Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's Wrong with this Statement?

So, I recently saw a commercial on the television that claimed that 33% of all traffic fatalities involve alcohol.

I took that to mean that 33% of traffic fatalities are caused by people driving drunk...

Does that sound right?

Well, that also means that 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by people NOT drinking.

Doesn't it?

So, the majority of traffic fatalities are caused by people NOT drinking.

Therefore, everybody should drive drunk - there would only be 1/3 of the fatalities...

Can anybody tell me what is wrong with my line of reasoning?

Yes, this is sarcasm.  I am stating this to make a point - I hate statistics.  Not only are 98% of all statistics made up on the fly, but you can take them to mean whatever you want - even if it is something seriously screwed up.

So - to the fruitelle-cakes in the world who are reading this - NO - I am not encouraging people to drive drunk - if you have been drinking, get a cab or phone a friend to drive you home.

I wrote this post to make a point about statistics - and how meaningless they ultimately are.

Knowing that, think about how many silly stats and factoids are floating around out there...

Think about how many people blindly accept any statistic presented to them.

(According to studies, 78.7% will blindly accept any statistic provided to them).


  1. Talking of statistics

    What do you call a pregnant feminist with no brain

    An envelopement rapist ... lol .. its funny because only 0.001% of men & women get raped GLOBALLY ...

    Basically if you read inbetween the lines

    What theyre really saying is, give us money or you'll get rammed by a drunk driver

    In the same way, leftist MRA's & MGTOW say support us, or you'll get raped, or raped in divorce court

    It's all based on subconcious coercion, not any tangible benefits

    This is a major problem with victim based politics, it all revolves around subconcious coercion

    Support us or get your ass raped, support us, or you dont have any rights as a woman ... something batshit nuts feminists do all the time

    1. And of course- they have all the answers to all the problems don't they...

    2. Except their answers dont solve anything ...

      Self perpetuating victim politics have no catharsis or release, it only slowly poisons you, as theres no way to stop being a victim ... lol

      It's nothing but generating hysteria

      The divorce laws could easily be defeated, if the MRA's & MGTOW's fought the feminists in the courts

      It's no coincidence MRA's & MGTOW's have no gameplan or strategy to defeat feminism

      All of these movements are nothing more then exploiting & expanding gender politics, for their benefit

      Where are the benefits & rewards for men in the MRA or MGTOW?

      Victim politics is a smokescreen battlefield,it doesnt exist

  2. Attitude is EVERYTHING!
    I am a soccer fan. "My" team wears orange. The opposing team
    wears blue. From childhood, I have been indoctrinated to
    identify with and support "my" team.
    What is the objective of soccer? It's a bunch of guys trying to
    score goals. What is my stake in that? Why should it matter to me which team wins?
    INDOCTRINATION. We've all been prey to it. How wonderful when
    you discover that you can be just as happy-even more-WITHOUT
    a thing as you can be with it?

  3. Scarecrow:

    Speaking of corruption in academia, could you imagine this editorial appearing in ANY American newspaper?


    1. I have been trying to point out how corrupt and leftist modern college campuses are.

      All the leftists tell me I am a conspiracy theorist.

      Funny. I also have a conspiracy theory that the sky is blue.

  4. But what has changed? They didn't do this in your
    grandmother's time.
    I'll tell you what's changed! A CONCERTED PROGRAMMING EFFORT
    Who has inordinate influence in both these areas?
    Who owns ESTEE LAUDER and HELENA RUBENSTIEN and puts
    chemicals in the cosmetics to encourage these debatches?
    And who's intent is it to commit genocide against the white male
    while breeding special "designer" white female concubines?
    I'll tell you who it is, it's __________.

    1. Yes its the jews, before the rise of hitler, you could mail order child prostitutes for sex through the post

      Jews are owned by the Jesuits, controlled & run by the sun cults

      The 1% is a sun cult, who own & run the Jews, who do you think gave the jews the talmud ...

      Christianity, Islam & Catholicism are all sun cults, they're all sun worshippers

      The sun cult is the oldest & largest empire on the planet today

      Christians & catholics work with the Jews to attack white people

      Christians & catholics pose a massive danger to white people, as they work with the jewish cultural marxists to attack white men