Friday, November 21, 2014

Cooking with Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams Hello boys and ghouls! Today, I will offer you some delicious, tasty and nutritious recipes that will also help you get your game on with some hotties. All you need is no job, no money, no future and a complete disregard for human life to prepare these caveat cannabalistic dishes!
To start, if you are not a loser or a waste of space, you probably will not find these recipes appealing, and you will not be able to cook them either, because the dumb-f**king-bitches like Cerys Yummy Yemm won't come near you because you are not a psychopathic killer. Just ask Jessi Leigh Foster.

Yummy Yemm hors d'oeuvres (whores devours)

1 cup olive oil.
2 cloves garlic
Left leg of Cerys Yemm

Cerys YemmStart with the fact that you are a complete loser psychopath and able to attract good-looking women like Cerys Yemm. Dice left leg thoroughly. Preheat oven to 325. Mix oil and garlic in large bowl. Dice leg meat up and marinade in oil mixture. Bake for 325 minutes. Yumm.

Yummy Yemm Pot Roast

Cerys Yemm's torso.
1 lb Carrots
Cerys YemmPreheat oven to 425. Place upper torso of Cerys Yemm in large pan. Place pan in oven. Roast for 3-4 hours or until the meat comes off the bone nicely. Serves with raw carrots. Yumm!

Lady Fingers

8 Fingers from Cerys Yemm
2 Thumbs (optional)
Cerys YemmRemember you are a psychotic loser with no future and no empathy for your fellow human beings, that is why women like this will actual talk to you instead of telling you to go f**k yourself, or explain that they are "out of your league" etc... Cut off Cerys Yemm's fingers (along with thumbs if you are going that route). Place fingers in a bowl. Served chilled with hot coffee or cocoa.

Remember ladies - watch out for those self-purported-nice-guys.
Cerys Yemm
They are all out to get you!!!!!
Instead, be an empowered, enlightened, modern, evolved woman, and hook up with trash like Matthew Williams et al...

When you are murdered, I'll laugh my ass off!


This has got to be the most hilarious one yet. Yeah, she is definitely "out of my league", and also "getting flushed out of a toilet about now"!!!
BYE CERYS - I sure as hell won't moan the loss of a psycho-chasing bitch like you!


  1. The power of a father figure--- or lack of one--- to corrupt and destroy women and by that, large swarths of society.

    1. Notice just the symbolism in removal of the father.

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Biting the Big One." LOL

    With the holidays coming up too, these recipes might come in handy when all the empowered modern women bring their psycho boyfriends home for Thanksgiving dinners! LOL

  3. The big difference between black men, they still have a masculine culture

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    They have to create a masculine culture of forcing women to work, where women are dominated by men & made to compete to mens standards of excellence & satisfaction, standing up to society, a masculine education system,

    Where men can compete & excel without having to give a shit about saving women or their vagina's

    A masculine society where men are prevented & saved from dying in the millions ...

    White men cannot achieve this, if they dont have a masculine culture of dominance & the ability to discipline batshit women

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