Monday, February 15, 2016

Murder and Male Resentment Monday.

It appears that another dumb broad has been murdered by her boyfriend. This woman was 50, and very good looking for a woman her age (unlike feminists and some MRAs/MHRMs/MGTOWs - I actually look for the beauty in things, not the ugliness - that is why I am a misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist piece of shit in many mentally ill people's minds)...
Theresa Diamos
Theresa Diamos age 50, was shot to death by her boyfriend, David Douglas Davis age 48.

Here is another (more photo-op) picture of the 50 year old beauty.
Theresa Diamos
Here is the lucky guy that was nailing that hotty...
David Douglas Davis
David Douglas Davis has convictions for assault, according to his criminal record with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

"The suspect initially told neighbors and responding officers that there was an intruder, however, investigators found no evidence to support the suspect's initial claim," Royal Oak police said in a statement. "The suspect has not cooperated with the investigation."

So, he is not just overweight and ugly - he is also most likely physically weak (or at least physically retarded), and very stupid as well. The only time you hear about smart men killing their girlfriends is in the movies (i.e. it is fiction). I watch Forensics Files regularly, and I often laugh at how stupid the men killing their girlfriends are. I do not know how most of the stories are even worthy of being on Forensics files in the first place.

The point here is, women do not go for "nice-guys" - PERIOD. Whether they are self-purported nice-guys or not...

If any non-regulars are reading this, go ahead and call me a missahjunist - that word is miss-pelled, and miss-used to the point where it carries no meaning for me at all. When I pick these stories, I do a google search for woman murdered by boyfriend. It turns out that many men are killed by their female partners too. I do not have the time to do an exact census and see which is more prevalent. The only thing I do have time to do is point out, that female-on-male violence is acceptable in the main-stream-media where as male-on-female violence is strongly frowned on - by MEN and woman.

The best example of women cheering female-on-male violence is this video.
And of course, the incident on "The Talk"
"The Talk" of course apologized for the incident - although I would not call it an apology.
I have never understood why so many good-looking women hook up with complete losers these days. Could it be - that if women actually did start dating self-purported-nice-guys, their little house of hate-cards would crumble? And more people would start noticing that it is women who are choosing to hate men and not...

Enjoy looking at a picture of a woman who: thinks she is out of your "league", thinks she is too good for you, thinks that men getting raped is funny, screams bloody murder when a woman is raped, thinks that female-on-male violence is acceptable, screams bloody murder over male-on-female violence, would be happy to spend all of your money on shoes and land you in the poor house - then move on to some other guy and do the same, thinks you are "sexist" if you find her sexually attractive, and would laugh if you got your penis cut off.
So - What's not to like!?!?

Remember - we live in a misogynistic society...

Can somebody please tell me WHY I should care that Theresa Diamos was murdered?


  1. Your rhetorical question:" Can somebody please tell me shy I should care that Theresa Diamos was murdered?"

    Fact: the vast majority of people would never ask themselves this question, because they are totally indifferent to other people .... but you asked the important question.

    From a female perspective, I might be the only chick, who will write this, but I am actually greatful, that you make these type of blog entries, because you are right, why did these women hook out with fucking losers and end up dead. Your entries, they forces me to think and be critical

    1. ugh - "shy" has been corrected to "WHY". I cannot believe I missed that.

      And thank you - these posts are actually designed to "wake up" women, and shout "HELLO! WTF ARE YOU DOING!?"

      Point out to them that they are playing with fire.

      Something that David Fraudtelle STRONGLY objected to.

    2. I know, that you like women, you are trying to wake them up and you wake me up every single Monday, that's for sure

      Pro-femihag David Futrelle is the ultimate pig and he is 100% anti-woman, the data is correct, because Futrelle allows sexual sadists to discuss child porno and yikes share their sicko fantasies of crucifying, raping, torturing, and murdering women is disgusting

      Example: One of Futrelle's friends, gamegate critic and pro femihag Sarah Nyberg (born male) confessed, that he/she is a white nationalist and yikes pedophile

      Nyberg's twitter updates and relationship with Futrelle

      Article about Nyberg's confession

      Why Futrelle and co should be stopped, but femihags have the worst taste in men, they refuse to deal with their own manginas or reality.

  2. She was really hot for a 50 y/o.

    You're right, the only place I ever see smart men killing girlfriends is in Hollywood. Fiction is also the only place where I see women actually pursuing good and heroic men. IRL they pick guys like the clod in the article.

    1. Bingo. Hollyweird shows a warped disney-like fantasy world of male female relations.

      They need to stop portraying women as being so "angellic" and "always right".

      They need to show women who are like that - as hooking up with losers, not "good men".

      In other words - they need to start showing reality - not the disney fantasy version they want people to believe.

    2. Or 'Sexual False Consciousness' as Dr. Rookh Kshatriya calls it. In Hollywood, the hero always wins the girl; or the nice guy has a hot wife. The article didn't mention it, but I'll wager David Davis had kids by other women and this wasn't the first girlfriend he'd committed violence against.

  3. As far as I'm concerned, this is just 'the culling of the herd' and another case that proves that Darwin was right: another dim-witted Western woman decides to involve herself with a "romantic", "exciting" Bad Boy loser and pays for her stupidity with her life. I only hope that neither of them have reproduced.
    Usually, the modern generations of Western women lose their Bad Boy fixation when they hit thirty (and The Wall), hear their clock ticking (and the timer on their "oven" counting down), and frantically start their search for one of the "Good Men" providers (that they formerly had nothing but contempt and ridicule for). However, those fools whom these women are searching for are fewer and becoming wiser: "No rings for sluts!", "DON'T marry!", "DON'T father children!".
    Since the fools that would willingly become their ATMs and mules are becoming fewer, I guess that these over-thirty spinsters are returning to their bad habits of their youth.

  4. This was hard to read, because she was a family friend. She was my Aunt basically.

    But I see your point at the same time. Everyone who cared about her warned her.. We never liked the guy. Gives me the creeps knowing he's been in our home.

    Rest Easy Aunt T.

  5. Women make piss poor choices in men. Now, we can chew the fat all day about why they do this. But the basic truth of the matter is this; They make such choices based on entirely flawed logic. Which can be partially excused by the fact that women do not do logic. Women do emotions. This is why all the best scientists and engineers are MEN; because we are able to look at a problem with an analytical mind. A guy can be the biggest fucking scumbag walking, but if is in the kind of guy who makes women wet he will ALWAYS get pussy, and he will ALWAYS get by. Serves her fucking right.