Monday, February 1, 2016

Two Retards Running for President Promise to end the Gender Wage Gap.

Wage Gap
Wage Gap

Two retarded people, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who happen to be running for president, are both claiming that they will tackle the gender wage gap. Finally ending all that nasty discrimination that women have to put up with in addition to being raped 3 times on Tuesdays, and beaten 7 times each weekend. They actually get beaten 9 times if that weekend is at Bernie's.
Bernie Sanders
Bernie sanders

If you would like to see actual pictures of the wage gap, click this link. Yes, since there are pictures on the internet, the gender wage gap must be completely real!

The reporter's at the Wall Street Journal seem to refute claims that there is a gender wage gap. Clearly, these people have never done a google image search for gender wage gap. Because believe you me, if they did, they would surely see the light.

feminism Two other candidates on the Republicrat party, Rand Paul and Donald Trump have not bothered to refute the claims that the gender wage gap is real - so therefore, it must be real. After all, both of those candidates are in fact accusing the dumbocrats of other things. But neither of those morons candidates are pointing out the fact that the two Dumbocratic candidates are spreading false information to the American public, so... the gender wage gap must be entirely truthful!
In addition to ending the gender wage gap, both Bernie Sanders and Hitlery Clinton will also end sex-based discrimination in the after life, as it is reported that Tashfeen Malik only received 57 virgins instead of 72, which her male counterpart Syed Rizwan Farook received. This discrimination can be seen in the dramatic image below which therefore makes it completely true.
Wage Gap
Wage Gap
Wage Gap Bernie Sanders (Special Needs Bernie), also claimed that he will close the cowbell gap as well, and make sure that there is plenty of cowbell in every song from now on.
Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton (Where's My Meds Hillary), claimed that she will put a stop once and for all to little pink plastic pigs crawling up people's asses in addition to ending the wage gap. Those little pink plastic pigs can certainly wreak havoc can't they...

And of course, the faggot MRAs and faggot MHRMs and various other faggots in the fag-o-sphere always use the cliche, "when you take into account various factors, the wage gap NEARLY vanishes".

This makes them sound like pussified faggot apologists.

If there was no wage gap, they would say, "There is no wage gap", like the gentleman below.
Wage Gap
Wage Gap

But instead of being like the gentleman above, on blog after blog, they repeat the tired apologetic sounding phrases - like this, "when you take into account various factors and blah dee blah MAYVEN HAY HAY, it NEARLY disappears", making them sound like complete functional retards.

Why is it, that the Dumbocratic candidates are telling a blatant lie about a gender wage gap, and at the same time, no Republocratic candidates are pointing out that blatant lie, and at the same time, instead of using aggressive tones to eliminate the lie of a wage gap, people claiming to support men and their "rights" are using pussified language and sounding like apologists for something that doesn't even exist. I mean, if it did exist, companies paying female employees less for the same work would be getting slapped with a huge sex discrimination lawsuit - that is the kind of cash cow that every lawyer in existence dreams abou...

Enjoy looking at a picture of a woman who: thinks you are sexist for wanting to have sex with WOMEN, thinks she is out of your "league", thinks that men getting raped is funny, screams bloody murder when a woman is raped, thinks she is too good to talk to you, thinks she is too good for you, would be more than happy to spend all of your money on shoes and not give a f**k if you had enough money left over to buy food, and would laugh if you got your penis cut off
Seriously - what's not to like?

Remember - we live in a "misogynistic" society...


  1. The problem is people like Clinton and Sanders have primitive B/W worldview and are unable to see the bigger picture. The workforce is actually divided by many different criteria: gender, race, education level, geography etc. All variables have an effect on a persons earning potential
    I don't see any white American feminist fight for minority women should get the same salary as white women

    We have the same problem in Scandinavia
    The feminists are only focus on getting quotas for native women, so they can get the leader and management positions, but fact: they may not be qualified to manage the positions, being a woman isn't a quality and only a biological fact.

    You will never see a native Danish female feminist bitch about ethnic minorities or working class peoples rights, because the majority are nationalists and don't have a social consciousness.

    What do working - and lower middle class people really want? The answer is a great boss, the best person for the job and they don't care about biological sex.

    Feminist also undermine female CEO's, because people will automatically start to think: "ohhh she got the job, because she was a woman and not qualified for the job...while they stop thinking, that she might have gotten the job based on merit "

    In DK, a whopping 25% of ethnic minority men (below age 25), they can't read a cartoon featuring Donal Duck, these young men are not stupid, but they are a product of a culture, which is racist and hostile to men. They will never get the same job opportunities and never have the same earning potential as white native women in the same age group. A society can not function effectively, if 25% of the potential workforce can NOT read a book or do basic math, why the educations target groups should be young ethnic men and not women right now

    1. I think people's salaries are determined by choices (for the most part - not everybody can be a brain surgeon - I'm not).

      There is no wage gap - anywhere.

    2. I agree with you, people have a free will (for most part, because not everyone have the skills to become a surgeon - I never became a surgeon either)

      You raise an interesting point (I don't have the answer and there is no consensus among psychology or sciences scholars)

      Metaphysical perspective, if we don't have free will, why are we here?

      What is the meaning of life, if a person cannot choose her/his own paths in life?

      When from a scientific perspective, how is it possible that anything can occur without having been caused by stimulation from outside?

      If people can choose, then their choices are not caused (from outside), that means it can not be explained within the science models, which people, you and I often use

    3. People can choose their own paths in life - but the number of paths is not infinite - it is limited based on the individual.

  2. the "wage gap" myth will only end when feminism dies.

    and make no mistake, it will not die quietly.

    1. The scary thing here - is let's suppose that Bernie or Hitlery do "fix" the wage gap that doesn't exist...

      What kind of policies are they planning on enacting to do that?

      Make sure that the Hispanic lady that mops the floor every evening at my company makes the same as me - a software engineer?

      That would seriously bankrupt the company in a few months...

      And - I agree with you - feminism is going to die with a BANG!!! It will go down swinging - it is an insane hatred of men - insane people are dragged away violently - kicking and screaming in their straight jackets as they are hauled off to a cell.