Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Feminism starts turning on "White" Feminists

Yup, just a matter of time. White Feminists are "Ruining" Feminism.

The real funny thing here is - once feminism turns on white feminists (the group who actually started feminism) - the white woman is not going to have anybody to turn to - as they have already alienated their men.

Good luck bitches.  If I live long enough, I'll be pooping my pants, drooling and LAUGHING my wrinkly old WHITE ass off in some retirement or nursing home.

In case you have not been paying attention, here is the "hate list"...


The list above is simple.  If you fall into ANY of the categories, YOU WILL BE HATED.

The more categories you fall into, THE MORE YOU WILL BE HATED. Add up the numbers.

Allow me to give an example.


Shelly is a WHITE HETEROSEXUAL FEMALE (20+20-30=10) - SHE IS HATED, but not as much as Bob.

Frank is a BLACK TRANSGENDERED ISLAMIC MALE (50-50-40=-40).  HE IS NOT HATED - because hating him is considered WRONG.

Tanjiim is an ARABIC HETEROSEXUAL ISLAMIC MALE (50+20-40=30).  He is hated, but not as much as Bob, but more than Shelly. Some might think this wrong - but remember - his kind rape western women every chance they get...

No, the above chart is not perfect - and I am sure there are some categories that need to be added...

Please feel free to add more categories - I can make a proper HTML5 app that calculates how much you are hated. It would be fun!  Geez, I could even make it a SMART-PHONE app.  Wow - that might cause some real distention.

Anyway, here is you hot c*nt poster for this blog entry.
sexy woman
 Remember - we live in a "misogynistic" society...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Regularly Scheduled Programming to be ruined by two Douchbags Running for President

It has been alleged, that the presidential debate will be held on Wednesday October 19th from 6:00pm to 7:30pm pacific time.  Reports indicate that this will ruin regularly scheduled programming for at least two and as many as one hundred buh-zillion people.  Instead of watching douchebags announcing the news and getting in some excellent product plugs, many Americans will be forced to watch two douchbags arguing about America and stuff - allegedly.

Here is a picture of some fag that supports Hillary Clinton
Hillary Fag

Oh - Hey!!! LOOK!!!! The Main-Stream Media finally found some dip-shit redneck who actually said something - uhm - well, he didn't actually say it - the reporter did - fuck! NEVERMIND.

But check this OUT!!! Hillary Clinton's second cousin's ex girlfriend's former room-mate claims that Hillary used the "N-Word" - NITWIT - NINJA - NICKEL - NECTAR - NICHOLAS - NECKLACE. Well, whatever it was, thank goodness she did not say NIGGER.

Here is a picture of some hookers that support Hillary:
Hookers for Hillary

I don't get it. I thought that left-wingers were sexually liberated - hence, left-wing men would have no need for hookers. OOOPS! I forgot - they only support sexual liberation for women - NOT FOR MEN. And honestly - I would say that any philosophy that supports sexual liberation for one sex and not the other - is in no way whatsoever - "liberating". Also, didn't Harry Reid want to get rid of hookers? Why are they going to vote left-wing???

Anyway, here is one more picture - a selfie of Hillary Clinton with something reminiscent of The Talk crowd behind her.

I just don't get it. Anyway, I am off to read a bunch of Trump-bashing articles in the fag-o-sphere. Enjoy one more pic.
Sexy Woman

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Maybe I Should Support Hillary Like These Women Do...

Man, this video made me laugh. The sad part is, it is true. It seems like a lot of women really do think that Hillary is going to illegalize rape - IT IS ALREADY ILLEGAL. A lot of women really do think that Hillary is going to make it legal to be a woman - it is already LEGAL

What dumbasses.

I read the blogs in the fag-o-sphere - strange how most are bad-mouthing Trump and few if any bad-mouth Hillary - an actual feminist and ball-buster.  Why!?!?

Seriously - it's weird.