Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Canadian Sex Object Upset about Something or Other...

Lindsey Stocker Lindsey Stocker, a special needs 11th grader with a totally hot ass and tits was blah blahing about something in regards to her school or something like that. RIP-Factor reporters concluded that she has a nice ass and nice titties (although, they are a little small). Our journalists think she was talking about her butt or something like that.
You can read the unprofessional story here. Anyway, she was putting up signs or something like that at her high school that looked like this...
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker - EPIC FAIL
Administrators removed the signs a short time later and sent Lindsey Stocker to the principal's office - who looked in her vagina to see if there was a bunch of sand in it...
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker was given a one-day suspension - instead of a long hard spanking with a gag in her mouth and her hands tied behind her back which we were hoping would get posted on YouTube, or better still PornTube. Unfortunately, this did not happen - but our team of expert journalists believe that it should have, because she would look hot naked and tied up with a gag in her mouth - and we would not have to listen to her blabbering.

Anyway, the bat-shit crazy psycho bitch from hell 11th grade special needs student with a nice body (for now) was blabbering on and on about something or other. RIP-Factor reporters concluded that the narcissistic know-it-all parasite she would probably give good head if she could just leave her mouth open without talking endlessly about whatever it was she was talking about. However; instead of giving hand-jobs to "self-purported nice guys" she'll probably end up as a Murder and Male Resentment Monday bit (I thought of that title all by myself!)

We now post a picture of her here. Please - feel free to pull her out of the picture and live out your sexual fantasies with her - man is she HOT (for now)!
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker - Objectify Her!
Also, I would encourage any young men in her class to get the pages she appears in the yearbook all sticky by jisming on them over and over.


She obviously has a typical insane rage against male sexuality - heterosexual male students are strongly cautioned from speaking to her or anything like that. Clearly, she is only good for sex with such a bad attitude towards males - no wonder she is so obsessed with NOT being thought of as a sex-object - what else is she good for?

Oh, we fixed the ignorant 11th grade twit's signs too (kind of like helping her with her homework) - and re-posted them all over the school - the entire board was pleased with us - especially the female staff members who gave us all hand-jobs.
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker - Special Needs Student
The End.


  1. How about the two 12 year olds from the other day
    that stabbed thier friend 19 times? These girls are getting
    thier start younger and younger.

    1. I read about them - both nerdy girls (or so it seemed).

      I did not write about that - because they are girls - too young. Garbage like that happens every so often in our society - seemed too off topic.

  2. Like I told you rich: nobody wants to touch this story with a 10 foot pole.

    i'd bang her in the ass too though

    1. Well, you were right - and - is there any woman you would not "bang in the ass"?

      I did not think so.

  3. I think what her 'special needs' really amount to is a good ass-banging. lol


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