Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Horrors of College - Part I

Just something I whipped up - I actually started this one a long time 2012.  Got around to digging through my old files and finished it - FINALLY...

I plan to make a series of these...


  1. lol are you trying to give people nightmares??

    1. I figured I's start Halloween early.

    2. you started Halloween very early and yikes Reid of all people .... Well, this season, I and my niece will have matching pink princess outfits ...two peas in a pod, we are very similar, why it makes me uncomfortable, that she is growing up in Scandinavia, because there is no room for feminine women in feminized societies ...... it is not just men who is unhappy with feminized society...many women dislike or hate it too, but they never speak or write openly about it, because hey don't want to be shamed by the hags or rest of society etc