Friday, October 3, 2014

Sexually Frustrated Carpet-Munching "Feminist" Gender Queers Upset at Totally Cool Subway Commercial

I do not know about you, but I will be eating at Subway this Friday night. I love their commercials; I love their healthy and delicious food.

Subway Rules!
Unfortunately, there are some twilight-saga, Oprah-worshipping shut-ins in the world whose brains are akin to scrambled eggs. Such people make insane and queer claims, about totally cool commercials being "sexist", like the one below...
I do not see what the problem is. I mean, the woman is not the one making the sandwiches - like I always hear so many women (feminists) complaining about.

The strange thing is, I frequent Subway quite often - because their food is delicious, healthy and inexpensive - and I always see women working behind the counters. They are friendly and courteous. It is kind of Subway to hire so many female employees - perhaps even hire ones with degrees in Womyn's Studies, since such a degree is worthless - unless you plan to make sandwiches for a living (ironic isn't it?).

This weekend, I will be frequenting Subway several times, because I do not feel like cooking myself. I will be enjoying their affordable variety of delicious and healthy sandwiches for several of my meals this weekend.

My favorite – is

6” Italian herb and cheese bread.
Swiss cheese
Mustard & Mayonnaise
Green Bell Peppers

Sometimes, I put pickles or peperoncinis on my sandwich too.

Enjoy a healthy, delicious and inexpensive subway sandwich sometime this weekend!


  1. Unreal - subway has already pulled the commercial.

    Here is what I wrote in the contact form for the Subway Corporation:

    I am disgusted, that Subway allowed a bunch of whiny sexually-frustrated "feminists" get their latest way-cool ad removed from the public eye.

    SHAME ON YOU SUBWAY for giving in to a motley crew of shut-ins who have nothing better to do than to find EVERYTHING offensive!


    1. I know how you feel: I have the same problem with Starbucks all the time. They make the most awesome coffee, but first they cave into the anti-gun whackos; then cave in to the Fag Mafia.

      I don't know what it is with these corporate idiots. I think they'd actually get more support if they started standing up to these Libtards, like your blog showed Subway would have gotten more business.

      P.S. do want to bet the femihags who complained about this are total 'Vegans' or into some fad diet and don't even eat at Subway in the first place?

  2. And damnit - I am going to have to change this post now too - to a "tell subway to grow a pair"

  3. Make sure you see this