Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Distributing "Obscene" Materials

So, I already wrote an article, about how porn actor Harry Reems was arrested for "conspiracy to distribute obscene materials across state lines".

I would like to analyze this once more, and talk about the word obscene here.

To me, obscene is grown adults having sex with pre-pubescent children.
To me, obscene is women being raped (for real, not the bat-shit crazy feminist definition of rape - I mean gun pointed to the head and all).
To me, obscene is men being raped in prison, or having homosexuality forced on them.

Obscene is NOT a movie called "Deep Throat" with a slew of campy humor in it.

Why is it OK in this country to portray the things that truly are obscene, but not things like grown men and women having consensual sex?
Oh yeah, silly me - I forgot! This country is run by filthy faggots!

That is why we are constantly bombarded with heterosexual intercourse shown in a negative light on a plethora of TV shows - one example being "Law and Order: Special Needs Unit"
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
I apologize if this picture offends anybody. It is degrading - to people with special needs. Sorry for that.

I found this meme, that sums up the U.S.A. (United Sodomites of faggot Anal-rape) quite nicely...
Yes, I apologize again, this image is degrading to Buzz Lightyear and the horse-fucking queer from Toy Story.

I cannot comprehend why we are bombarded with fudged statistics like - 1 in 4 women are raped - or 1 in 3 children are molested - or 25% of women "experience" domestic violence. Heterosexual intercourse in definitely portrayed in a very negative light in our society..

Also, I cannot comprehend why media that show women being raped, children being molested and whatnot are not labelled as "obscene" and instead are MISS-labelled as "public awareness"?! WTF!?!

This meme of the late great Rod Serling sums up my attitude towards anybody that peddles such garbage mentioned above on TV and media while labeling movies like Deep Throat as being "Obscene"...
How is it that TV shows with garbage like rape, child molestation and other sex-negative things are not obscene, yet movies showing consensual heterosexual intercourse (in a campy humorous way) are obscene?

It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

If anybody can clue me in - please do so.
The only good thing about America I can think of?

At least I have the right to own guns to shoot the filthy queers that run the God-Damned thing!

But that "right" in theory "guaranteed" by the Bill of "Rights" is under constant attack by these fruitcakes isn't it?

What a place.

My next post is going to be advice for everybody - I recently experienced a family tragedy. I can tell people things about the medical field and family courts that I am guessing NOBODY (or at least few people) are aware of - and most likely do not want to accept.

Stay Tuned...