Monday, November 28, 2016

Take it as Projection

Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

Something I was going to write about a long time ago, is taking the claims feminists make about MEN – as psychological projection about themselves.

If you ponder that moment, it makes sense…

“Men fear a successful woman” = “Feminists fear a successful man”

“If you vote(d) for Trump, you’re sexist” = “I voted for Hillary because vagina”
i.e. they voted for Hillary because she’s a woman – no other reason – they are sexist.

If you look at common feminist (modern woman) sayings (not quotes from individuals), you’ll see how much the projection theory makes sense.

“Men are only interested in women for sex” = “Men are shallow when it comes to women”… Compare this to how shallow and petty women get when choosing a man…

The reason I bring this up now – and I really wasn’t going to (because I am NOT an elegant writer) – is the crap going on regarding the election.  I have no links here – but if you browse YouTube for videos like “Hillary Supporters React to Trump’s Election” – you’ll see something strange.

Nearly ALL of the Hillary supporters are women.  Perhaps this is incidental – and the camera man – OOOPS – I mean camera PERSON simply targeted women – thinking it would bring better ratings???

At any rate – Hillary supporters claimed that Trump supporters were going to riot, pillage destroy and issue death threats once Hillary was elected.

Despite most main stream media outlets covering that up, most people are fully aware that HILLARY SUPPORTERS ARE ACTING EXACTLY THE WAY THEY SAID TRUMP SUPPORTERS WERE GOING TO ACT.

In other words – when they said Trump supporters are going to riot, pillage blah blah blah” – they were in fact PROJECTING their own feelings onto Trump supporters.

Take a look at other things – unrelated to feminism (or not????)

“White people are racist!” = “I am a racist – I hate white people”.
“Donald Trump is a Nazi” = same as above.
“Trump supporters are homophobic” = “I am homophobic” or “I am heterophobic”

“Stupid ignorant white people just elected Adolph Hitler!” = “I did not vote” or “I voted for the person I thought most likely to hate whites as much as me”

“Trump supporters are misogynists!” = “I hate men!”

Anyway, you get the idea.

I have to say, that I am disgusted with everything going on.  My ancestors fought and griped to rid this country of prejudice – to lighten or alleviate the ugly UNFOUNDED hatreds that some people have for others.  They clearly failed.  Instead of lightening the load, or getting rid of the larger portion of it – all said hatreds did was change hands.  We clearly have a long way to go with removing prejudice - and unfortunately - its biggest source now - is academia.

OK, now, Eivind Berg - SUCCESS!!!!
I have not been sleeping AT ALL lately, so I neglected to congratulate him on his trial outcome.  It is serious good news.  Let's hope that his country takes the experience as an example and does NOT put others through the same crap he went through.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Well, Donald Trump Won

And riots are occurring here and there...
Donald Trump

It would appear that Hillary Clinton had the "Prozac Vote", or had the "People who SHOULD be on Prozac but aren't vote"...

Good Grief.

One thing that was obvious to me in college, is that feminism is a left wing movement.  Another thing that was obvious to me was the unprecedented number of left-wing-apologists in the MRM writing hordes of 5000+ word articles trying to convince me that right-wing people are all feminists.

Bullshit.  Having read the articles a few of them made some excellent points, and I do see how feminism has infected both sides of our government.  However; most of them are liberal tripe.

Anyway, I browsed some of the Anti-Trump riot videos on YouTube, and I noticed something.  I do not know if these are new, or they have been around a while.  There are now many YouTube channels that are not self-proclaimed anti-feminist, mgtow, mra, mhrm etc...  They are independent of any affiliations, and they are making some seriously good videos (that are anti-feminist).

Hunter Avallone
Rekt Feminist Videos
H3H3 Productions

And I give you a YouTube search for Zarna Joshi. Watch some of the videos, and look at who is making them - slews of anti-feminist people.

And BEWARNED - Zarna Joshi is disgustingly typical of feminism today.  She started yelling sexual harassment  (literally yelling) at a man who said his name was "Hugh Mungus".

Something else I noticed - feminist videos typically have ratings and comments disabled.

Anti-feminist videos (and anti SJW - Social Justice Warrior - videos) are getting viewed hundreds of thousands of times - if not millions - and getting thumbed up into oblivion!!!

Encouraging to say the least.

Anyway, here is your hot narcissistic cunt picture...
Sexy Woman

What's not to like...

Next post, I'll bring you a democrat, SJW, feminist,  modern-day media inspired post (perhaps a video) - telling you all about how evil of a person you are for being white.


Turns out, if you are white, you are PREJUDICED!  That means you make broad assumptions about other people's character based on shallow reasons - like their skin color.

Anyway, enjoy my latest YouTube MESSTERPIECE

Monday, November 14, 2016

What's Wrong with these Pictures??? #RapeMelania

I voted for Donald Trump.

OK, now that the MRA's and black pillers (i.e. "feminists agreed with Donald Trump") have stopped reading, I can get on with my post.

Take a look at these pictures of a Hillary Supporter holding a "Rape Melania" sign...

Notice that the sign is always at the same angle - facing the camera - and the person holding the sign is also always at the same angle.  Notice the contrast of the arms holding the sign - they seem off from the rest of the crowd.  Lets zoom in on parts of two images.

Although the person holding the sign with a red circle on it has moved, the alleged sign holder has not budged.  and again, notice how off the contrast is with this person...

Why is the contrast off?   The are clearly trying to hide who is REALLY holding the sign.  Let's use a special filter:
This is interesting - notice that the hands are now BLUE!  Yet; everything else in the scene is the same color!!!  Lets zoom in on that...
Yes - the hands seem to be blue and furry.  Unknown to most, cameras - especially DIGITAL cameras - will pick up hidden particles and other things like magnetic fields and proton emissions.  Using the hidden imprint that these things left in the digital camera's memory - our scientists can enhance the image, and see who is actually holding the sign - yes - we can actually spin around to show the FRONT of the person holding the sign.

Here he is


Anyway, here is your hot c*nt pic for this post.
What's not to like about her?!?!?!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Add "Vote" to your TODO List...

Like this guy did (enjoy my latest messterpiece on YouTube):
When you do vote, please remember that men are all pigs, penises are evil, and manginas & white knights are responsible for anything bad that women do.

Friday, November 4, 2016

I'm Voting for Hillary... Because Vagina

Vote Hillary
Yup, gotta use that standard psycho-bitch meme

Vote Hillary
I feel sorry for this woman sometimes...

Vote Hillary
Remember - if you criticize ANY woman - you are criticizing ALL women - and you therefore HATE women...

Vote Hillary
Can you feel the misogyny yet???
How does it feel to have a penis like Donald Trump!!!!!

Paul Elam

David Futrelle
Good thing David Futrelle is around to put a stop to the Misogyny!

Anyway, here is you hot-c*nt pic for this post...
Sexy Woman
Yeah, we live in such a woman-hating culture don't we?

Check this out - two google searches that I did not have to finish typing...
Why are women so mean
Why are women such cunts

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What Movie is this From!?!?

If anybody has any suggestions, or knows for sure, please let me know. I am seriously curious.

In the meantime, here are some documentaries I found.

First up, The Witness.  A story about a boy whose sister was murdered in an alley, and allegedly, NOBODY helped.

The beginning of this documentary demonstrated how the media often "invents" the story by embellishing the truth. If I saw things right, it appears that many people did try to help Kitty Genovese when she was being attacked.

Next up, Kids for Cash.  I laughed at how this documentary tried to make it look like just as many girls get sent to juvenile detention as boys.  Yes - they tried - and to most - will succeed.
Two judges allegedly sent many kids to prison because they were getting PAID to do so.  No justice, no fair trial - just kick backs.  Both judges are now felons, and there are lawsuits against them both as well as lawsuits against other institutions.

I think America needs a new Battle Cry - how about:

Destroy Yourself and Civilization in the Process from your Hatred for Heterosexual Men

And, here is your hot c*nt pic for this week.