Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Meme

Truth hurts don't it?

I like this meme.  I think I'll duplicate it as many times as I can, and re-post it later.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. Isn't the rule "adapt or die?" Maybe some icels are
    incapeable of utalizing this rule because of Aspergers or
    autism, love shyness, or just rotten luck in the "looks"
    department. The bottom line is that their genetic inheritance will
    die out. C'est La Vive. Survival of the fittest. I don't like it any
    better then you do.
    Attitude is EVERYTHING anyway. It's not what you "get." It is your
    spritual state of mind.

  2. If attitude is everything, how can adapt or die/survival of the fittest be the rule?

  3. You can be "free" internally even while "losing" externally.
    "most people are as happy as the make up their minds to be."-
    Abraham Lincoln.
    "Nothing is good or bad, but THINKING makes it so.
    If you stay in the moment, you won't regret the past, or fear the
    BTW, there are plenty of females who believe this too. You can
    find them in certain study groups, and might actually strike up
    workable relationships with them.

  4. What is so crazy to me is the HATE Filled people who dare to label other people HATERS

    1. I agree, there are people out there who do not love their fellow human beings, and i HATE people like that!!!


  5. Well, most people are "outer directed." It seems to make
    more sense to blame someone or thing OUTSIDE themseves
    for their problems. "If only the world would change."
    The world WILL NOT CHANGE so you must CHANGE the way you
    VIEW the world.
    This is NOT settling for "second best." This way is actually

    1. Yeah, those damned Jew's in their concentration camps - filling themselves with hatred of Nazi's...

      What a bunch of idiots - they should have just kept a positive attitude towards being gassed and whatnot.

  6. We live in a society where all complaints are valid and perception is reality. An employee/pseudo-victim/nutjob who can complain first is to be desired and highly valued. This will result in us soon becoming the United States of China.

    1. Don't you mean, the Disorganized States of China?

  7. Scarecrow, have you finished studying women yet?

    1. Nope, got about a million more to go.

      Why do you ask?

  8. The sqeeking wheel gets the grease, unless that sqeeking
    wheel is white, Christian and male. In which case he is told to
    take a hike.

    1. I have never met a wheel that was white Christian and male.

      I did not even know that wheels could be boys or girls...

      Sorry - I am punchy right now.

      I cannot believe that one damned picture caused such a shit storm.

    2. Anglobitch anger: the weather-vane of truth.

  9. good thing I'm genderqueer...

    she can peg me with a strap-on any day of the week...

    1. Shouldnt you be out raping young 5 yr old girls, & force feeding them your shit or something... you're on record for being a pro child paedophilia, on your own website

      Btw gender is a numerical term, not a biological term, retard...

    2. Rmax:
      Well, remember that Futrelle recently did a demographic survey of his readers and 11% couldn't classify themselves as belonging to either gender. I guess that's what watching reruns of 'Salo' 100x does for them! LOL

    3. If you i.q survey'd futrelles readers, the results wouldn't be numerical either ...

      They probably need to invent a new metric system to quantify futrelles readers ...

      & a whole new science, called the quantum mechanics of fat virgins who cant get laid

      Feminists get funding for lesbians who cant get laid, why not fat fucks like futrelle ...

  10. There is no better world, without better men. Man cannot
    evade the consequences of his subpar nature.
    Therefore, there has to be an alteration to "basic" human
    Buddhaism says it is not what you acquire that determines your
    happiness. It is the DESIRE that makes you miserable.
    Realize that females are in the same boat that you are in.
    They have to recover their TRUE SELF just as you do. They do
    dumb things for lack of knowledge, just like you do.

    1. lol the typical autistic pussified budhist rides to the rescue of a womans vagina ...

      Mans nature Subpar compared to what?

      What if budhism is subpar compared to man?

      What yard stick are you using for comparison?

      Women exist for one thing only ... suck cock & serve tea :p

      If you're a chick, 2 sugars & go easy with the teeth ...

    2. Now now RMAX - let's not start making fun of those pussified autistic buddhist bastard faggot assholes..

  11. Hatred gets you nowhere. Do you think Eliot Roger is in a
    better state? Elliot Roger is in NO state.
    For crying out loud, if God's own Son could endure virginity,
    so can you. BUT, you must make an appeal to God's Son for the
    STRENGTH to endure it.

    1. Elliot Rodgers was a kook. You are comparing an apple to an orange.

      Actually, that is giving you too much credit - you're just a dolt.

  12. If I was diagnosed with terminal cancer I would have two
    choices: Crap in my pants, or take it like a man.
    If a person wants to cry a river of tears because he can't get
    laid, he isn't much of a man.

    1. Dude, if you think sex is like cancer, you're the one with serious mental issues.

  13. Do you have any planets square the Moon in your
    Astrological chart? The Moon in the Astrological chart is how
    you relate to women. If you have a square to the Moon, sex will
    NEVER be easy to obtain. Have an Astrological chart made up.
    I found out, I had Moon square Venus (Another women's planet.)
    And Venus square Saturn in the 5th house.
    I have the world's WORST chart for relations with a female.
    They ALWAYS hated me. How do you think I feel during the
    summer mounths? But killing, what would that get me?
    I may be forever exhiled from paradaise but I'd still opt for a
    miserable exisitence over no existence.

    1. Now we know where the term 'moonbat' comes from...

  14. Humbly accept God's will for you! The things we will obtain
    in the next world make the things of this world NOTHING!
    so what if blacks, bad boys, latino's and Jews get an "open
    seasame " to a woman's vagina? They are permitted to be "macho" except for the Jew$ who don't have to be "macho."
    If the white American Christian male has been "wussified" by
    the media, schools, and feminism, there's nothing to be done
    about it.
    People DO NOT reliquish their power! Women are never going to
    give up the right to vote, and blacks want COMPLETE intergration
    between the white woman's legs. They get it too! And there's
    not a damn thing you're going to do about it! Face it. The WASP
    male is FINISHED.

    1. Racist and Religious...

      Isn't there an altar boy somewhere you should be fucking in the ass instead of cluttering my blog with such crap?