Friday, August 1, 2014

Why do Women Hate Me?

So, I have been perusing blogs and noticing that quite a few of them are run by young men who are asking themselves this question.

Well, I have an answer why they hate you.

Because you are a force of logic with a huge wang.


Think of CBS's, "The Talk" - an all female audience with an all female panel cheering the sexual mutilation of a man - most modern women hate male sexuality.  The bigger the penis, the more they hate it.

What else do most modern post-feminist women hate?  LOGIC.

So, if you are reading this, and asking yourself, "Why do women hate me?"

Just say to yourself, "Because I am a force of logic with a huge wang."  Then smile.

Say it!!!

I am a force of logic with a huge wang

Enjoy your weekend everybody - I am taking a 4 day weekend.

Feel free to use your logic and huge wang to defy feminism and its war against male sexuality at each and every turn.  If you are at a loss on how to do that, you can start by objectifying the woman below with your logic and huge wang.


  1. The 5th house of the Astrological chart has to deal with sex,
    and luck. That's why we ask if a person "got lucky."
    There is no such thing as "safe" (risk free) sex.
    When some man who hated me sarcastically asked if I had
    "gotten lucky," my response was: "Get lucky? What do you mean
    get lucky? "Forget it," he laughted.

  2. Male sexuality, like female sexuality, is awesome! It's truly disturbing and pathetic that the mere act of being a sexually aware man is somehow "threatening" to most women.

    Hope your weekend went well, Richard!