Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mr. Belvedere Makes the Real Misogynists Stand Up.

When I was a kid, I irregularly watched a show called Mr. Belvedere.
Mr. Belvedere
I did some research, and found an episode that I remembered well. It was called, The Pageant.

Here is the YouTube video if you have 21 minutes of free time and want to watch an old sitcom (skip to 17:30 to get to the part I vaguely recall).
What sticks out in my mind about this episode (which I remember vaguely) was that a group of feminists plan to disrupt the high school beauty pageant.

Mr. Belvedere overhears said girls and gives the daughter of his house a lecture (skip to time 17:30 to listen to it).

I tried to get the exact script on the internet, but could not find it.

Mr. Belvedere says something along these lines...

"I am sure that all the young ladies who worked so hard to get here will appreciate it" (referring to Heather sabotaging the beauty pageant).

Now, myself, I do not care for beauty pageants - but I do not hate them - they are irrelevant to me.

But in attempting to sabotage the Beauty Pageant - aren't the girls in the episode above just screwing other girls over? Girls who worked hard to get into the contest, girls to whom said contest is important???

Now, think about feminists and feminism for a moment.

How many women have they screwed over in performing actions like the one listed above?

How many women are they screwing over by installing a fear and hatred of men in women?

How many women have they screwed over with their bullsh*t advice about men and nice guys?

I submit to you that when a feminist screams MISOGYNIST or MISOGYNY - she or he is projecting.

Amazing isn't it - that a T.V. show that aired in 1990 actually pointed out that feminists are out to screw women over - as much or perhaps more so than they are out to screw men over.

Share your thoughts on this...

Until next time - I am still working on the post regarding Guardianship of a family member.