Monday, January 11, 2016

Murder and Male Resentment Monday.

No, this is not a typical MMRM.  I watched Date-Rape-Line on Saturday (or was it Friday)?  It was a story about a young man who got engaged to a young woman, and the young man ended up getting killed by one of the woman's ex boyfriends.

It reminded me of one of my friends.  He started dating this woman, and was nearly attacked by a long-time ex boyfriend of the woman's with a baseball bat.

Anyway, if you read the link above, you'll see that David Moffitt murdered Justin Michael all over some skank (Angie Van Huel) that did what the fag-o-sphere would call either "thug-fucking" or the "cock-carousel".

Yes, the line above the picture is correct.  David Moffitt snuck into the house of Justin Michael and killed HIM - and left Angie Van Huel or whatever alone.

I am not going to give the cliche (and bad-humor) lecture about "if you have sex with somebody - you're having sex with everybody that person has ever had sex with - and does that make you gay..."

No, I would just like to point out to young men - be careful.  You not only need to know what kind of psycho-medication women take these days - you also need to research their past, and find out if there are any psychotic men they had in their lives.  Chances are - there are far more than 1 in the average post-feminist woman's life - who is more than capable of killing somebody.

Anyway, with that being said, enjoy a picture of a woman who: thinks she is too good for you, thinks she is out of your league, thinks she is too good to talk to you, would happily spend all your money and land you in the poor house - then find some other poor man to do the same to, thinks that men getting raped in prison is funny, screams bloody murder when a woman is raped, thinks you are a pig for wanting sex, and would laugh if you got your penis cut off.
How Could Anybody not like HER!?!?

Remember - we live in a "misogynistic" society...


  1. the most pussy hungry men also tend to behave in the biggest bitch-like manner. killing the boyfriend of an ex-girlfriend is extremely catty and bitchy.

    on another subject, how schadenfreude is the cologne incident? assuming anything actually happened there, of course.

    1. It doesn't get any more "alpha" than acting like a jealous catty pissy little cunt!

      As far as schadenfreude in the Cologne incident.

      There is none.

      I assumed that women in 1st and 2nd world countries getting raped for REAL it would be a wake up call for women - to stop over-defining rape to the point where any form of sex is rape.

      Instead, from reading various sources, it seems that women and feminists are so far whacked out of their f**king minds that the incident is being taken with any form of wake-up-call.

      Instead, feminists are just criticizing men trying to stop the problem - no surprise there.

  2. You call the manosphere the "fag-o-sphere"? LOL why?

    1. Geez - I guess just to be a putz.

      There are some gay men in the man-o-sphere (specifically at AVFM). It seems like these people are just trying to re-hash the gay rights movement, and not undo the damage caused in our society by feminism and others.

      When I first encountered the "man-o-sphere", I was glad that there were so many people devoted to "apparently" undoing the damage that feminism and others have caused on our society.

      As I perused more blogs, I realized that their agenda was a little off-kilter from my own.

      So, I do not want to be affiliated with any MRA/MGTOW or MHRM ideal.

      I am a unique individual, and my opinions often clash with those fags.

      So, in short, I do not want to be affiliated with them, and I am sure they feel the same way.

  3. Rest In Peace Justin Michael
    Survivors and their beloved partners should be better protected

    Another important issue: too many male Survivors become homeless or gets killed by their jealous ex-girlfriends, it is an epidemic and female abusers are 30% more likely to use weapons against their partners or ex-boyfriends.

    We had a horrible case last year, a young male Survivor was killed by his ex girlfriend. He was only 26 years old, a single father with two sons, who are forced to grow up without their father now

    There should be much more focus on male Survivors, battered men should get their own trauma centers and receive the same protection as female victims etc.

    In my eyes. We are all human beings and everyone is allowed to make one mistake. NO one stays a victim forever and everyone deserve a second change in life. Society should stop their shaming of male victims of violence, because male Survivors are good men and great partner material, if they start to date and trust women again.

    link to the case mentioned above

    1. additional note, the article doesn't mention it, but the killer wasn't the mother to the boys, he was a single Dad, who briefly dated the omega bitch (female killer), she couldn't handle rejection and killed him, why single Dads should be careful, who they date or hook up with online/IRL

  4. This is good advice---you're right that the probably is very high that any modern woman has at least one psycho ex in her past. Given the way the Anglobitches run after thugs, they're bound to hook up with one who's seriously deranged.