Friday, March 28, 2014


So, I was browsing news stories, and I came across one that claimed that female college students watch porn too. The Muffington Boast also did such an article.

Well, duh.

Most young people are curious about sex - there is no debating that.

I kept following links from that story, and came across this woman (Belle Knox - a college student, and a porn star)
Now, if I read things right, this young woman is a feminst as well.  Awkward - she is thin - the kind of thin that makes feminists claim that porn sets unrealistic standards for young women?  WTF!?

Anyway, to continue - I found this article on JEZEBEL - ughhh.

She said this "the same people who are shaming me are the same people who are jacking off to me." (supposedly, she has gotten rape and death threats from people at the college she attends).

Hmmm.  Interesting indeed - a jackassed assumption to be sure - but let us examine this.

How in the f**k does she know that the people issuing death and rape threats are in fact the same ones masturbating to her?  How does she know it isn't other feminists groups that hate porn - or hate women with healthy bodies?

She clearly does not - it is, as I said, a jackassed assumption.

Now, let us talk shaming shall we?  How about "thin shaming"?  Yes, you heard it right.  THIN SHAMING.  I find it queer that some women (feminists) will bitch endlessly about how bad porn is, yet engage in it themselves.  I find it queerer still how women will bitch that porn sets unrealistic standards for women's bodies - yet, young feminists with real thin bodies will make such porn.

Are these women (feminists) creating all the things they like bitching about so much?

Since when are feminists into making porn (aside from the obvious money to be made)?

If you read the articles about "Female College Students also Watch Porn" - linked to above - you'll see that the push is to make "porn for women" - whatever that is.

I have no idea what it is - but I have a guess - this is just an another attempt to marginalize male space.  They have taken away most regular sex - and sexual fantasies - so men turned to porn - in droves too it seems (according to the articles) - now - the feminists and young bimbos are going to f**k up porn.

That would make sense - unfortunately, I'll never know - as I am not into porn.

So, to start, let me announce that I in no way support death or rape threats issued to this woman.  At the same time, I think she is a jackassed ditz for assuming that the people "shaming" her are also masturbating to her - that would mean it is only men making the threats - how does she know that?

How come she doesn't make the assumption that jealous women are the one issuing the threats?  After all, if everything I have heard is true - men will flock to her in droves - she is hot - and she makes porn...

There is one answer - male hatred.  Even though she makes porn - she makes a asinine assumption that only men are capable of violence.

I would conclude that although this woman appears to be "sex positive", she is in fact "male negative" - or at least excessively "female positive".

I am going to read more articles on Jezebel - they are an excellent reminder of how dumb the so-called "enlightened", "evolved" and "modern" women can be!

If you are reading this, ,please share your thoughts on this - I am interested in what other people think about this.

And - if you are a young woman attending U.N.R. or Truckeee Meadows Community College and want to watch porn - let me know - I'll buy some for you.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Things are Gonna Change

No, I'll still be my usual puerile, jackassed self...

I just got done copying a slew of posts from this blog to my web-site.

In one of them, somebody suggested that on my web-site, instead of using the term "brainwashing", I use "choosing hate".

After all, brainwashing implies that women are victims - there is enough of that going around already.

Let there be no excuses for the hatred many modern women have - no excuses at all.

They are not brainwashed, they are hateful.

In addition to that, in earlier days of this blog, I linked to several sites that are just fag-nests.  I will painstakingly be going through the posts on this blog, and removing any linkage to them.

Also, I will be doing a re-assessment of my agenda here.

I noticed that many in the man-o-sphere hate valentine's day.  I myself - upon stumbling into the man-o-sphere - also took that stance.

The feminists also hated valentine's day.

It is awkward to say the least - how similar the man-o-sphere is to the feminist movement.

Often, there are no differences at all.

I need to step out of this for a while, so I can look at my shoe, and see what it is I have stepped into.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Several Women Arrested for Setting Unrealistic Standards for Young Women’s Bodies.


My name is Friday, I carry a badge. On March 21, 2014, I received an anonymous tip, that there were several women who were setting unrealistic standards for young women’s bodies roaming the area.

My partner is Bill Gannon - he frequently masturbates to pictures of Judy Garland.

We proceeded to the downtown area to investigate the rumors of the women who make other women jealous with their mega hot looks who were setting unrealistic standards for old hags who need to get laid young women.

We encountered several women that were bonerlicious.
hot woman
hot woman
wonder woman

Unfortunately, Wonder Woman was one of the women setting unrealistic body standards for crabby bitches young women.

My partner Bill Gannon (who frequently masturbates to pictures of Wonder Woman) and I went to the headquarters for the National Organization for Women to ask them if Wonder Woman should be arrested too.

After waiting in the office for an hour and a half while hearing a strange vibrating sound emanating from all around us, they informed us that any woman, including Wonder Woman, setting unrealistic standards for a young woman’s body was breaking the law.

My partner Bill Gannon (who frequently masturbates to pictures of Janet Jackson) and I made several arrests.

These women were arrested and charged with conspiracy to set unrealistic standards for a young woman’s body in a state court of law.

In a moment, the results of that trial.




Wonder Woman, Dr. Joy Tickle, and Katie Fillmy were all charged and convicted of setting unrealistic standards for young women’s bodies. According to state law, they will serve no less than 2 years in prison for pissing off man hating bitches who couldn’t get laid at a man-o-sphere convention.

Yeah – you heard me right f**kheads – deal with it.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crazy Psycho Bitch Professor with Hyphenated Last Name VIOLENTLY Attacks UNDER-AGED FEMALE

Thrin Short
16 year old Thrin Short was VIOLENTLY attacked by a FEMINIST activist and FEMALE STUDIES PROFESSOR at a California State University
Mireille Miller-Young
Mireille Miller-Young.

Part of the incident was video-taped
You can read about it here, here, here, here, here, here, or my favorite right here!

The teacher may be prosecuted in law, but the University that she works for will take no form of punitive action against her.

Modern day college campuses have become playgrounds for left wing extremists – who in their warped, parasitic and narcissistic minds – can do no wrong.

So, the morals of this story are as follows…

David Fruitty-Ass-Cake Futrelle thinks that women who assault, steal and vandalize are “awesome”.

Liberals on college campuses are above the laws of said campuses.

There are now f*ck ugly women who are professors of “porn”?!? WTF!!!

Liberals fully support free speech, as long as it jives with their own beliefs. Contradictory opinions expressed in free speech will be met with violence.

The liberals running our modern college campuses believe that pregnant women now have the right to physically assault people whenever they feel like it.
Mireille Miller-Young

Mireille Miller-Young is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with modern women, and wrong with college campuses. She has multiple degrees is pseudo-sciences, is a flaming liberal, violent, ill-tempered, a hypocrite, has a hyphenated last name, and will not be held accountable for her actions by the college she teaches at.

Things like this are “educating” adolescents on modern college campuses.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Man Refuses to have Sex with Woman Trying to Kill her Fiancé

Jessica Anne Strom 33 was arrested for trying to hire a hitman to kill her fiancé John Schellpfeffer age 49. Read about it here, here, here, here and here!
Jessica Anne Strom wanted her fiancé DEAD DEAD DEAD. She secretly hired what she thought was a hitman - promised him $1000 and SEX - yes - dirty filthy sex!


Anyway, the man turned down the offer of money and sex, and turned her into authorities.
Of course, she says it was all part of a gag!

What I do not understand is this...

Why didn't the guy posing as a hitman say, "I'll take the sex now". Then, after having sex with her - turn her into authorities?

I mean seriously - grab a camcorder - make sure you get the FULL CONSENT on VIDEO - have some hot sex (with a skank - I think she is f**k ugly - but hey - beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Then, after that - turn her into authorities...

And honestly, I would have also taken the $1000 as well - then denied that she ever gave me any money after I turned her into authorities. I would have hidden the money in a shoebox in my house - or fed it to my dog.

So, I know many people will say that this woman's fiancé is dumb, but honestly, I think the guy she was trying to hire as a hitman is more dumberer. He could have gotten sex, $1000 and sent another post-feminist woman to jail where they belong.

This backs up Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's Anglo-Bitch Theory - "To her (the anglobitch), sex is a weapon used to injure and manipulate men".

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned

Funny, I have always heard "Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman's Scorn" - but even that is f**ked up.
The phrase, Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned was first coined by the English Playwright William Congreve.
Faggot Pedophile
William Congreve
The phrase supposedly means that a woman will become very angry when a man does her wrong.

Yes, William Congreve has clearly made a contribution to our modern society. This phrase has been heard by almost everybody, and it is a warning to men - to not wrong a woman.

I believe in modern times, the phrase is something much different. I believe that the function of the phrase in our modern society is to mask the true nature of women.

I have noticed that women can scorn a man for no reason whatsoever. In fact, I believe that they often scorn their men when they are the ones doing him wrong.

That is my observation, and I do live in my small corner of the world - I realize that. But every occurrence of a relationship I have seen typically results in the scorn of a woman - a modern woman to be more specific - even when the man is doing the woman no wrong.

By using the term scorn (or the alternative wrath), it is implying that women always have a valid reason when getting angry at a man - when in fact, they are venting their own self-hatred on the man in their life.

Why do so many modern women act this way?

I honestly cannot say. However, I think that this phrase is inaccurate and should be replaced with something more descriptive of modern women.

Does pointing this out make me a misogynist?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Reno Area Man Tells ClearWire to get F**KED

So, my internet has been down for just over 3 weeks now.


Well, according to technical support in India at ClearWire, a tower that was relaying the signal was "down".  They assured me that it would be up shortly...


The second, and third times I called India Tech Support, I got the same story.

The fourth time I called India Tech Support, they said they had no idea when the tower would be repaired.

The fifth time I called India Tech Support (this is where it gets good!), they told me that the tower was down, then later told me my modem was broken.

They went on to say that it would only cost me $14.95 to get a replacement modem.


Odd too, how my modem, one of my neighbor's modem, and my mother's modem all broke at the same time!


Anyhoo, I now have a different internet service provider.

This reminds me of EarthLink...

EarthLink had a class action lawsuit filed against it.  It was for a small amount (50 dollar as I recall), so I did not bother filling it out.

A few months later, they raised my monthly bill by 2 dollars

$1.00 for a "non-electronic invoice fee"
$1.00 for a "paper invoice fee"

Bullshit - they were trying a lame attempt to get their money back from the lawsuit.

My solution - I just stopped paying them - I got 3 months of internet service for free.

Suck it EarthLink.

You too not-so-clear-wire
I am always mortified by the tactics that these businesses use to steal money from their customers.

Remember too, that if you live in America, Bush and Obama both gave the ass-hats running these bad businesses bailouts - even though they should have been dead and buried long ago.

I have several posts written up, I'll be posting them soon.