Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Murder and Male Resentment Monday

Well, another young hottie has bit the dust. Her name was Kaitlin Gerber, and as you can see - she is was an incredibly beautiful woman. But, do not worry, lucky for everybody, and society in general, she did not fall for that so-called "self-purported nice guy" bullshit. Instead, she hooked up with a complete loser that chased her down in her car, then shot her to death.
Here's a link to the story...

During the three weeks before Jashua Perz shot her to death, Kaitlin Gerber kept up a relationship with him that included exchanging 1,700 text messages and phone calls, staying together overnight, and wearing an engagement ring while also telling a friend she feared for her life, according to a Toledo Police investigation report provided to The Blade.

Ms. Gerber, 20, of South Toledo was gunned down by Perz, 29, of Maumee in the parking lot at Southland Shopping Center about 11:30 a.m. March 24 after he chased her car down.

As you can see, Kaitlin's True Love is just - oh so not sweet, and definitely NOT a self-purported "nice-guy". Jashua Perz chased her car down, then shot her to death. This is definitely something that one of those ultra-creepy misogynistic self-purported nice guys would NEVER do.

RIP-Factor reporters have it on good credibility, that Jashua actually committed another crime against Kaitlin before he killed her. Yes, it appears, according to our sources that Jashua enacted the most heinous crime that a man can commit against a woman...

He interrupted her while she was talking to her friend on the phone.


Gotta admit - that was pretty funny... I stole it from Alfred Hitchcock...

Some people might find these offensive.  Good.  When I was Kaitlin's age, and I would approach a woman, and say simple things like , "Hi", "Hello", "How are you", "What's up" etc...  I was met with extreme hostility. 

Am I capable of violence?
You bet.

Would I enact violence against somebody I was in a relationshit with?

No way.

If I was in a  relationshit that required violence on my part - I would get the hell out of the relationshit - which I have done several times.

Anyway, to all those young women who were rude to me in my youth- I say, "FUCK YOU".  These "Murder and Male Resentment Mondays" are my way of expressing my extreme disgust with their attitudes.

Everytime I was civilized in my approach, and I received RUDENESS in return, I will write one of these "Murder and Male Resentment Mondays" (I came up with that name all by myself!)

And believe me - that is a truck load...


  1. HAHAHAHA! Ding dong the cunt is dead. Amazing that women say that "men have to improve themselves" in order to find a woman today. This is an improvement alright. Isn't feminism great.

    1. Men need to turn into the losers that feminism wants them to be in order to get laid.

  2. Can you believe that the Ohio Legislature is actually proposing a Bill over this case? Thug-chasing has gotten so bad, they're actually to prevent thugs like these from contacting women, regardless of Ms. Princess' wishes.

    The Femihags would never permit a Bill like that to be passed, in spite of its obvious potential for further persecuting heterosexual men; and thugs could raise their stature as lowlifes by violating court orders. It would just make it harder for women to hook up with violent criminals.

    On the bright side, Perz committed suicide, taking him out of the dating market and gene pool; which he no doubt would have re-entered rapidly.

    1. The 'Toledo Blade' article had a link to that story. I don't know if the law passed, but it was proposed.