Friday, November 7, 2014



  1. The retards here in Washington State just passed a law doing that: sounds like some of them have headed down to Nevada already.

    As a side note: you should ask the next meth-zombie who comes by for such a signature what she thinks of all those billionaires controlling the political process.

    "Oh, it's terrible!" she'll shriek.

    "How do you feel about the fact that billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and George Sorros, are bankrolling the cause you're supporting?"

    "oh, well, that's different...they're GOOD plutocrats!"

  2. Isn't it queer, that these pinkos beg for State controls along the lines that nobody, apart from themselves of course, can be trusted without 'licensing', or government authority. Which implies that they would be against the unknown in authority, if they are against the unknown in the public.

    Yet they take up these 'fashionable' causes without a thought as to who voted for, or who sponsored such causes; thus at a stroke, undermine their own basis of 'trustworthiness'.

    What if it turned out that 'female genital mutilation', for example, was a female fashion in Middle Eastern parts, that became part of culture? Will we have Chinese feminists in decades to come bemoaning the evil patriarchy for forcing the women of the west to have tattoos, or 'female skin mutilation', in the same way?

  3. Careful... Your new attitude may just turn them on. Then they'll be lining up at your door for mistreatment.

    1. Woozoo - long time no hear eh?

      Good to hear from you again.