Friday, July 22, 2016

Politics Getting Ugly.

Well, according to the lame-stream media, Donald Trump supporters are being attacked - yes - physically.

I wondered if this is a trend in politics in general - so I did some google searches to see if supporters of ANY candidate are being attacked as frequently...

Clinton supporters attacked

Trump supporters attacked

Disgusting isn't it?

Now, I have not met anybody supporting Hillary Clinton. If I did, I certainly would not initiate physical violence against them.

I have met some people that supported Bernie Sanders. I found them to be logical and rational people.

Notice from the search engine results above, that some Bernie Sanders supporters have been attacked as well.

It needs to be stated here very clearly - Donald Trump supporters are being attacked the most.


The seriously bizarre thing about this, is that anti-Trump protestors are carrying signs saying that "Trump is Hate".

This might seem like a HUGE leap of logic to some people, but I think that "Anti-Trump Protestors ARE HATE".

So - let me get this straight. You beat up Donald Trump supporters, then claim that Donald Trump is hate???


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