Saturday, July 5, 2014

Michael Morton and Corrupt Public Officials

I have not posted in a while, I have been brainstorming.  I watched a documentary about a man named Michael Morton. A brief glimpse of the documentary...

What I liked about it- it does expose the fact that many District Attorneys and public officials have too much monetary motivation, and too much power with NO ACCOUNTABILITY when they withhold evidence, tamper with witnesses, or commit fraud in the courtroom.

Many people would believe that Public Prosecutors are idealistic young people that want bad people to go to jail.  After I watched this documentary, I realize that they are nothing of the sort.  They do not care about justice, they do not care about sending innocent people to jail.  They care about winning (boosting their own ego), and money.

A quick rundown (if my memory serves), Michael Morton was convicted of killing his wife.  Public officials withheld the fact that a bandana was found (either in his yard or in his house) that did not belong to Michael Morton - but the real killer.

Michael Morton served more that 20 years in jail for murder because of corrupt public officials.  He got out of jail with the help of the innocence project - a charity that I used to donate money to.

Anyway, I have really been inspired by The Anti-Feminist's recent expose on David Futrelle.  It reminds me of various articles I read (not on AVFM) about Mary Kellett and her corrupt practices.

I think that people like Dworkin, Futrelle, Kellett and others need to be exposed to the public for what they really are.

Unfortunately, when I did research into David Futrelle all I came up with is the fact that he used to write stock investment tips or something like that.

It would really be nice, to have a site or blog devoted to exposing these people, and perhaps some non-violent and legal activism suggested on how to get these people out of public offices or positions of power.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to go about doing that, feel free to comment...


  1. The courts are based around a womans biological imperative

    Which is why theyre run by lobbyists, pressure groups & politicians, instead of biology, science & facts

    If we want to see mens rights addressed, we have to reform the courts so they run on science & research

    As long as the courts & laws are run by lobbyists & pressure groups, we'll never see any real justice for men

    Plus we need to setup movements to monitor the courts, to ensure all court cases are judged using evidence based science & facts

    Atm all laws & precedents are set by lobbyists & pressure groups, & politicians, not science or research

    We're literally living in the dark ages, when it comes to the law ...

    1. The road to that happening starts with publicly embarrassing or humiliating the public officials that are corrupt.

      And - making sure that they do not acquire a similar office in another state or county or whatever.

      Question is - how to do that. I have to admit, that Paul Elam did a good job with Mary Kellett in that respect - but I wonder how he got his information?

    2. True, publicly broadcasting how massively corrupt the criminals violate even basic liberties, is an important first step

      I'm not sure the courts would change anything, even if we kicked out the corrupt officials

      Basically MRA's dont realise the male hating laws in place, are precisely because the court system isnt based on science or research

      They dont realise the court system is based on lobbyists & pressure groups

      No matter how many laws we over-turn, the lobbyists & pressure groups will simply wait it out, or work around any laws designed to protect men

      If we pushed to reform the court system based on science & factual evidence, we'd demolish the feminists & corrupt politicians in one full sweep

      Basically point at laws & precedents which have no science, or research & force them to be removed, as these laws arent based on evidence or facts

    3. Basically in addition to publicly humiliating corrupt fake judges

      We also have to point out, how archaic & backwards & retarded the whole court system is

      We have to point out the courts are a medieval form of justice, stuck in the stone age, where scientific advances arent even acknowledged ...

  2. Today marks the 3rd annaversary of the Casey Anthony
    acquital. Wasn't Casey the very embodiment of the modern
    woman that the MRM finds so objectionable? The living
    example of the pussy pass?

    1. YOU MISOGYNIST!!!!!

      Joke... laugh...

      Yeah - I know, it is hard to laugh at that one - isn't it?


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