Monday, August 8, 2016

Three Dumb Broads Bravely Tackle Imaginary Rape Epidemic.

Rape Epidemic As any moron knows for a fact, we live in a "rape culture". Now, what is a "rape culture" you might ask? A "rape culture" is something that feminist prudes fantasize about while cranking their dildos up so high that the lights in the house dim.


Rape Epidemic"Rape Culture" is something that feminists dreamed up in order to dyke out with some of their co-eds.


Rape Epidemic"Rape Culture" is the feminist facade that men are all rape-monsters that hide in little girls closets, and want to do nothing all day but force their sexual affections on unwilling participants.

Anyway, three dumb broads from Dowling Blunt University in Gayville off of Butt-Hole road are bravely tackling the imaginary rape epidemic that exists in their imaginations and, in their sexual fantasies.

Although none of the women have been raped, and do not know anybody who has been raped, they claimed that 99.9% of all rape victims do not talk about their rape experience. They claimed this means that they had therefore all been raped. While talking to our reporters, they started to rub their vaginas and nipples, and blabber on about how many women are getting raped right this minute, and how they could get in on the action.
The T-Shirts have the caption "Don't get RAPED" crossed out in various places to read, "Don't Rape". The one in the middle is the bull-dyke, the other two are her bitches. They think that by wearing T-shirts that are offensive to men (as they portray men as rape-monsters), they can end all rape in the world, and possibly global warming as well! Rumor has it, they also like mittens!

As any feminist/post-feminist/crack-addict/homeless-crazy/severe-head-injury-survivor knows, wearing a T-shirt is all it takes to stop a man like James Biela from raping women.
We interviewed some actual serial rapists (who you can just tell are self-purported-nice-guys), to get their opinions of the T-shirts.

I Wanted to rape those women, but then I read their shirts and said, "DAMN!!!!" I guess I'll have to find a victim that isn't wearing a T-shirt that is offensive to men. What the hell are men like me - OOOPS I mean ALL men going to do!?
A Pox on those T-shirts! Now - I cannot rape those women. Geez, I really hope more women don't start wearing T-shirts that are offensive to men. If they do, then I'll just have to stop raping people. OOOPS! I meant, ALL MEN will have to stop violently raping 5 women every 3 seconds!

It appears that the T-shits SHIRTS are in fact ending the imaginary rape epidemic. But the question remains...


Anyway, enjoy looking at a picture of a woman who: thinks she is too good to talk to you, thinks she is out of your "league", thinks she is too good for you, thinks men getting raped in prison is funny, screams bloody murder when a woman gets raped, would be more than happy to spend all of your hard-earned money on shoes and land you in the poor house, thinks it is unfair that you make more money than her with your Bachelor of Science Degree than she does with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in "Basketry", thinks you are a "sexist pig" for having a sex-drive, and would laugh if you got your penis cut off.
Seriously - what's not to like about her?

Remember - We live in a misogynistic culture...


  1. I know you're (probably) trying to be funny. But my sister was raped. She didn't report it because she said it was too humiliating. That was a few years ago and it caused me to go in to law enforcement (after beating the shit outta the guy who did it) Rape isn't about getting off in the way most of us know it. It's about violence and control.
    Im thinking that the sales from the shirts go to fund a victims support group or legal help. And wearing the shirt is a way of addressing the fact that it's a subject people don't talk about.
    I've seen too many girls who were beaten, battered, some drugged-all terrified- who refused to give an official statement. Girls who couldn't do anything but cry. Others who couldn't make a sound.
    By the way, the creep who would rape you in prison is the same one who'd do it on the street to a female. It's not about sex. Part of me is happy that you didn't know that.

  2. Too much wrong - where to start...

    1. I am aware that REAL rape, not the feministized definition of rape is motivated by violence and hate. Wearing T-Shirts is not going to stop it.

    2. If the women are too terrified to talk about it, support groups would do no good. The money goes to fabricate MORE bogus statistics like "1 in 4 women will be raped while attending college" - not to help any rape victims - you know this.

    3. The fact that you beat up somebody without first giving them a fair trial tells me you have no business being in law enforcement.

    4. Yes, my posts are meant as humor. Specifically, to poke fun at the worthless and hateful rhetoric feminists and many women's groups spew out repeatedly. They do not prevent rape, they do not educate people about rape, they do not advance "women's rights". All they do is berate men. Again, you know this.

    I can appreciate your concern for victims of rape. However; the methods presented by wearing T-Shirts that say, "Don't Rape" is ineffective and antagonistic towards men. Hence, I poke fun at it.