Friday, December 4, 2015

Mass Shooting in California – They just Dern Can’t Figure out What in Ternation Fer!!!

So, they started out saying that mass-shootings were increasing...

All the functional retards just had no done derd idear why dem der people dun did shot up dat der people in dat dere building.

California Shooting Motive
California Shooting Motive

California Shooting Motive
California Shooting Motive

California Shooting Motive
California Shooting Motive

Anyway, enough of the functional retards.

Now, the news is saying that the shooters were connected with ISIS.

Well, no shit Sherlocks  - I mean, uhm, Good Job Ol'Chap!  Excellent deduction powers!

I wonder what the editors at NY Daily News were thinking once they found out - AFTER publishing this cover...

God huh?  Well, the title of this crap - I mean JOURNALISM might be correct - but why doesn't it read something like, "Allah caused this"?

It does not mention radical Islam or Allah because the editors of the NY Daily News are:

A. Complete Cowards – they know that if they mentioned Allah instead of God (or even ISIS), they would get shot by a radical.

B. Functionally retarded – they are blaming “God” when “Allah” is the deity ISIS holds dear.

C. Bigoted against Christians – Muslims committed this, not Christians. Yet, they seem to think that various politicians who are Christians are responsible for the shooting.

D. All of the above repeated again and again.

Answer - D. All of the above repeated again and again.

Now of course, I wonder how many people made complete fools out of themselves by doing things like this...


Again, enough of the functional retards...

Anybody who uses words with the suffix "phobia" or "phobic" attached is a bigot.

For each instance of "Islamaphobia" they use, they need once instance (at least) of these - "Christophobic", "Jewaphobic", "Buddistophobic" etc...

But - you will never hear them say such words - just as you wont hear any filthy faggots or fag-loving tits using the word "heterophobia" - something that is more prevalent in our culture...

Anyway, to these people I say this...

Implying that people only fear or hate Muslims and only Muslims is PREDJUDICED, hence, the term “Islamophobic” is a bigoted term,. People using it – are BIGOTS.

People hate and fear people of other religions, and those of no religion.

Deal with it.

I plan to let “Daily News” know exactly what I think of their shit cover, and their cowardly attitude in dealing with radical terrorists.

Please, feel free to call them to, and let them know what you think...


It is a toll free number!

Anyway, as a new feature on my blog, enjoy looking at a beautiful psycho-cunt that is too good to talk to you.

That number to contact NY Daily News is


Let them know what you think about them blaming "God" instead of "ISIS", "Islam" or "Allah" on their lame-ass news cover...

Mass shootings are caused by terrorism (radical Islam) and mentally-ill people.  The people in the lame-stream media are too retarded to recognize this.

The tragic deaths of the victims in the last few shootings are being exploited by left-wing creeps to remove America's Bill of Rights.

This is NOT rocket science .

Have a great weekend!


  1. We have the same shitty problem in Scandinavia, they refuse to deal with the problem and the extreme left wing militants have their heads, so fare up their asses, that it hurt watching them from fare away. Best example is uber bimbo, feminist and politician Johanne Smith Nielsen from Red-Green Alliance, she had her white feminism agenda and she actually defended extremist Belal El-Khatib, who wants to introduce stoning of women, he also wanted to kill all jews and the whole LGBT community.
    And who actually defended democracy and minority groups rights to exist. It was Khader, who is male and a moderate conservative politician.

    And people wonder, why I am against white feminism and the Scandinavian extreme militant left wing in politics?

    It is not a mystery to me and I am not a fan or I am 100% against crimes against humanity. Human lives actually matter to me

    one article about the subject.

    1. Yup - and nothing is going to change.

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  2. Maybe..... in a perfect world, I would have preferred to be a 100% freethinker and not be associated with any organization. However, the world has changed for the worse, why I was forced become a libertarian right and political active again, because example: some time ago, all the Red Green Alliance Copenhagen council members voted against additional protection of the Jewish community after the Copenhagen terrorist attack. The minority community members are siting ducks, if they are not protected by the state and county. Maybe, I am secular, but I still want to protect Danish Jews and my heritage, so I appeal to various organizations and write about subject to spread awareness about our horrible situation in Scandinavia etc.