Friday, October 31, 2014

10 Hours of Reality = 2 Minutes of Feminazi Crap

Shoshana Roberts
Shoshana Roberts - as every idiot can see, she is a fat disgusting land whale like all feminists.


  1. Scarecrow:
    My intuition tells me that Ms. Shoshana is actually a thug-chaser; and was scouting about for future dates. Maybe her real motive was to encourage more men to act like creeps.

    How much do want to bet that women all over New York are heading straight for the places on the Youtube clips? LOL---like a female version of a PUA video!

    1. I bet there are women heading for that area of town now...

      But Shoshana is a man-hater - I would wager that includes thugs.

  2. I often wonder....did they invent fucking feminism to embarrass other women (non feminists) Why are they unable to behave like normal people and not stop their eternal drama-freak-show. I think her and all the other femihags should move to a deserted island, so we finally can get ride of sex scared freaks. They are super default anyway, because they were not probably immunized, while they were growing up (ref. Jung neurosis theory). It is possible to help neurotic people, but they will never be 100% and honestly, neurotic people are the ultimate pillow princesses/princes, they are boring and can be compared to Ikea coaches. Just not happening LOL

  3. she's quite the butterface.

    and yea, I refuse to acknowledge "hello good morning" as harassment. she's just another spoiled attention whore, like all women. nothing special about her, she's utterly ordinary.

    mel gibson said it best, perhaps. just an ordinary cunt. and that goes for the talent, too. it's NOT extraordinary, it's pretty fucking common.

    1. This woman is supposedly an "actress" - but I have never heard of her.

      Maybe all of this was just a publicity stunt - a negative one - but a publicity stunt nonetheless.

  4. Guys, I have to split, an idiotic mangina hacked my pro-masculine page + science page and he has apparently stalked me online for some time. Gosh I hate manginas, they are the ultimate feminazis. It was thankfully easy to track the ass, I swear, the femidumbos get dumber by the second. So I did the ultimate LOL drama queen "exit" to scare the .....away. Shit happens, see you all of you at the anti-f's page in some weeks ,-) things have to die down first :Z

  5. Look at this way: why do bums and thugs hang out on the street all day instead of getting jobs?

    Because people walk up to them and give them money; and they get welfare handouts too.

    Why do these same thugs cat-call and make comments to women like this?

    Same reason: they get sex. They wouldn't bother talking to women like this unless they were getting sex for doing it.

  6. Most people dont realise, the only reason that guys following her, is because she's emitting massive amounts of pheromones

    Always monitor your behaviour around women, if you find yourself behaving irrationally, pheromones

    Most women deliberately release pheromones, once you're attracted, they act as if you raped them ...

    Betas dont have the developed resistance of an alpha

  7. Would you call your daughter a pig if she complained to you about running the harassment gauntlet from strange men in public? Would you tell her it is no big deal and a compliment?

    1. My daughter would not be walking around in a bad neighborhood to make a political statement against men.

      If my daughter were that old, I would have already had the talk about the birds and bees with her.

      I would encourage her to ignore such remarks coming from street trash, and pat attention to young college men with promising futures.

      Rosh-ass-anna or whatever is none of those things - she is a PIG.


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