read, Good Video

The Group It's OK to Hate

An article from the Washington Times...

Ever notice that many of the jack-assed liberals who scream for freedom of speech are the same ones screaming "hate speech" when a dissenting opinion comes along???

Something I figured out too - there is a documentary out there called "Oklahoma City" - about Tim McVeigh. The documentary points out how many white supremacists groups there were in the 80's - and how incidents escalated them in the 90's. Interesting to be sure. I think I know why so many people in the 2000's and today are so "obsessed" over racism and hate speech...

Too bad they are rotting society for their "cause"...

Till Next Time...

Friday, April 21, 2017

Like it or not, this is a Big Problem...

OK, things have calmed down a pinch (long story - involves IP tracking and other crap I hate), anyway, there is something I gotta say...  Some of you might find this offensive, and others might get very confused about sexuality upon reading.  It might cause waves, but it is something that I gotta say - and it's already been said by people braver than myself...

There are politicians, football players and others who get classified as "pedophiles" for NEGOTIATING (not abducting, not murdering, not forcing - but NEGOTIATING) with underage hookers - young women who look like this:

Then, there are some very disturbed and mentally sick f**ks who VIOLENTLY GRAB AND HAVE SEX WITH children like this:

Isn't it strange that our society (the laws, statistics and some republicans) fail to make the distinction between such two people?  Did you know that if two men were to both be sexually aroused by the two photos above (one at the young woman, and the other by the child) - they would both be classified as "pedophiles"????

Yes, it is completely true.  Go ahead and GOOGLE away!

This is why faggots (and others) proudly say that "The Majority of Pedophiles are Straight!"

Clearly, our society (the laws) - (readers of this blog excluded) cannot and for some odd reason REFUSES to make this distinction.  Because of that - myself - being a heterosexual and in no way aroused sexually by the picture of the child - am put into the same category as people who are (see "the majority of pedophiles are straight") - BULLSH*T - How dare these people put me in the same box as the sick f**ks that do (just because I am straight too!) - honestly - what is WRONG with these people!!!???.

There is a HUGE difference between a man with a healthy sex drive being aroused by young fertile women, and a mentally disturbed creep wanting to harm children.  Good luck if you are going to "try" to explain this to many...

Two brave MEN - Angry Harry (GOD rest his soul), and Anti-Feminist have both tackled this issue - and even been on the front-lines of it.  My hats off to both of them.  Here is a hot-c*nt pic for them:
What's not to like about her?!?!

Enjoy your weekend.  Comments is closed yall.  F**k the trolls for this one.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sexy Woman

Sexy Woman
Sexy Woman

Stop looking. You won't find it. But I have already found you.

Yeah - be afraid.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sexy Woman

Sexy Woman
Sexy Woman

Can't stop me now...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Too Far, Too Few, Too Little, Too Late

   I'm going to be altering this blog (again).  I've been reading an awful lot of "man-o-sphere" blog posts lately (since I have so much spare time).  All of them are quite depressing.  It was quite a while ago that I decided to obliterate most of the blogs I link to (I found them offensive).  I started finding better blogs to follow and read - and yes, many of the original blogs I followed I still do - and still will.  Of course, some of the blogs I follow I still find offensive - I follow them just to see what they are writing...

Men's Right Movement as defined on WikiPedia.  Reading this, I agree with a couple of things here - like social security/insurance, female privilege, perhaps partially what it says about divorce - but that's about all.

Anti-Feminism as defined on WikiPedia. I agree with quite a bit of this - particularly, I think it was a mistake to give women the right to vote.  YUP - I JUST WENT THERE. This political election, I noticed that many women were voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman (something that feminists claim men do). Yes, it seems to me that women vote emotionally and not logically.  Of course - NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT - truer words were never spoken!  But when 99.99999% of them are, saying such a thing becomes meaningless and honestly embarrassing - a desperate argument made by a buffoon.  Wanna hear a kicker!  While I believe it was a mistake giving women the right to vote - I believe that women should be allowed to run for political office - that should piss a couple of readers off!  You might just realize that if women couldn't vote but could hold office - it would be a different ball field...   Think about it........

   One re-occurring theme is the "man-o-sphere" is the female MRA or female anti-feminist.  Most people in the man-o-sphere blare about how women are put on pedestals.  Well, visiting female YouTubers and female bloggers in these circles - I can say - truer words were never spoken - the men in the "man-o-sphere" really need to stop putting women on pedestals :).

The core issue that is not addressed often - is HATRED OF MEN.

Get ready for a long-ass rant.  One that you've heard before if you read my blog.

   When I was in college, my friends and I had the typical attitude, "Don't hit a women, Scold any scum man that hits his wife/girlfriend" etc...(sound philosophy to be sure - one I still uphold today - I will not hit a woman unless my life depended on it).  Then, Lorena Bobbitt happened.  We all noticed how radically different women thought than men - they all had a "You Go Girl!" attitude towards the incident.  This stumped all of us.  We despised any man who engaged in physical violence against a woman.  Women were applauding a woman who sexually mutilated her husband - and knew NOTHING about the situation...  That is when we started realizing how deep this hatred ran. 
   We were all beaten (metaphorically) over the head with "be nice to girls" talk growing up - which we were nice to girls.  When we were in our twenties we were all scratching our heads wondering why women were so malicious, callous, and sadistic towards men, while men were the opposite towards women.  Quite a wake up call.  Once divorces started happening, the hatred of men (insane rage, relentless baseless vindictiveness, and sadism) became more apparent.  More of my friends got divorced, and more of my friends got into drugs and liquor to sedate themselves from the insanely hate-filled women in their lives (and to think - for a while - I felt left out!!!).  Of course, this happened all over again with the Katherine Kieu Becker incident - a "superior" Asian women who doesn't hate sexually mutilated her husband.
  You can change divorce laws all you want.  You can bias them in favor of women - it takes evil sadistic women to exercise those laws.  The problem is not any laws on the books.  The problem is the sadistic women who enjoy the privilege of those laws (99.999999%).  Women who have the doors held open for them - Women who have 30-40 guys pining for them - Women who can get sex anytime they want for free - Women who can treat a lot of men like crap and get away with it - Women who get gifts and money showered on them in some misguided attempt to get laid - Women who are in fact privileged and pedestalized.  NOT NOT NOT women who are abused (verbally or physically), raped, tortured, insulted every 5 minutes, cussed at etc...  No - those things are reserved for men.

   The MRM is a complete miss.  It is geared to changing laws (futile).  Anti-Feminism is less of a miss, but still a miss (the WikiPedia definition).  MGTOW is embarassing, MHRM is a bunch of faggots.

   Various "man-o-sphere" blogs talk about sex and whatnot - yawn.  Some have a whore/virgin attitude - old argument - yawn.  Some force feminism into a body shape - fat - yawn.  Some force feminism into "right-wing Christian women" - i.e. they are trying to separate feminism from the left wing - yawn - fail - fuck off.  Some re-enforce the fact that feminism was a "left-wing anti-Christian" movement - yawn - fail - fuck off.  Few of them address the issue of HATE - specifically - how thick and mindlessly vindictive the hatred of men is in women today - not just one political party - and certainly not just fat women.
    Another issue that I've only seen brought up once - the fact that most problems in out society can be traced DIRECTLY to the bad choices women make when it comes mates.  Whether they pick thugs or pick regular guys then bash them to pieces - women's bad choices when it comes to mating is the root cause of the majority of problems in our society today.  What causes them to make such bad choices - HATE.  What sane rational people see as a good choice for a mate - let's say college men at Duke Lacrosse - our society paints as rapists, smug frat boys, villains, racist, homophobic etc...  Women soak up this garbage like a fly on shit - not because they are tired of being beaten, abused, insulted, mocked and whatnot - quite the opposite is how they live.

   What can be done to combat the hate - well - nothing.  Myself, I fail to care for women (except immediate family).  I do not need to care about a murdered woman who made a bad mating choice and ended up dead for it.  I do not need to care when a woman gets arrested for hitting a police officer because she is used to hitting men and suffering no consequences.  I do not need to feel any compassion for these people - they are a cancer in society.  They make bad mating choices and end up dead, single whatever - Why should I care - I don't.  Do I mock them - ABSOLUTELY!  Is it because they are "having sex with everybody but me"?  NOPE!  Their bad choices in mating leads their predicament - a predicament I have to pay higher taxes for - be it for abortions - insurance - higher taxes - welfare for single moms etc...  I end up paying for their careless behavior all while I am the enemy to them (a white heterosexual male). 

Nobody - and I mean NOBODY should have to pay for others mistakes all while being considered the "enemy".

It's like asking blacks to fund the KKK, or asking Jews to fund the Nazi party.

It's fucked up - and so few address it.

Side note - there are some who address it - like A Voice For Men - but - most places that do are simply looking for a "consumer base" or to popularize themselves on social media for advertising or to recruit members they can pound into their own agenda - i.e. they are looking for tools just as modern women do.

No hot cunt pic.  This might actually be my last post.  I have been unemployed for over a year now, and it looks like nobody wants to hire a 47 year old software engineer these days (yes, I have been to too many interviews to even count - many of them went very well, and I really connected with the interviewers - then - I never get a straight answer from them - after several weeks of constantly asking too).  I guess that is my white male privilege in action!  I remember when I first graduated from college - I had 738 resumes and applications out - and was not getting hired anywhere (more white male privilege!).  I think the phrase is "over-experienced and under-qualified".  I've already started applying for jobs as a security guard.  Fuck it.

It is depressing enough not being able to do what I enjoy for a living.  It is even more depressing witnessing men in the "man-o-sphere" pedestalizing women, bad-mouthing men, bad-mouthing normal male-female sexual relations, typecasting feminism as a body image while ignoring hate, talking about men getting raped by women, calling women they hate "cock-suckers", failing at convincing people that feminists are all right-wing Christians, damn.

It's just plain goofy to be honest.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Media is NOT the Enemy of the America People

The Mainstream Media is the enemy of sanity itself.  Enjoy a video I made which exploits Monty Python's Flying Circus's classic sketch, "Spot the Loony!"

If you have the same thumbnail as I, then you gotta love that expression on Raving Maddow's face.

Anyway, enjoy looking at a picture of a cunt
What's not to like???