Saturday, November 15, 2014

Amber Lynn Coplin - No "Self-Purported Nice Guys" got Sex - so It's OK.

Amber CoplinWell, the reporters at RIP-Factor were very concerned when we heard about the tragic death of Amber Lynn Coplin. We were very worried, that perhaps, a few "self-purported nice guys" may have gotten to tap this little hottie.
According to our research, no "self-purported nice-guys" got any kind of sexual act from her - so we can all sleep easier tonight. The last thing our society needs, is decent young men getting laid! There is even a T.V. show dedicated to portraying how evil and nasty sex it - it is called, "Law and Order - Special Needs Unit". Many women are suffering from a condition called rape

David KalacIt turns out, that Amber was more into the Grim-Reaper, Count Dracula type of guys - like David Kalac. Allegedly his own words (posted anonomousely), "Turns out its way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies". Well, I guess like any REAL MAN who is not a SELF-PURPORTED NICE GUY, you live, you kill and you learn. Maybe the next time he kills his ex-girlfriend, he'll be more experienced, and it won't be quite a chore for him.

The tragic death of this woman can only mean one thing for our society, especially for the little angels misogynistically known as women (with an E instead of a Y)...
David Kalac
That right ladies, He is now available, and in prison. But - he is AVAILABLE!!!

Oh, but first, let us all take a moment, to celebrate this human sacrifice in wiccan fashion mourn that poor girls death.
Amber Coplin
EEEK - seriously - that picture above looks like some kind of freaky wiccan cult.


  1. I wonder how many females were there during the candle ceremony tweeting about Kalac's 'hot mugshots'? I can imagine the picture before it was at the UW campus as soon as word got out that Kalac hadn't been shot by the police.

    There was an interesting story about how Kalac got caught: in spite of posting gruesome pictures and graphic confessions online before deciding to flee, he still managed to get through the Washington State Police's dragnet (which isn't really very difficult given their levels of competence) and got as far as Portland. He tried to engage the Oregon police on a high-speed chase, but they have rules in that state about police not exceeding the speed limit, and so he escaped again. Finally he ran out of gas, and begged the police to shoot him, but Oregon has rules against that too. So he was saved as America's Most Eligible Bachelor after an intense verbal standoff.

    I wonder how soon it will be before petitions start circulating around here for conjugal prison visits? LOL

  2. For those interested there's a sequel to this story. KIRO did an interview with Amber's predecessor as Kalac's love-interest:

    "Jessi Foster dated Kalac for five months. After she broke up with him, she said he knocked her to the ground and threatened to kill her. When she ran outside, she said he chased her with a knife. The incident happened at a house they shared in Bremerton. Kalac was arrested and later plead guilty to harassment with intent to kill and spent three months in jail.

    "When Foster found out Kalac was accused of killing his current girlfriend, Amber Coplin, she says she was devastated...

    "Foster's last boyfriend shot and killed Trooper Tony Radelescu in a traffic stop in Kitsap County in 2012. Josh Blake had Foster help him after the murder. Blake shot and killed himself before he could be arrested."

    Gee, I wonder where all the good men have gone? LOL

  3. lol wth is this crap fresh off the craphole Jezetwat ...

    “My estranged father just sent me a picture of my 6 y/o niece standing next to a deer carcass in the room where I was raped the first time. Virtual hugs, please?”

    1. When I was in college, I called stuff like that, "Lesbian Death Poetry" or "Lesbian Rape Poetry"

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